What happens when normal sims take on the mantel of our favourite heroes? Can sims with different morals and different origins reach the same level of heroism we come to expect of the DC counterparts? Join the Temple family from my Sims 3 Legacy Story - The Temple Legacy in a Sims 4 remake called Twisted Heroes. I will be bringing back characters from my old legacy while introducing new characters to either clash or help my characters. I will also finally give back stories for some characters and re-write backstories for certain characters.

Welcome to the blog for Twisted Heroes. As with the name you can probably guess that this story is based on twisted versions of heroes. The extra stories section holds previous stories that I have discontinued. I plan on also using this section to hold one-off stories that will link to Twisted Heroes.
On top of this the storyline aims to be a family drama, with some mature content (slight swearing or partial nudity – Never full-frontal nudity). So fair warning, there might be some dark moments thrown into the mix. in with lighter moments.

Please refer to the above links to find everything you might need - chapters, character bios, and challenge details. If you are interested in any extra info or just wish to ask questions feel free to comment and ask – also constructive criticism is always welcome.

And with that WELCOME to my blog, I hope you enjoy your visit!


Content Warning
Like I mentioned above, Twisted Heroes will have some content that may not be considered by some to be safe for children and which some may not care for. I would personally term it between PG-13 and Cert 15 level but as opinions can vary I figured I would offer a warning none the less. This will include: violence, mature themes, suggestive content. There will be nudity and light swearing, I want this to be a realistic.


About the Author
I hate these types of things. Erm … Hello, my name is HappyMintChocolate, but you can all call me Minty. I suppose I should give you some general boring information like, I’m male, brunette, born in 1992, live in London, England. I have been playing the sims since the original game.

I am hoping to one day write a book and this is all a good way to practice. Don't be shy and tell me what you think of my story so far, however I only ask that if you do post negative comments that be constructive criticism. I am a nice guy and won't bite your head of if you want to give me criticism so don't worry. I will also hold voting for the new heirs in my legacy stories. So enjoy, I'm looking forward to speaking with you all more.

From, Minty


  1. Hello,

    I was wondering if you still have your St Simians high school/college for download somewhere? I love it and would love to use it. Thanks!

    1. ah thank-you for reminding me i was going to upload my lots to this blog and i forgot, give me some time to make sure they all work before i upload anything

  2. Thank you!
    I know the rigfix has to run over it for the tables and chair after pets, besides that it always worked well.

    1. the download is now available, http://happymintchocolate.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/st-simians-school-sunset-valley-campus.html


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