ACT I: Melody’s Heart

Melody headed to work that day after her time off. It had been two days after her debut at Eugi’s and Melody was in a great mood. Walking past the restaurant she couldn’t see Sam anywhere inside.

So Melody decided to ask her boss, Lee Hogan, about Sam.

“Where’s Sam today? Is he doing a late shift today?” Melody asked.

“I’m sorry Melody I thought Sam would of told you, you two always seemed close but Sam came in yesterday and did his last shift, he quit his job” Lee explained.

“Oh, thanks” Melody replied, downhearted.

This news had put a grey cloud over Melody’s day and it seemed the grey cloud was about to turn into a thunderstorm when Melody saw whom the first customer of the day she would be serving. Mr. Baker, her evil neighbour.

“Hello Mr. Baker, I’m going to be your waitress, what can I get you?” Melody asked, putting on a false smile and trying to sound happier than recently she felt.

“A banana milkshake” Mr. Baker replied.

“Anything else?”

“Yes actually,” Mr. Baker replied, “While I have you I just thought you’d like to know I spoke with the landlord of the building about that dog of yours and he said as your breaking the rule about there being no pets allowed he will be coming round sometime this week to inspect your apartment, just thought you might like to know”.

“What? How could you do something like that? You evil old…” Melody began to reply, but before she could finish her response another customer broke her off.

“Excuse me miss, but I’m ready to take my order now if this gentleman needs time to order” the customer said.

“Of course” Melody replied, and she left Mr. Baker to wait longer for his milkshake.

“Sorry, I thought I should interrupt you look pretty flustered with that man, and I didn’t want a fight to breakout” the woman apologised.

“Thank-you” Melody replied.

“Would you mind sitting down for a bit? I’d like to talk to you, I think I might have a business offer you might be into” the woman asked.

Melody decided to take a seat and listen to the woman’s proposal; she had just saved her from an argument with Mr. Baker so Melody thought she owed her one favour.

“Well I suppose I better introduce myself first, my name’s Grace Kit, and I’m a talent agent, I help represent stars and celebrities,” the woman explained, “I was at Eugi’s the night you performed, it was my day off and I had only meant to go out for a drink or two I had no idea I’d be listening to you singing, but I’m glad I did. You have talent; you just need someone to do the business part for you, book you gigs, be a representative, all that blah blah office stuff. If you’re interested I’d like to be your representative, your agent, and I’d like to think about recording a single”.

“Wait a minute, this is a lot to take in” Melody replied, she took a moment to think about it and let what this Grace woman was saying set in before replying, “So what would I have to sign a contract or something?”

“Well the single I want to record would be like demo track so no contract would be needed for that. You wouldn’t have to sign anything unless a recording company actually sign you on and the single would have to actually sell, you wouldn’t have to sign anything unless the recording company think you’ll go far, so depending on how good your single is they might even get you to sign a contract before the singles release, but based on what I heard and saw of your performance I’d say you had a 100% chance of becoming a superstar”. Grace explained.

“Ok I’ll do it” Melody replied.


Although Melody was trilled about Grace’s offer, she missed Sam, and the whole place reminded her of him and it was making her feel unwell, so she found herself asking for the rest of the day.

“I don’t know why but I’m just not feeling well, I think I might be coming down with something” Melody explained to Lee.

“Melody take the rest of the day off and treat yourself to some RNR, I’d hate to see you become ill, and I wouldn’t really like you to past anything onto the customers, last thing I need is customers complaining about this place making them ill” Lee replied.

Melody decided to agree with her boss and try to spend the rest of the day relaxing so headed home.

When Melody got home she decide to take her work uniform off. Charlie, her dog, just seemed to look at her, maybe her could sense something was wrong or maybe he was wondering what Melody was doing home early.

Melody took no notice of the dog though and her thoughts changed to that of Sam, how could he have left her. Although Melody never told Sam she loved him more than just a friend, but he never seemed to feel the same way about her so Melody just never said anything about it. Melody just sighed.

“Don’t ever fall in love Charlie, it hurts too much” Melody told Charlie, but she was talking more to herself than her dog, “I loved him so much and he left without even saying goodbye, maybe if I had been braver and told him my feeling he might have stayed with me. I had to try so hard not to throw myself at him and kiss him after I finished my performance at Eugi’s, but I know he doesn’t have those type of feeling for me, he just wants to be my friend”.

Melody realised she had been standing at her drawer staring at the clothes while in her underwear talking to herself for the last ten minutes. Maybe some fresh air was what she needed.

She got dressed and decided to take Charlie with her.

“Walkies” Melody called as she picked up Charlie’s lead, the dog run towards her excited to go out for a while, he was a very adventurous dog.


Melody decided a walk to the park for fresh air would be the best, but when she arrived she saw someone she hadn’t expected to see, Sam. It was hard to look at him knowing he had abandoned her without a word while she cared for him so deeply.

She decided to act cool and pretend she was still his friend.

“Hey stranger” Melody joked as she approached Sam.

“Hey yourself” Sam replied, as Melody sat down next to him.

Charlie seemed to have an instant like to Sam so jumped on his lap.

“Wow, Charlie never does that to anyone he doesn’t know he must be able sense you’re a really good person” Melody exclaimed surprised.

“It’s a good thing I don’t mind him jumping on me than, I love animals” Sam replied.

After a while Charlie decided to have a run around the park, so Melody took the time she had with Sam to ask about why he quit his job.

“Why’d you leave? I miss you, and what’s with leaving without saying a word?” Melody questioned.

“I was offered a job at The Palms, the owner had seen me bar-tending that night at Eugi’s when you performed and was impressed with my skills so offered me a job as head bartender, the last one had just left and he was needed the job filled, I had to compete against six other people for the job. At first I hesitated, it was my dream job, running a bar and The Palms is a high profiled celebrity venue, so I was nervous, but that night by following your dreams you inspired me to follow mine,” Sam replied, “And about not telling you, I just didn’t know how. I do miss you too though”.

“That’s great I suppose” Melody replied, downhearted.

“What’s that suppose to mean?” Sam asked, kind of offended.

“It just means I’m going to really miss you” Melody replied.

Sam wrapped his arm round Melody and pulled her close.

“I’d never leave you, you are allowed to visit me at The Palms and we can always meet up outside of work” Sam soothingly.

Melody didn’t know how long they stayed in that position together, but it had to have been long because Charlie eventually ran out of energy and fell asleep in the shade.

Sam eventually turned to Melody and spoke.

“I have to get going soon, and get ready for my first shift at The Palms” he announced.

“I suppose me and Charlie should head home soon too,” Melody agreed.

“If you want I have enough time to drop you home first, I drove my car here,” Sam offered.

Melody picked up Charlie, who had fallen into a deep sleep, and carried him to Sam’s car. Sam drove them home once they finally figured how to get Charlie into the car.

When Sam dropped Melody off she decided to try her luck and see if Sam liked her as much as she liked him.

“Do you maybe want to come upstairs for a cup of coffee?” Melody asked, she’d heard the line in some romantic films and knew the man would always go upstairs for something more than coffee, but this wasn’t the case.

“I’m sorry Mel but I can’t. I’ll see you around?” Sam replied, he kind of made the last bit seem like a question rather than a statement so Melody reassured him.

“Yes. I’ll see you around, I’d love to meet up with you again” Melody replied.

Sam jumped back into his car and drove off, leaving Melody standing there alone.

Melody went back to her apartment with Charlie. She felt down again, she had missed another chance to tell Sam her feeling for him, and he seemed to be drifting away from her, so to make herself feel better Melody decided to watch one her films, even if all she owned were romance films.

“It’s never like the movies in real life” Melody told Charlie, as the main character announced his love for the other main character and they kissed passionately.

About 9pm Melody decided she couldn’t take anymore of the movie and headed to bed for an early night


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