Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Who is Mick Situp?

Name: Mick Situp

Life State / Species: Sim

Cause of Death: N/A

Bio: A struggling scientist with a passion for bartending. Mick Situp used to live in Bridgeport before moving to San Myshuno, eventually becoming Charice’s next door neighbour and love interest. Mick also spends his free time on his simstagram account uploading pictures, he dreams of being a well-known mixologist as well as the next big on-screen star.

Traits: Ambitious, Active, Foodie, Essence of Flavour.

Aspirations: Master Mixologist.

Who is Charice Temple?

Name: Charice Temple

Life State / Species: Sim

Cause of Death: N/A

Bio: The founder of the Temple Legacy. Charice ran away from home whilst she was a teenager and started a life of crime. Due to complications she was forced to give up her life and start a new life in San Myshuno. Although she has moved to the big city and joined the writer career, Charice has trouble letting go of her old criminal habits.

Traits: Kleptomaniac, Active, Romantic, Domestic.

Aspirations: Successful Lineage

Monday, 30 July 2018

Chapter 1.2: It’s NOT a date!

I decided to go out for a jog. My new job hadn’t started, and I needed something to do other than standing still in my apartment. I had the loner trait and had found it difficult to make friends. Although it was a good trait to have back when I was a thief in Willow Creek, I felt really isolated in the big city, so I had no one to call or invite over. I was very bored.

"Hello Mick"

I’m not sure if it was luck or not, but not long after jogging I was approached by my neighbour Mick Situp. The last time I saw Mick I had gotten drunk and attacked his lips with mine. I had enjoyed the kiss, just not the circumstances of how it happened. I apologised profoundly for my actions.

“I’m sorry for kissing you” I said.

“Haha, that’s ok. Let’s pretend it never happened”, Mick laughed off the incident.

I felt confused one part of me was glad he brushed off the kiss so quick while another part of me was annoyed with how quickly he brushed it off.

“I was going to ask you on a date but seeing as the kiss didn’t mean anything, how about a non-date instead?” he asked.

I agreed but was still miffed he didn’t want my kisses. Not that I wanted to be his girlfriend, but a girl likes to feel like she is wanted after.

"'Sup Bro"

We arrived at Myshuno Observatory, the place was amazing. Mick told me that we had to wear our fanciest clothes as the building had a very strict formal dress code.

“Are you sure this isn’t a date-date?” I asked, “making me have to dress up like this just feels more date-date like rather than non-date like”

“You’re funny Miss Charice Temple” he laughed, “We are going at their least busiest time of day, so the prices are a bit cheaper.”

I rolled my eyes and sarcastically thought of how lucky I was to have find someone who could treat me like a princess, not.

For a non-date it sure did feel like a first date. We talked over our food which Mick had paid for, if it wasn’t a date than I’m sure we would have gone ‘dutch’. We than went for a stroll around the gardens and played a game of chess and I found out that; Mick had a younger sister called La-Teesha, worked as a Lab Technician for Bradford Industries Inc and has lived in his apartment for three years.

Mick knew a lot about San Myshuno and told me about the observatory. It used to belong to a scientist/herring baron Barnabas Skye. When his mansion burnt down he gifted his extensive land to the people and of San Myshuno. The restoration society restored the outer walls and the land was then brought by a business typhoon and turned into a wedding venue and restaurant. The observatory atop the building was rebuilt and made free of use to any budding astronomer living in the city.

While we were playing chess, Mick gave me a cheeky grin and asked, “Wanna do something fun past those bushes?”

“Excuse me? Whatever do you mean?”

I followed Mick past the bushes and he got changed.

Frolic and skip, frolic and skip.

He took my hand and dragged me into a fountain. We started to frolic around, what a fun way to work on my stamina.

“Do you want to leave and have some real fun?” Mick said, while winking at me.

I followed Mick back to the apartment block and I quickly changed before we headed to our next location, Quay Karaoke, as a loner I was a bit unsure about heading to somewhere like this, there were no open grounds to run off to.

"I'm a Simmy Boy, in a Simulated world. Life is progammed, it's fantastic. You can change my hair, undress me everywhere. Imagination, my life is your creation ... Oo-Oo-Ooo."

Luckily Mick booked a room for us, so we would be undisturbed. However, listening to him sing made me wish we were interrupted by a room full of people. Mick was an amazing guy but a terrible singer.

"You can't sing for plum!"

We sat down and talked some more. Mick kept slipping in guestions about my past but how do you explain to someone you have known for a total of six hours that you are trying to escape your past as a wanted criminal?

"Is that a stolen microphone in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

When the evening eventually came to Mick walked me to the entrance of the building and gave me a big hug. It felt nice hugging him. For someone who is a complete loner like me, it’s nice to overcome my fears and make a new friend.

"You Just want to bite my nose again, don't you?"

When I arrived home, I needed to tell someone about my day. I hadn’t spoken to anyone in my family for over five years and Mick was my only friend, so I decided to tell Mr Whiskers about my day. Being in my apartment talking to an inaudible rodent reminded me of why I had gone out for a jog in the first place.

I decided to get dressed and head back to Myshuno Observatory. My Kleptomania was making my skin itch and I needed to act on it. The paintings were too big to fit under my dress to slip away and steal.

"One day this will be my bridal room"

I found out that another floor was added to the building for wedding guests, a bridal room and groom’s room. I sneaked my way upstairs and into the bridal room. There was a lot of stuff here that was easier to steal.

I sat at the vanity table and slipped some make-up off the table into my bag.


Friday, 29 June 2018

Chapter 1.1: A new Job!

Dear Diary ...

Today is the day! I’m getting married! I’m so excited to marry the man I love that I just had to write down something in my journal. We've have been through a lot, but we are finally here on the morning of our wedding. Gosh I was such a loner never wanting to speak to anyone, however it feels like it was only yesterday when I had my first kiss …

Some time ago ...

#dumpster-diving-winner #flea-market-master

I had been living in my own apartment for about a week, living off nothing but my savings. I had been slowly decorating the place with most of my furnishing found abandoned in the street or brought very cheaply from the local flea market. I had made a little money by rummaging through all the boxes and rubbish left in my apartment, from the previous owner, and selling any items I could find for a profit. The rest I either kept for myself or threw in the rubbish.

Two massive things also happened to me, first I had a haircut. Ok, I know that isn’t a big deal for everyone else, but for me it was, I loved my long hair and haven’t had it shorter than my shoulders since I was five years old.

"Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! (Hello my new human friend)"

The second change was meeting my new roommate, we met the first night I stayed in the apartment when I had cried myself to sleep. His scurrying had woken me up, normally I hate rodents but in my lonely state it was nice seeing him. It was as if he could sense my loneliness because we soon became friends.

Anyways this particular morning I was making myself breakfast, an omelette, cheese and ham sandwich. It was made up of the last of the scraps of food I had in my fridge and I knew if I wanted more to eat I would need to go to the shop, and I knew if I needed to go to the shop I would need money, and I knew if I needed money … well I’m sure you can guess where my train of thought was heading. I needed a job.

I took some of the cheese and headed over to Mr Whiskers cage. Mr Whiskers was the name I gave to my new rat friend and his cage was an old broken hamster cage that I painted and fixed for him. Once Mr Whiskers and myself was fully fed, or as fully fed as we could be, I headed outside and sat on a bench.

Now I was a complete loner, I preferred to be by myself. Well I had to be with the job I had before running away to San Myshuno, a cat burglar who even one knew, kind of ruins the point doesn’t it. So, I loved the fact that even though I lived in the city I lived in the poorer part that didn’t get much footfall.

"Oh My Plum! Is this a real robot?"

After a while I decided to take a walk and explore more of the city. I came across a human statue and watched her for a while, she was amazing. There was nothing like this in my hometown. I continued to walk around. I didn’t have much money and was trying to think of something to do without spending anything. After awhile I found a sign leading me to Fountainhouse Library.

I decided to go and have a look. The library was impressive, it had a penthouse view of the city, small but beautifully decorated.

“Excuse me?”, I tried to get the attention of the librarian, but she was engrossed in whatever she was doing on the computer. I decided to look around without her help.

I found a load of computers upstairs and decided to have a browse online. After playing some games I decided to do the inevitable and look for a job. I spent over an hour looking for a job they all wanted you to have finished school, which I had dropped out of, and they wanted you to have experience, which I had none of. I eventually found a job I could apply for at the library. They were looking for a new librarian without experience or grades, and it reminded me of my dream to be a writer, the dream I had before I dropped out of school, so I applied. An interview was set for later that day.

Back at home ...

I rushed home and got changed, I really needed to look my best. This job seemed to excite me and I wanted to make a good first impression.

"How you doing?"

As I exited my apartment I bumped into my neighbour, Mick Situp.

“Wow, you look amazing! Charice isn’t it?”, Mick called from across the hallway.

Urgh. I didn’t really want him to talk to me, the last thing I wanted was the affections of some guy. That’s not that I didn't think he was cute, I just wanted to settle down first.

“Hi Mick. I’m off to a job interview, can’t talk now”, I quickly jumped into the elevator and made my escape.

I ran back to the library, the library was closed but a sign outside said ‘closed for interviews, interviewees please come in’ so I entered and took the elevator up. I walked into the library, a voiced called for me from the other side of the room.

I made my way over and met Bjorn Bjergsen, the owner of the Library. I sat down next to Bjorn and we started my interview. He asked me questions about my life and I had to lie, I wanted to leave my old life behind me and tried to hide it from him. He seemed to realise I was lying but never pulled me up on it. He just smiled and listened to me as I spoke.

Twenty minutes later I left the library with a brand-new job. The job had a few perks, I had daily tasks to complete but as long as I did them I could read any of the books, had free range of the computers, and I could borrow any book I wanted even the books labelled as library only. As I walked towards my apartment I decided that tonight I would splash the last of my money and celebrate my new job.

I found a bar around the corner from where I lived and decided to head inside. I sat at the bar and placed my order. I hardly noticed at Mick walked in past me and sit on the other end of the bar. After a while I heard him call out to me, “Charice? Charice? Is that you? It is you! Hi!”. I tried to ignore him.

He stood up and walked over to me, “Charice, didn’t you hear me?”

“Oh no Mick, sorry I didn’t hear you”, I lied.

“Did you get the job?”


“Amazing Charice! I knew you could do it! What was the job? What are you doing to celebrate?”, Mick seemed to be a lot more excited about the fact than I was.

It made me smile, he had this immature adolescent behaviour it, it was nice. I had been through too many issues which made me a little cynical. “I’m a librarian at Fountainhouse Library and this is how I’m celebrating, a nice glass of wine”

“Fountainhouse Library! That’s amazing, it’s my favourite place to do my research. But really, a glass of wine? We need to do something fun”.

Before I could protest Mick had pulled me off the bar-stall and dragged me around the bar. A game of foosball, street-fighter, bubble blower. Anything that was ‘fun’ and available Mick made us do it. He also brought e a few extra drinks to make sure I was truly celebrating. I wasn’t really a drinker but these activities were a lot more fun with a drink in our hands.

When the bar eventually closed Mick walked me back to the apartment and helped me out of the elevator. I stumbled, and he caught me. As he held me in his arms I could help but feel his heart beat, my face blushed and I began to slow dance with him. He chuckled unsure what I was trying to do.

And then it happened. The kiss. Our first kiss. I leaned over, I’m not sure either of us knew what I was doing, even as I placed my lips on his, we were both a little bit tipsy. Unbeknown to me or Mick this wouldn’t be our last kiss, even if at the time we had no intensions to kiss again.


Who is Mick Situp?

Name: Mick Situp Life State / Species: Sim Cause of Death: N/A Bio: A struggling scientist with a passion for bartending. ...