CHAPTER 5: Part 2

Melody arrived at the Music Complex twenty minutes before she was due to record her single, nervous, she took a deep sigh and headed inside.

Melody approached a receptionist who gave her instructions to the recording rooms. Melody followed the instructions up eight flights of stairs and across three corridors before she found the room she had to be in.

“Haven’t these people heard of elevators” Melody thought exhausted.

As Melody walked into the room, she noticed Grace was already there waiting for her and excited to see her.

“I knew it, I knew you’d make the right choice. This career is more important that that stupid bartender” Grace said, happily.

“Hello” Melody replied, downhearted.

“Just forget about him” Grace told Melody.

Grace than pointed at the blonde girl playing with some controls, before introducing her to Melody, “This is Stephanie, she is going to be in control of the recording equipment so you need to listen to what she says, ok”.

“You can go into the recording room now and get ready, I’m just fine tuning the equipment” Stephanie informed Melody.

Melody walked into the room and was a bit taken back, the whole experience was still new to her and she felt a bit overwhelmed.

“Stand in front of the microphone with the black stand next to it, I’ve already put the music sheet you emailed last night in there for you.” Stephanie instructed. “Try and forget about the other microphones they are for when we have large groups or instruments in here, they won’t be used for this”.

Melody did as she was told and took her place in front of the microphone.

“Relax Melody, you are doing great” Grace reassured.

“Right, everything is set up, you can start when ever you’re ready” Stephanie informed Melody.

Melody looked at the words on the stand and started to sing.

“All my life I’ve waited for the right moment to let you know,
I don’t wanna let you go,
But now I’ve realised there’s just no perfect time
To confess how I feel,
This much I know is real

So I’ll refuse to waste one more second without you knowin’ my heart
Baby, ‘cause I don’t need anything else but your love,
Nothing but you means a thing to me,
I’m incomplete
When you’re not there,
Holding me, touching me I swear
All of the rest could just disappear
And I wouldn’t even care,
As long as you’re there.

Take these words,
Don’t let them go unheard,
This is me reaching out,
I hope you can hear it now
‘Cause, baby my heart said stay,
Take it, it’s yours to break
I’d rather try and lose,
Than keep this love from you, yeah”

Melody had written the song the night before when she was trying to choose between Sam and her career, and singing it now she felt it give her the extra courage for what she had planned to do next.

After Melody finished the song she left the padded recording room to be congratulated by Grace.

“That was amazing, I know we will get this single out there and both make a lot of money” Grace said excited.

“Actually we won’t be selling my single” Melody told her.

“What do you mean?” Grace asked, confused.

“I refuse to choose between my career and Sam, and if you don’t like that then tough. What I’m trying to say is, Grace you’re fired” Melody explained.

“WHAT! You’re firing me over some stupid bartender. Who do you think you are?” Grace spat.

“That stupid bartender is called Sam, and he’s not stupid, he’s my sole mate” Melody argued.

Furious with Melody, Grace stormed out of the editing room, leaving Melody alone with Stephanie.

As Melody started to leave Stephanie stood up and stopped her.

“Look I just wanted to say you’re brave for standing up to her, many people don’t have the courage and often take her bullshit,” Stephanie said.

“Thank-you. I just have no idea what I’m going to do now, I’ve kind of blown my only chance at becoming a singer” Melody replied.

“I think I might be able to help you there, follow me. I just have to grab something quickly” Stephanie announced with glee.

Grace grabbed something off of the mixer that was plugged into the computer screen and mimicked for Melody to follow her.

Melody reasoned that she had nothing to loose so decided to follow Stephanie and find out just what she could do to help.

They walked down corridors, up stairs, down stairs across more corridors before stopping in front a set of double doors. Stephanie knocked on the doors and they waited for an answer.

“Enter” Came a voice from inside.

Stephanie opened the double doors and the entered the room, it was quite impressive whoever’s room this was they were obviously important. Melody wondered why Stephanie brought her here.

As they approached the desk melody couldn’t help but notice the number of trophies that covered the right-hand side of the room.

“Sit” the woman at the desk instructed, as they got closer.

It wasn’t until Melody was about to sit that the woman closed the lid of the laptop and put it away, finally looking at them.

“Well if it isn’t my lovely daughter, and what would you like mummy to do for you today? pay off a parking ticket? Credit cards? Rent?” The woman asked.

“No Mum it’s noting like that” Stephanie said getting defencive, “I have a job opportunity, This is Melody, she’s a very talented singer and I know she’ll make it big time”

“Oh my” The woman exclaimed, seeming to notice Melody for the first time, “She a beauty isn’t she, and where did you find her Steph? Is she one of your girlfriends?”

“No!” Stephanie said getting defencive again, “Just listen to this”

ipod as Stephanie turned it on. Melody could hear herself singing and the Stephanie’s mum was taken back by Melody’s powerful voice.

“Is this really you? It’s fantastic” The woman asked gobsmacked,

“Erm, yes. I love to sing, it’s is my passion” Melody replied.

“Who’s you’re agent?” The woman asked.

“Erm, I’m kind of between agents, meaning I just fired my first one this morning” Melody confessed.

“Oh, I’m sorry. No agent, no deal. I’m afraid I have a policy here, if a star has no agent I don’t sign them on” The woman explained.

“So that’s why Stephanie brought me here, her Mum’s a producer” Melody thought

“I’ll do it, I’ll be Melody’s agent” Stephanie announced.

“No, you can’t do that, you’re just an editor, what do you know about being an agent?” Stephanie’s mum objected.

“But Mum” Stephanie whined, “I don’t want to be an editor the rest of my life, I want to make something of myself and being an agent is something I’d really like to do”

“You’d really like to that for me?” Melody interjected.

“Of course, Melody I can tell you’re gonna be big and want to be the one to help you get there” Stephanie replied.

“Ok fine, If Melody wants you to be her agent I’ll help but Melody has to agree to it” The woman said.

“I agree, Stephanie can be my agent” Melody confirmed.

“Excellent. I’ll get to work on producing your single, and by the way as we will now be working together I should probably introduce myself properly. My name’s Davis, Mags Davis” The woman replied.

Now it was Melody’s turn to be gobsmacked, she had no idea she was talking to THE Mags Davis. The woman was a world famous producer, she produced footballers, singers, dancers, entertainers, you name it she produces it, she was a powerful woman and she had agreed to help Melody, a small town country girl who came to the big city, to follow her dreams. Melody didn’t know what to say she was too happy to speak.

“Dreams here I come” Melody thought.


  1. Awwww, I am so proud of Melody for standing up to that terrible lady, she had it coming!

    I hope Sam and Melody get back together and I hope her dreams come true, she deserves it!

    Excellent as always Minty! :-)

  2. Melody stood up up to Grace, well done :)


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