ACT II: Charlie’s Adventure

Charlie watched as his Mummy slept, why was she so sad? Charlie couldn’t figure it out, Mummy had been so happy when she was with Nice One. ‘Yes!’ Charlie thought all he had to do to make Mummy happy was to fetch her Nice One. Dogs had good senses and Charlie could tell Mummy really loved Nice One and Nice One really loved Mummy.

Being left in the house most days while Mummy went out Charlie had learnt a few trick, he knew the back door was easy to opened if he managed to jump high enough and pull the metal stick.

Charlie managed to reach the metal stick and open the door so ran out to find Nice One.

Charlie went to the front of the building and started to sniff around. Another thing dogs were good at apart from good senses were good noses and good scouting skills, so Charlie sniffed the ground to try and find the slightest scent of Nice One.

Charlie found a scent, it smelled like the same scent Nice One had smelled like at the park that day, so Charlie took a chance and followed it.

The scent took Charlie through the city centre and Charlie felt very overwhelmed by the bright lights. Maybe he should go home.

“NO!” He thought to himself, “ I have to do this for Mummy, have to make Mummy happy”.

Charlie continued to follow the scent, which took him all the way though to the other side of the city and across a big bridge. Charlie love all the scenery and decided to remember to bring Mummy here to see it too.

Finally Charlie found where the scent lead to. Charlie even saw Nice One’s car parked there.

Charlie tracked the scent to a certain room and tried to open the door, but he was unable to reach the metal stick. So Charlie did the next best thing, he scratched at the door and called for Nice One to open the door for him.



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