Friday, 29 June 2018

Chapter 1.1: A new Job!

Dear Diary ...

Today is the day! I’m getting married! I’m so excited to marry the man I love that I just had to write down something in my journal. We've have been through a lot, but we are finally here on the morning of our wedding. Gosh I was such a loner never wanting to speak to anyone, however it feels like it was only yesterday when I had my first kiss …

Some time ago ...

#dumpster-diving-winner #flea-market-master

I had been living in my own apartment for about a week, living off nothing but my savings. I had been slowly decorating the place with most of my furnishing found abandoned in the street or brought very cheaply from the local flea market. I had made a little money by rummaging through all the boxes and rubbish left in my apartment, from the previous owner, and selling any items I could find for a profit. The rest I either kept for myself or threw in the rubbish.

Two massive things also happened to me, first I had a haircut. Ok, I know that isn’t a big deal for everyone else, but for me it was, I loved my long hair and haven’t had it shorter than my shoulders since I was five years old.

"Squeak! Squeak! Squeak! (Hello my new human friend)"

The second change was meeting my new roommate, we met the first night I stayed in the apartment when I had cried myself to sleep. His scurrying had woken me up, normally I hate rodents but in my lonely state it was nice seeing him. It was as if he could sense my loneliness because we soon became friends.

Anyways this particular morning I was making myself breakfast, an omelette, cheese and ham sandwich. It was made up of the last of the scraps of food I had in my fridge and I knew if I wanted more to eat I would need to go to the shop, and I knew if I needed to go to the shop I would need money, and I knew if I needed money … well I’m sure you can guess where my train of thought was heading. I needed a job.

I took some of the cheese and headed over to Mr Whiskers cage. Mr Whiskers was the name I gave to my new rat friend and his cage was an old broken hamster cage that I painted and fixed for him. Once Mr Whiskers and myself was fully fed, or as fully fed as we could be, I headed outside and sat on a bench.

Now I was a complete loner, I preferred to be by myself. Well I had to be with the job I had before running away to San Myshuno, a cat burglar who even one knew, kind of ruins the point doesn’t it. So, I loved the fact that even though I lived in the city I lived in the poorer part that didn’t get much footfall.

"Oh My Plum! Is this a real robot?"

After a while I decided to take a walk and explore more of the city. I came across a human statue and watched her for a while, she was amazing. There was nothing like this in my hometown. I continued to walk around. I didn’t have much money and was trying to think of something to do without spending anything. After awhile I found a sign leading me to Fountainhouse Library.

I decided to go and have a look. The library was impressive, it had a penthouse view of the city, small but beautifully decorated.

“Excuse me?”, I tried to get the attention of the librarian, but she was engrossed in whatever she was doing on the computer. I decided to look around without her help.

I found a load of computers upstairs and decided to have a browse online. After playing some games I decided to do the inevitable and look for a job. I spent over an hour looking for a job they all wanted you to have finished school, which I had dropped out of, and they wanted you to have experience, which I had none of. I eventually found a job I could apply for at the library. They were looking for a new librarian without experience or grades, and it reminded me of my dream to be a writer, the dream I had before I dropped out of school, so I applied. An interview was set for later that day.

Back at home ...

I rushed home and got changed, I really needed to look my best. This job seemed to excite me and I wanted to make a good first impression.

"How you doing?"

As I exited my apartment I bumped into my neighbour, Mick Situp.

“Wow, you look amazing! Charice isn’t it?”, Mick called from across the hallway.

Urgh. I didn’t really want him to talk to me, the last thing I wanted was the affections of some guy. That’s not that I didn't think he was cute, I just wanted to settle down first.

“Hi Mick. I’m off to a job interview, can’t talk now”, I quickly jumped into the elevator and made my escape.

I ran back to the library, the library was closed but a sign outside said ‘closed for interviews, interviewees please come in’ so I entered and took the elevator up. I walked into the library, a voiced called for me from the other side of the room.

I made my way over and met Bjorn Bjergsen, the owner of the Library. I sat down next to Bjorn and we started my interview. He asked me questions about my life and I had to lie, I wanted to leave my old life behind me and tried to hide it from him. He seemed to realise I was lying but never pulled me up on it. He just smiled and listened to me as I spoke.

Twenty minutes later I left the library with a brand-new job. The job had a few perks, I had daily tasks to complete but as long as I did them I could read any of the books, had free range of the computers, and I could borrow any book I wanted even the books labelled as library only. As I walked towards my apartment I decided that tonight I would splash the last of my money and celebrate my new job.

I found a bar around the corner from where I lived and decided to head inside. I sat at the bar and placed my order. I hardly noticed at Mick walked in past me and sit on the other end of the bar. After a while I heard him call out to me, “Charice? Charice? Is that you? It is you! Hi!”. I tried to ignore him.

He stood up and walked over to me, “Charice, didn’t you hear me?”

“Oh no Mick, sorry I didn’t hear you”, I lied.

“Did you get the job?”


“Amazing Charice! I knew you could do it! What was the job? What are you doing to celebrate?”, Mick seemed to be a lot more excited about the fact than I was.

It made me smile, he had this immature adolescent behaviour it, it was nice. I had been through too many issues which made me a little cynical. “I’m a librarian at Fountainhouse Library and this is how I’m celebrating, a nice glass of wine”

“Fountainhouse Library! That’s amazing, it’s my favourite place to do my research. But really, a glass of wine? We need to do something fun”.

Before I could protest Mick had pulled me off the bar-stall and dragged me around the bar. A game of foosball, street-fighter, bubble blower. Anything that was ‘fun’ and available Mick made us do it. He also brought e a few extra drinks to make sure I was truly celebrating. I wasn’t really a drinker but these activities were a lot more fun with a drink in our hands.

When the bar eventually closed Mick walked me back to the apartment and helped me out of the elevator. I stumbled, and he caught me. As he held me in his arms I could help but feel his heart beat, my face blushed and I began to slow dance with him. He chuckled unsure what I was trying to do.

And then it happened. The kiss. Our first kiss. I leaned over, I’m not sure either of us knew what I was doing, even as I placed my lips on his, we were both a little bit tipsy. Unbeknown to me or Mick this wouldn’t be our last kiss, even if at the time we had no intensions to kiss again.


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