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Temple Legacy, Generation 3: Eclipse – Chapter 3: The Dark-ness Rises

Daisy had made the long journey back to the house she shared with Eclipse. None of the lights could be seen on from outside, making Daisy thinking she was alone. As she entered the house she saw Eclipses silhouette in the dining room. She seemed uneasy and confused. Daisy carefully approached her and turned on the dinning room lights.

“Hey. Can we talk?”

They sat at the table and Daisy moved one of the chairs so she could sit next to Eclipse. “Can I explain?”, she started.

A look of pure rage covered Eclipse’s expression, “Explain this? How can you? I died. I was gone. How could you bring me back!”

“Please Eclipse, I had no choice, you abandoned me. Everyone has abandoned me, I couldn’t let another one of you go.”

Eclipse’s face softened, she could see the pain and hurt in Daisy’s eyes and let her continue.

“Your Grandmother, I found her Diaries, everything bad that happened to this family was her fault. My father killed himself because of her. She caused my sisters sickness and her death. She was even the reason for the fire that killed your father.”

“Grandma? What the hell! She died before I was even born how can you blame her for Dad’s death”

“She had enemies. For example, your Grandad nearly died because of her, she upset an old friend who turned up with a gun and shot at her, he dived in the way to stop the bullet. Also, the fire that killed your Thomas, I stole and read the original reports they couldn’t determine the cause of the fire, almost as if someone else had started, as if someone murdered him”.
“Wait. You’re serious, Dad was really murdered, the anger took over again.

Eclipse clutched her heart as she rose from her chair. Tears rolling down her cheeks, as she started to cry, a burning sensation started deep within her heart and she soon found it difficult to breathe. She looked at Daisy with a deep pain in her eyes pleading her aunt to save her but no sound could escape her lips which remained painfully shut, Daisy just looked back with sympathy in her eyes as tiny sorry whispered its way past her lips.

A cloud of smoke started to surround Eclipse as it lifted her into the air, she could hear her bones cracking and breaking as she felt her body changing. An increasing desire to feed welled up inside of her and the last thing Eclipse remembered was the room spinning, a giant fog settling on her and everything turning black.

Eclipse ran into the living room and crouched in a corner, Daisy swiftly followed pursuit. She started to talk as she approached, “I was told to talk to you. I was told it might keep your grounded and tied to this earth. I am really sorry”.


“When you were at the hospital a blonde woman said to me that she could bring you back to me. I jumped at the chance, but I soon found out that you’d change. Eclipse I’m so sorry but like I said I couldn’t leave you”.

As Daisy got closer she held out her arm to Eclipse, Eclipse stood up to face her with all signs of humanity gone from her eyes. Daisy clinched her teeth in pain as Eclipse began to sink her teeth into it. Daisy had done this to her and now was the time to play her role.

As she drank from Daisy, Eclipse slowly began to return to normal. She hadn’t completely changed back but regained enough of her senses to find Daisy’s arm in her mouth to disturb her. She looked at her hands and found the colour had changed she grabbed her face and felt how her skin and facial features had distorted.

Freaked out she left the house and began to run down the street, as if trying to run away from the monster she had become. As she ran she entered the nature trail behind the houses. She kept running until she got to the picnic area, the scene she found frightened her. A woman was being attacked, it looked as if the attacker was chocking her.

A black mist covered Eclipse’s eyes as she felt a wave of strength flow over her entire body. Before she even knew what she was doing, she had pulled the attacker of the lady and was punching her.

“You monster. Attacking poor defenseless women”.

While she continued to punch the attacker, Eclipse was unaware that she had already knocked the person out with the first punch. When she realized what she had done Eclipse dropped the body and ran away.

She ran back home and when she got there, Daisy was there to comfort her. Daisy pulled her into a big hug, “Everything’s going to be ok?”

“What am I?”

“A vampire”

Eclipse broke down crying, before Daisy took her back into the house.

Too awake to even try and go back to sleep Eclipse skimmed the bookshelves in the house to find all the information they had on vampires. She was still finding it difficult to believe that vampires existed, even though she herself was living proof. The information scared her, did she really have all these abilities that she read about.

Her research took up the most of the next day, surprisingly she had felt tired or hungry at all. Sometime later she changed into something more comfortable but couldn’t put down the books, she had even returned to her normal appearance.

The next night Daisy called Eclipse into the front room to look at the television. The lady who was being attacked was speaking, “I just want to say thank-you to my mysterious saviour. Whoever it was came out from the shadows. She was mysterious and covered in black, I think I even saw some fangs! My mysterious bat-like saviour.”

Daisy stay fixated on the screen, “So was that her, the woman you saved?”


The woman on the screen continued to speak, “So whoever you are Bat-Person, thank-you”

A smile spread across Eclipse’s face, “You’re welcome”.

“You see! You think these powers are a curse but look at the good you did in this woman’s life. If you could apply yourself I’m sure that there is a lot of good you could do”.

Eclipse ascended the stairs with Daisy’s last statement ringing in her head. She knew what she had to do, knew what she could do to avenge her Father’s murder and save everyone else in the process. But that was going to take a lot of time, and she knew she had to start small. She grabbed a can of purple spray paint and sprayed a bat on the back of one of her jumpers.

“I’ll do this for you Daddy”.

She crept out of the house and turned into a bat. Looks like those books were right. She ascended into the sky ready to start her new mission in life. As she ascended above the city, she looked around at it all. This was her home, her place to protect.

~End of Chapter~
Chapter 3.4

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