Succession laws:

Equality: The Founder may be of either gender. Both boys and girls are eligible for the title of heir.
Strict Traditional: To be eligible to be named heir, a child must be naturally born from the previous-generation parents and be able to trace an unbroken bloodline back to the founder. Adopted children may never be named heir. (Unless the challenge below calls for otherwise)
Democracy: The heir is chosen by your viewers/readers from among the pool of eligible heirs.
Tolerant: The species of the child has no impact on their eligibility for heir status

#Who Wants To Be A Superhero 10 Gen Challenge (DC Comics editions) is created by Swcheppes on the 'Sims Forum'. I've been playing Sims 4 on and off for about a year and have struggled to find a legacy challenge that I found interesting enough to write for.
If you read it, you will play 10 generations with each generation portraying a different mainstream DC superhero character. 


Generation 1: BATMAN (Bruce Wayne)

- loner trait
- must create man cave in basement that only he may enter
- must hire a maid/butler (If you choose 1, you may create him in CAS and move them in. They must do all the cooking and cleaning. You cannot play with that character besides those actions.)
- adopt 4 children
- cannot marry until an elder

Generation 2: NIGHTWING (Dick Grayson)
begins when sim turns into a young adult

- must have at least 5 friends
- secret agent career
- workout each day
- date an alien
- go out every night

Generation 3: SUPERMAN (Clark Kent)
begins when sim turns into a young adult

- good trait
- must wear a disguise when outside his house (change of hair, glasses, etc.)
- cannot invite anyone over to his house
- join writer career
- must visit Sixam before he's an elder

Generation 4: WONDER WOMAN (Diana Prince)
begins when sim turns into a teenager

- self assured trait
- cannot interact with any male Sims (including father and brothers) until young adult
- must workout everyday
- cannot do any house work (cleaning cooking)
- must be the founder of a club

Generation 5: GREEN ARROW (Oliver Queen)
begins when sim turns into a young adult

- Camp out for 1 week/7 sim days (preferably in Granite Falls if available)
- have a one night stand that results in a child (can not raise that child)
- must date at least 3 other Sims before settling down
- must own and play darts everyday
- can never go swimming

Generation 6: AQUAMAN (Arthur Curry)
begins when sim turns into a young adult

- must swim for an hour each day
- marry a redhead
- have a son who is a junior
- have at least one enemy
- can never eat any meal with fish in it

Generation 7: THE FLASH (Barry Allen)
begins when sim turns into a teenager

- geek trait
- must earn speedy cleaner reward
- scientist career
- must either run on treadmill or jog each day
- must leave household when he turns into an adult, can come back when he's an elder

Generation 8: GREEN LANTERN (Hal Jordan)
begins when sim turns into a young adult

- must never wear yellow
- marry an alien
- astronaut career
- join a club
- must fly rocket ship before he's an elder

Generation 9: MARTIAN MANHUNTER (J'onn J'onzz)
begins when sim turns into a young adult

- must be an alien
- max out at least 2 skills
- have a daughter
- must change his appearance (hair colour facial hair etc) every other day
- can not ignite any type of fire (fireplace, fire pit or stove)

Generation 10: BATGIRL / ORACLE - (Barbara Gordon)
begins when sim turns into a teenager

- overprotective father, not allowed out after dark
- must have teenage love but may not marry them
- cannot open the door for any males
- must max programming skill
- must have 2 friends that are female

begins when sim turns into a young adult

- non committal trait
- computer tech career
- practice programming for an hour each day
- form a group with only female members
- must be sitting 90% of the time


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