Extra Stories

Here are some old stories that never made it. Even though they weren't completed I hope you still enjoy them. I plan on re-doing the Temple Legacy for the Sims 4.

The Temple Legacy: Discontinued

Generation 1: Charice
Chapter 1: Money, Money, Money!
Chapter 2: Smile you're a Vampire
Chapter 3: A perfect Friend-mance
Chapter 4: It’s my party I can cry if I want to
Chapter 5: Marry YOU !?!
Chapter 6: Celebration, Celebration, Celebration
Chapter 7: The Unexpected
Chapter 8: Birthday Bashes
Chapter 9: Ghosts of Made-Up-Woman’s past
Chapter 10: I'm Burning up for your Love
Chapter 11: Home Sweet Home
Chapter 12: Trouble in Paradise, Part 1
Chapter 13: Trouble in Paradise, Part 2
Chapter 14: Trouble in Paradise, Part 3
Chapter 15: Not all the birthday wishes in the world...
Chapter 16: The Lonely Bones

Generation 2: Thomas

Chapter 1: And our survey says...
Chapter 2: Keeping Secrets
Chapter 3: These are my roots, Part 1
Chapter 4: These are my roots, Part 2
Chapter 5: A River with a View
Chapter 6: Say a Little Pray for me
Chapter 7: Moving On

Generation 3: Eclipse
(I will be playing with Sims 4 onward, starting with chapter 2)

Chapter 1: Bad Seed
Chapter 2: Darkest Night
Chapter 3: The Dark-ness Rises

The Barlow Legacy: Discontinued

Generation 1: Melody
Chapter 2: The Job
Chapter 3: The Surprise
Chapter 4: The Love Story
Chapter 5: The Chance at Success
Chapter 6: The Proposal
Chapter 7: The Bells Are Ringing
Chapter 8: The Last Song
Chapter 9: The Darkness
Chapter 10: The Light at the End of the Tunnel
Chapter 11: The Truth Hurts
Chapter 12: The Twins

Generation 2: Alice

Chapter 1: A Prologue of Sorts
Chapter 2: Look But Don’t Touch. Part 1, Part 2
Chapter 3: Captured

Escape the Clan: Discontinued


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Chapter 2: Smile you're a Vampire

Chapter 5: A River with a View