Saturday, 26 May 2018

Prologue: Part Two

My story continues as I ran into my home to find that Bert Alto had hired someone to start a fire in my living room. Using an extinguisher that I kept in the kitchen I was able to put the flames out before there was any real damage.

Once I dealt with the fire I headed to my bedroom. It was obvious that my home was compromised so I needed to leave quickly. In my room I had three small picture frames on the wall each concealing a small hidden apartment which contained; money, a passport, a burner phone and a gun. Although I never planned on using the last item but kept it for my own protection encase I ever needed it for emergencies.

As I exited my bedroom I found a strange man waiting for me in my living room.

“Miss Smith. How are you?”

“I’m fine thank-you. Who are you?”

“My name doesn’t matter as soon you’ll be too dead to repeat it”

I pulled out the gun in my bag and aimed it at the man, my hands shaking, this was the last thing I wanted to do.

“Leave me alone or I’ll shoot”.

The man laughed and stepped closer, laughing “You shoot me. Your hands are shaking. You’ve never fired a gun have you, do you even know how it works”.

“I mean it. I’ll shoot”.

He was right my hands were shaking so much that I couldn’t stop myself from accidently pulling the trigger. The mysterious man dropped to the floor, I froze. I let the gun fall from my fingers and I ran out of the house, but not before restarting the fire, I'll let Bert Alto think he was succesfull.

I ran across the street to my neighbour Holly Fae. We weren’t really friends, more acquaintances, but Holly had always shown an interest in becoming closer and I knew I could use her trust to my advantage.

Holly opened the door and let me into her home. “Thanks Holly”.

“You’re welcome Jane. Can I get you anything?”

“No thank you. Listen someone broke into my home and started a fire, I managed to put it out but I’m really shaken up about it. Can I stay her for a little bit?”

Holly allowed me to stay for as long as I needed. She took me to her bedroom and let me lie down, and as I hadn’t slept for the past nineteen hours and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. My mind swirled with endless dreams as I let reality and the dreams mix together, hoping that I could pretend that the last twelve hours was just a nightmare that I could brush off as soon as I woke up.

When I finally awoke the house seemed to be deserted, I found Holly in the bathroom. I felt guilty, but I decided to leave even though Holly had been kind enough to let me into her home. Well not that guilty, I went through her key bowl and stole the keys to her vehicle. Sorry Holly, but a thief has to thieve.

I jumped into Holly’s Smord P328 and drove away. I headed towards the nearest underground, and brought a one-way ticket to Newcrest, once there I brought a ticket to Brindleton Bay, then to Forgotten Hollow, Magnolia Promenade and finally to Oasis Springs. This took me two weeks to complete, hopefully I left enough confusion for anyone who was trying to follow me.

As I stepped of the train at the last stop, the Ticket Inspector saw me and came over, “c’use me ma’am. Can I see yall ticket?”

I passed my ticket over to him and waited. He stamped my ticket and gave it back to me, “Hope yall ‘ave a nice stay ma’am”

“Actually …”, I replied, “… I would like a ticket for San Myshuno please.”

Later ...

The Trip from Oasis Springs to San Myshuno took fourteen hours. I paid extra to have a private cabin so that I could sleep on the journey, which made me almost miss San Myshuno altogether. I had planned to get off the train in Uptown San Myshuno but as I was unable to wake up fast enough I missed the stop and ended up having to get off at Downtown San Myshuno.

When I got off the train I headed into the town centre. It was very quaint, and I was surprised that it even looked the was it did. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but for a worn-out downtown suburban area I wasn’t expecting it to look as nice as it did. I brought an apple from one of the vendors selling her homegrown all-natural non-preservative fruit and vegetables. Personally, I don’t care, fruit is fruit, but this apple did taste sweeter than I thought it would. As I munched on the apple I looked around at the neighbourhood, I could actually see myself living here. I wasn’t really a very sociable person and the neighbourhood seemed quiet and relaxing.

I took my burner phone out of my bag and using an online app I browsed the local listings looking for an apartment to rent. I eventually found a really cheap apartment on the same street as I was currently on. I called up the owner and dealt with him over the phone. I had to wire him some money from my emergency credit card, the card was not under my alias Jane Smith but my real name Charice Temple, so any police officers or criminals looking for any recent transactions from Jane Smith wouldn’t be able to find any.

Once the money was wired I headed towards the apartment. I was told to seek my neighbour who was looking after the key. The apartment itself was located on a corner opposite to the vendors. It looks a little shabby from outside but that was to be expected the whole street was a little shabby looking.

When I entered the apartment, I headed upstairs to the 4rd floor and knocked on my new neighbour’s door. I had butterflies in my tummy it was as if this person not only had the key to my new apartment but the key to the rest of my life.

A minute later, which felt like an eternity, my new neighbour came out with key in hand, “Hello Stranger, you must be Charice Temple”

“Erm yes. You must be Mick Situp, do you have the key for my apartment?”

He handed me the key, lingering a little longer than he should.

“It’ll be nice to see you around”, he winked at me before going back inside. Was he flirting with me?

I entered the key into my lock and I walked in. Now I understood why it was so cheap, the walls were cracked, the floor boards creaky, it looked as if some one was squatting here at one point too, newspaper and cardboard strewn all over the place with empty beer bottles. Not to mention all the broken boxes and cases left behind, I could even see, what I thought was a mouse hole.

I placed my bag on the floor and grabbed the cardboard to make a makeshift bed. It wasn’t perfect but would get me through the night. A few tears fell down my cheeks as I laid there and tried to sleep. This wasn’t how I thought my new life would begin.

As I cried myself to sleep I tried to think positive thoughts. The city was a vast sea of opportunity, I was bound to find a place for myself. Maybe tomorrow would be a better day?


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