CHAPTER 5: Part 1

Melody and Sam were sitting in a hot-tub making out. Being Sam’s girlfriend was the best  and most romantic time of Melody’s life. They spent all their time together, and Sam was never anything less than a gentleman towards Melody. They just seemed to just ‘get’ each other, and the romance once nothing less than steamy.

“I’m sorry” Sam said, pulling away, “But I really should get back to work”.

“That’s OK, I think we were starting to prune over any way” Melody giggled.

They climbed out of the hot tub and got changed, one of the perks of Sam being the head bartender meant they could use the hot-tub any time they wanted and also had a place to keep spare clothes. Melody couldn’t help but give Sam a quick kiss before they parted for the evening.

They re-entered The Palms and Sam headed upstairs to work in the VIP section, while Melody stayed behind and went to the bar, as she wasn’t allowed in the VIP section yet. She took a sit and ordered a drink, making out with Sam was thirsty work.

The bartender gave Melody her drink which she gladly began drinking. Whilst drinking Grace Kit, Melody’s agent, saw Melody at the bar so came over and sat down next to her.

“Melody is that you? I hardy recognised you for a second, what are you doing here?” Grace asked.

“Hi Grace,” Melody replied, “My boyfriend works here, so I’ve come to visit him”

“Your boyfriend works here? Melody you need to drop him right now you can’t have him as your boyfriend” Grace retorted.

“What do you mean? I love him,” Melody asked, upset at Grace’s comment.

“Look in this business it’s all about what image you portray to the public, and having a boyfriend who’s just some stinking bartender isn’t going to help your public image. You have to think what’s more important some underpaid bartender who will never be able to provide for you or your dreams of being a superstar singer” Grace replied.

Grace’s comment hurt. Melody didn’t reply instead she left upset by Grace’s attitude towards Sam. Grace wondered why Melody was upset though; she had only said the truth.

Melody decided to go and see Sam in the VIP room, but the bouncer wouldn’t let her in.

“Sorry your not on the list and  no nobodies can go In this room” the bouncer said, “But I can tell Sam you want him though”.

So Melody took a seat opposite the door and waited.

It wasn’t long before Sam arrived, and he instantly saw something was wrong and causing upset for Melody.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“Remember my agent, Grace? She said if I want to make it in my career then I have to leave you, it has left me torn. I really really love you, but being a singer and performing are things I have wanted to be and do since I was a little girl, I feel passionately about both you and my dream, and now I feel lost and don’t know which way to go” Melody explained.

“Melody I’ve known you long enough to know you have it in you to know what to do, you just have to follow your heart” Sam replied.

“I don’t know. My heart has been wrong before” Melody confessed.

“Why don’t we go home, you might find it easier to decide from there” Sam offered.

Melody agreed, and Sam being his own boss took the rest of the shift off to drive Melody home.


The apartment had changed a lot since Sam now lived with Melody, as Sam had rented a room at a cheap motel it meant he was able to save up a lot of money, which meant that the apartment could be redecorated, and refurnished much to Melody’s joy, as she much preferred the new layout.

Melody decided to go straight to bed so went to the bathroom to do her bedtime ritual before sleeping.

Her bedtime ritual included getting changed into her sleep clothes so Melody got changed into her new nightie, with Sam helping to remodel the apartment and to help pay bills Melody had enough money left to treat herself to the nice new nightie. The ritual ended with her taking the last of her makeup before going to bed.

Melody left the bathroom in her new nightie to the sound of Sam doing a dog whistle, making her blush.

Melody climbed onto the bed and laid next to Sam.

“Hey Mel, there is one thing that I can give you that no career can” Sam stated.

“Oh and what’s that?” Melody asked.

“This” Sam said, as he leaned over and started making out with Melody.


The next day Melody woke up early, the recording for the single would start in a couple of hours and Melody had made her choice over her love or her career.

She got ready and reassured herself in the mirror, Melody had spent most the night awake and thought long and hard about her decision.

As Sam still slept Melody leaned over and gave him a kiss goodbye, before leaving to go to the Music Complex and record her single.


  1. Poor muffin. I hope she shows that bitch who is boss!


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