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Temple Legacy, Generation 3: Eclipse – Chapter 2: Darkest Night

I know I said mid-week but I just couldn't help myself. 😄

WARNING: This chapter focus’ on suicide, and the self-hate that accompanies this.

“Eclipse! Help me! Why won’t you help?” Thomas stretched his hand out, “Eclipse!”

“Daddy? Daddy! I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I just … It’s too … I’m sorry”

I bolted upright in bed. Ever since Dad passed away in a fire at our old home my dreams have been plague with nightmares. In the dreams Dad would follow me wherever I went burst into flames, blaming me for not helping him.

He was right. I didn’t help him. Earlier that evening I had snuck out to go partying with my friends. While I was dancing the fire started. If I had stayed behind, not stuck out, I could have helped him, could have done something and maybe he’d still be alive, but I didn’t. Ever since than I have hated to dance, I’ve even forced myself to not have fun. It was my way of punishing myself for not helping.

I started to fail at school, I hardly went and was barely passing, but it was enough for Aunt Daisy to notice. Six months ago, Aunt Daisy said it would do us both good to leave our home in Pleasentview. My mother abandoned me as a baby so Aunt Daisy was the only living relative I had left, so I followed her to Newcrest, our new home. I soon became depressed after this, refusing to leave her bedroom and the house.

I couldn’t get back to sleep my hair was getting in the way and making me uncomfortable. I slipped out of bed and tiptoed into the bathroom. I splashed some water on my face and let my hair out. Before thinking I grabbed some scissors from a draw and started to hack away at my hair.

When I finished I looked in the mirror at my face, I’d accidently cut myself. I had blood running down my face and it was staining my night shirt. I sighed, it was the first time I felt release since my father’s death. I knew what I had to do. I dropped the scissors in the sink and rushed downstairs.

My aunt kept all the really sharp knives attached on the wall. It was better than in a draw where you could accidently cut your finger, but that was what I wanted to do, to cut myself. I grabbed a knife and held in against my top. I could feel the sharp tip of the blade digging into my skin.

I took a deep breath and plunged the knife into my stomach. I smiled as a rush of relief flooded over my body. I would soon be gone, soon be with my father again. The adrenaline rush ended and then the pain started to kick in, I screamed as I blacked out on the floor. I could hear someone call my name as all went black.

Later ...

Daisy sat on a bed on the other side of the room watching Eclipse. The doctors had done all they could and moved Eclipse to a room to rest. “We’ve done everything we can. We had to force her into a coma so that her body can rest and try to repair itself. It’s all up to Eclipse now, if she wants to live than she needs to fight to stay alive”.  The last conversation with the doctor was burnt into her brain. Daisy longed to see any sign that Eclipse was fighting, any sign that Eclipse hadn’t given up on life, any sign that she didn’t want to leave her aunt all alone. Eclipse was lost in thought that she hadn’t even noticed when the weight of the bed shifted as someone sat beside her.

“Will she survive?”, the question startled her.

“I don’t know, the doctor said it was all down to her now, but I don’t think she will survive”

“Do you want her to survive?”

“Of course, I do. I love my niece”

“Would you want her to survive at any cost? Even if she came back different?”

“Yes, any cost. I would give up anything for her to be back”

The woman asked Daisy to leave and to not to come back in until she was called. As she did she looked back over her shoulder, the woman had started to speak in a foreign language and dark smoke started to come from her fingertips. What was going on?

While Daisy waited in the hallway she soon began to regret her decision. What was that smoke about? Was this the right thing to do? What had she meant by, ‘even if she came back different’?

The doubt began to swell in her stomach making Daisy sick. A woman started to walk towards her, “Excuse me miss, can you help me?”

Daisy turned around and looked at the woman her hair was untidy and looked like she had rushed into the doctors uniform she was wearing.

“Pardon me for intruding but my friend has gone missing, she was wearing white scrubs and she has short blonde hair, seems a bit mysterious”

“She’s in there with my niece, said she could help”

“This might sound like a strange question but why was your niece in here?”

“She tried to commit suicide, the doctors did all they could but it’s up to Eclipse now to survive or she could die”

The old lady turned to the man standing next to her, “You don’t think she would use her magic?”

The woman looked Daisy in the eyes and very sternly told her not to follow them in. The three strangers entered the room and left Daisy outside on her own. Suddenly there was a large flash of light and an eerie silence settled upon the hospital.

Daisy edged silently towards the room and stepped inside.

“OH MY GOSH! What’s happened?”

~End of Chapter~


Well I’m back. Sorry for not being around for so long. My life took me in a different direction and I had no time to write and play the sims. For the last few months I have reduced the number of hours I work and finally have some free time on my hands and have been slowly getting back into playing. For a while I have been looking for a sims 4 challenge that I like and have found this WhoWants To Be a Superhero
. It is a superhero legacy story, which started in this chapter. I will be taking some aspects from the original comics and making references to them but I won’t strictly abide to them as I hope to write original storylines for all my characters.

I also wanted to note that the three women who appeared at the end of the chapter are Alice, Alexandra and Melody Barlow from my Barlow Legacy, which can be found in 'Expired Stories'.

Also, I have officially made the move over to the Sims 4 here are some pictures of my characters updated to Sims 4, all can be found on the gallery, or my gallery page in the game (Minty1992).

Here are pictures of my updated characters, I tried to stick to their Sims 3 designs (All can be found on my gallery):

Charice and Mick Temple (Gen 1):

Thomas, Rosie, Daisy and Lee Temple (Gen 2):

Clara and Eclipse Temple (Gen 3):

Hope and Tyler (Eclipse's Friends):

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