Temple Legacy, Generation 3: Eclipse – Chapter 1: Bad Seed

When I was younger I had this recurring dream from time-to-time, I’m not sure if it’s a memory or what I’ve been told or something I made up, but this is how my dream went. My dad is sad because my mother has walked out on us. Dad doesn’t know how to cope with the betrayal so packs the bare minimal of our belongings into the back of his car and we drive away from our old home in Riverview.

He keeps driving all day and we end up in the new Pleasentview which by the way has reverted to its former name Sunset Valley for some reason, apparently that’s what the town wanted. Anyways I’m getting off track, where was I, oh yeah. So we arrive in Sunset Valley and head to my Aunts’ house. The house is massive, and owned by my Aunt Daisy, who’s a doctor. As soon as we pull up to the house the iron gates open and Dad drives in.

He picks me up from my car seat and carries me towards the house. Aunt Daisy is waiting for us as we walk over.

Well anyways Dad climbs the steps to the porch and sets me on the ground, than turns to aunt Daisy.

I look up and see my dad about to break down crying, as my aunt pulls him into a hug to comfort him. Of course this is when my dream ends and I wake up. It’s nothing exciting but it was an annoying constant in my life for a few years.

One particular day I wake up from the dream and felt oddly rested for a school day. I normally stayed up late watching movies or chatting with friends and so still half asleep in the morning.

“Ah shit” I whispered as I looked at the clock and notice my stupid alarm had failed to work and I was now three hours late for school.

I rushed to the bathroom and began to brush my teeth, as my damn alarm had made me unable to have time for any breakfast, or shower for that matter. However I couldn’t help but notice how awake and fresh I looked and secretly felt glad I slept in. After spiting into the sink and rinsing my mouth, I quickly sniffed my armpits and decided I smelled ok.

I headed back to bed where my boutique was and grabbed some clothes. I sniffed them to make sure they are also fresh, and decided to quickly spray some deodorant.

“Fucking weather” I whined as I looked out the window and had to now search for my scarf and jacket.

The snow wasn’t that bad and as it still wasn’t really winter than I just grab my leather jacket before running to the garage. I grabbed my keys of the key rack hanging near the door in for my scooter. I had agreed with my dad not to drive my scooter in snowy weather conditions but I was desperate and desperate times call for desperate measures.

I chucked on my helmet, and speed out of the garage, and out the front gate almost hitting the mail lady, she swore at me but I was far too occupied to respond, and continued my way to school.

About twenty minutes later I arrive at St. Simians, my school that was recently built in the town, so the old school can be demolished and turned into some shops. Although St. Simians is a much better school I found myself cursing the location and the distance between the car park and the main building.

I rushed to my locker and dumped off my jacket and helmet and picked up some bits I needed for class and quickly took the time to fix my helmet hair.

I strode into the classroom as Miss Dallas was in the middle of teaching algebra.

“So from this equation we see that x=4.2 making y… Ah Eclipse how nice of you to join us today.”

“I’m sorry Miss Dallas. It won’t happen again” I replied as sweetly as I could and fluttered my eyelids.

I hated Miss Dallas. Actually she was a pretty cool teacher and I did use to enjoy her classes, but that was before my dad became a teacher at the school and Miss Dallas made it her goal to get with my dad, the skank.

I took my seat next to my best friend, Hope. Even when I’m running late she saves me a chair and refuses to allow anyone else to sit next to her.

“So why are you late today?” Hope whispered.

“My alarm didn’t go off” I whispered back. I remember Hope just raising an eyebrow in disbelief and I tried my best to convince her “Honestly it did, I’m not lying. Cross my heart”.

Class that day either went by really quickly or I had been later than I thought because soon the bell was ringing for lunch and the class was heading out of the room as fast as they could. Me and Hope were soon met by our close friend, Tyler.

“Wow Tyler great hair” I laugh.

“It’s pretty like a beautiful Dianthus flower” Hope remarked.

“Whatever, I’m like so pissed, the hair-dye was supposed to make my hair blonde not make me look like a gay ken doll.” Tyler replied

We continued walking and Hope held my hand while Tyler wrapped an arm around my shoulder. We look almost like three people in a relationship I strode down the hall. Truth was Tyler was gay and Hope was straight.

We all laughed when people gave us weird looks down the halls and headed towards the common room, as 6th formers we had access to it while the rest of school had to make do with the playground. As there was a couple sucking face on the sofa I dragged Hope and Tyler to the foosball table.

“Come on gay boy let’s see if you are feminine enough to get beaten by a girl” I joked.

“You’re on Lesbo” Tyler jokes back.

Just for the record, because I don’t think I mentioned it yet, I’m not a lesbian, I’m just experimental. Anyways ...

Our match was full underway and as I predicted I was winning, I always won at foosball, heck I still do. Hope stood at the end of the table and refereed. She didn’t like to actually play so this way she didn’t feel left out.

Unfortunately I hadn’t noticed the school’s queen B, Cassidy enter the room, with her dumb jock boyfriend.

“Oi move out of the way you flower freak, go be a hippy elsewhere LOSER” Cassidy mocked, as she tried to push past Hope. I heard every word and was far from happy about it; the only person allowed to mock my friends was me.

I grabbed Cassidy by the arm and turned her towards me.

“You leave Hope alone Cassidy or I’ll…” I didn’t get to finish my threat.

“Or what? You’ll start PMS-ing. You’re the biggest basket case here so why don’t you crawl back to whatever whole you crawled out off, but why you don’t you leave your dad here, I mean I do need some eye candy during P.E.” Cassidy interrupted.

“You fucking bitch, I’ll make you pay for what you’ve just said”. I screamed in response.

I reached across and a hard slap landed across Cassidy’s face, quickly leaving a red mark. Hope, who was a humanitarian and had a no fighting policy didn’t take too well for my methods of defending her, but at that moment in time I didn’t care.

I grabbed Cassidy by her hair and swung her around the room; while she was dazed I pushed down and lifted my knee, smacking her hard in the ribs. By now Hope was feeling more awkward about the fight but everyone else seemed to scream in excitement, even the couple whose faces were stuck together parted to watch the fight.

I won the fight, of course, and Cassidy lost. She rubbed her bruises and cried out in shame.

“And let that be a lesson to you Cassidy, you mess with one of my friends and you mess with me. Now what do you have to say?” I remarked triumphantly, savoring my victory.

“No Eclipse the real question is what do you have to say? Bulling poor Cassidy” Miss Dallas snapped.

None of us had heard her enter the room, so we all turned on the spot to see Miss Dallas standing at the door looking angry and with her arms folded. Cassidy forced a few tears out.

“She deserved it” I protested, very matter-of-factly.

“And you deserve to see the headmaster” Miss Dallas replied.

I realized the best thing for me was to agree to what Miss Dallas said and headed to the headmaster’s office, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t pissed at her, I was. My dad was called to see him too and the two discussed the situation and how to punish me while I waited outside. It wasn’t long before I was called in to join them and discuss my behavior.

“Eclipse we don’t understand why you would react in such a manor. Cassidy has informed Miss Dallas that you attacked her no reason. Cassidy also has some nasty bruises on her body from your attack.” Dad lectured.

I may have been a reckless teenager but I wasn’t stupid, I knew replying and flying off the handle in front of my headmaster and my father was a bad thing so I sat quietly and listened to them lecture me on how sweet Cassidy was and how she was a school asset for being a cheerleader and I was a bad influence on other students because I stood up to her rudeness.

“And that is why you are suspended from school grounds until your anger is under control.” Mr Kerr said.

I muttered something under my breath about how much of an arse he was and nodded my head to show I understood my punishment. Honestly I was happy being suspended. Back then I didn’t think it was a big deal; everyone would be at work so I’d have the time to relax and sleep in.

But of course Mr Kerr ruined my plans when he spoke, “And just so you don’t waste your time away at home I’ll have Miss Dallas come up with a homework plan for you so you don’t fall behind your class”.

What an arsehole.

I headed off to my locker to collect my things. Dad followed me, I didn’t like it. He wanted to do the whole father-daughter thing, which always made us feel awkward as we weren’t that close.

“So you don’t seem bothered by this. Why is that?” He asked.

I hated the tone he spoke to me in. He was being sweet about it, and wanted to do the whole ‘you can be better than you are’ talk. I hated those talks.

“Well that’s because I’m not bothered” I replied bitterly, part of me was annoyed he didn’t really stick up for me but part of me wasn’t surprised he didn’t we were hardly close.

“Well what about your future, after graduation? You won’t get into any universities with a record like this”

“I’m not going to stupid university” I snapped. I was at that age when I thought I knew everything, how wrong I was.

“Don’t snap at me, I’m still your father. You know what, you want to flush your life down the toilet, go ahead I don’t care anymore I’m sick of your attitude”.

“It’s not like you’ve ever cared before”

“Why are you so difficult? Just go home. Daisy’s assistant is waiting outside to escort you”.

 As I headed outside Daisy’s assistant, Gary Cullum was waiting for me. I smiled when I saw him. Although he wasn’t a student or my age Gary was still a good friend of mine. He had actually gone school with me. When I was in year eight he was in his last year. I also had a big crush on him but that was before I knew he was gay.

“Hey Eclipse. Still up to no good I see. Whatever happened to that sweet little girl that used to follow me to drama club?”

“Hey Gary. I’m afraid she grew up and realized the world isn’t that sweet”.

Gary halfheartedly smiled, he tried to decide if I was being serious or joking around. He opened the door to my aunt’s convertible and allowed me to enter. One of the perks of being my aunt’s assistant he was able to drive her over-expensive cars.

We didn’t talk to each other that much while Gary drove me home to my aunt’s house that day but instead blasted the radio and sang loudly to the music.

Gary took me back to the guest house where I lived. I we slumped onto the sofa and started a conversation.

“So did I distract you from anything important?”

“Nah, the princess, was just worrying that she didn't have enough coffee before the open-heart surgery she had to perform”

The princess was a nickname me and Gary had for Aunt Daisy. I just laughed in response.

“So what have you been doing to get excluded?”

“I had a fight with Cassidy. Apparently as she’s a cheerleader she is more of an asset to the school than I am and I may have given her a little bruise”

“Is she the Queen Bitch, you was telling me about?”


“That’s harsh. I remember getting into worse things than that when I was at school. Anyways I brought some pumpkins with me. I thought we could do carvings for Spooky Day to waste time”.

I loved Gary, in a platonic way. We were soon sitting on the floor with knives in hand and were cutting into the pumpkins Gary had brought. It was fun hanging out with him; he always treated me like an adult.

When we had finished we added candles and put the pumpkins on display. We watched some television and cuddled up on the sofa I was nice, but then Gary ruined it.

“It’s getting late, whens your dad getting home?”

“My dad? I don’t know and I don’t care”.

“Now that’s a bit harsh”

“Don’t worry about her” My dad called, as he climbed the stairs to my room, “She thinks the world revolves around her. You can go back to work now”.

Gary removed his arm from around my shoulders and pulled away, my dad had a talent for ruining my life.

Gary grabbed his coat which he had left behind on his last visit and left, while my dad walked over and took a seat, uninvited. I watched my dad, frowning, letting him know I was far from happy to see him.

Dad sat there expecting me to speak to him, to apologies to him for my behavior, by I remained silent.

Eventually he broke the silent, “I am very disappointed with you today. How could you act like that, I have to go to that school too, my jobs on the line. People are wondering if I can't even get my own daughter to behave at school how am I able to cope with the other students”.

“OK. First of you don’t have to go to that school, you could have applied for a job elsewhere, and second what happen to you telling me you would stay out of my life”.

“Arrghhh. Why is it so hard to talk to you, why can’t you act like an adult for once? Understand your attitude and behavior is wrong”.

“Yeah well the way I see it you’re the only one who doesn’t treat me like an adult, you still think I’m that stupid little girl who used to hang onto her daddy’s every word”.

“Dam right I don’t treat you as an adult because you’re not one. You are a teenager, and you’re also grounded so don’t think about going to the Spooky Day festive with your friends this year”.

My Dad stormed off down the stairs and out of my room and I stormed over to my computer. I powered it up and opened the chat window. I searched my contacts for Hope and Tyler and invited them to a group conversation.

Flowergirl56 and FashionDivaBoi_101 have been invited to your group chat.
Flowergirl56: Hiya :)
Devil_In_Purple: Hi
FashionDivaBoi_101 is now online
FashionDivaBoi_101: ‘*Kiss kiss* Hi sweeties’
Devil_In_Purple: Ha-ha. OTT Much?
Flowergirl56: What happened in the head teacher’s office? :s
FashionDivaBoi_101: Yes dish the gossip
Devil_In_Purple: NM. Got suspended until “I control my anger issues” lol
Flowergirl56: Eclipse this is serious, what about uni? :(
FashionDivaBoi_101: ROFLMAO!
Flowergirl56: Tyler! >:(
Devil_In_Purple: Don’t worry Hope. All’s good. So we still meeting tonight?
Flowergirl56: Your dad is still letting you go? O.o
Devil_In_Purple: Of course he is, stop worrying so much. YOLO.
FashionDivaBoi_101: Are we meeting in the usual spot?
Devil_In_Purple: ‘Deffo.
Flowergirl56: … Suppose … :S
Devil_In_Purple: G2G. Need to get ready.
FashionDivaBoi_101: Same. Tata 4 now.
Flowergirl56: Me too. Bye bye.
FashionDivaBoi_101 is now offline.
Flowergirl56 is now offline.

I logged of the computer and started to get ready for the festival.

Later that night

I walked through the graveyard in my costume, the traditional ‘meeting place’ me and my friends normally met. I saw Hope in her mermaid costume looking the other way, so I pulled back my walk to a slower pace and sneaked up behind my friend.

“Boo!” I screamed, making my friend jump into the air in fright.

“Holy cow! Eclipse!”

Hope turned around to face me, “You scared me half to death.”

I laughed in response, “Yeah I know”.

“Where do you think Tyler is?”

“I don’t know. Hey don’t look now but some weirdo in a hotdog costume is walking this way”.

Hope turned around anyways.

“That’s just not any weirdo, that’s Tyler” she laughed.

I looked again, and joined in with Hope’s laughing fit when I realized it was Tyler.

“You are really living up to your simchat name fashion diva boy” I giggled.

“Yeah well my mum wouldn’t buy anything else, she thought I looked cute. What are you supposed to be?”

I looked at my costume. I admit I didn’t put any thought in my costume that year. I looked down at the white dress.

“I guess I’m some sort of gothic bride, I think” I replied.

It wasn’t long until we were running, giggling and screaming away from the grave yard to the stretch of houses in the direction of the festival.

We soon arrived at the central park where the festivities were being held.

“This place looks lame” I said, drawing back.

“You always say that, come on it’ll be fun” Hope replied, trying to get me in the Spooky Day spirit.

Tyler ventured out in front of us, “Hey look a spooky house. Eclipse you like spooky right?”

“No wait. Just because this is Spooky Day do we have to do spooky?” Hope rejected Tyler’s idea.

I remember smiling brightly and grabbing my friends towards the house.

“Don’t be such a baby”, I teased.

I don’t remember what was inside, something silly like white sheets with holes and fake plastic skeletons, but I do remember Hope puking on the ground when we left. Me and Tyler just found it amusing.

“How can you two be so calm?” She whined.

I tried to think of an answer when I spotted that bitch, Cassidy, and her dumb jock boyfriend in cowboy and cowgirl couple costumes.

“I think I have an idea to help you get into the Spooky Day spirit and make you feel batter” I said, smiling mischievously.

“Oh no. I don’t like that smile. What are you planning?”

I chuckled, and nodded my head slightly towards Cassidy and her boyfriend, Tyler understood what I had planned and smiled mischievously with me.

Tyler and I sneaked off towards the couple leaving Hope behind.

“Hey get back here” Hope called, but to no avail.

We came up close behind them and screamed as loud as we could. Cassidy and her boyfriend jumped out of their skins. The sight was hysterical, and Tyler and I couldn’t contain our laughter.

We looked back at Hope who was also laughing, so much for being a devoted humanitarian.

Of course Cassidy and her boyfriend didn’t find it funny and chased us out if the park.

“I’ll get you for this Eclipse Temple. Mark my words, I’ll make you pay” Cassidy called.

Of course we didn’t hear all of her threat as we were already out of the park, and running down the street to my house.

We ran through my front gates and headed towards my part of the lot, laughing as we went. Neither of us had even bothered to look back and see if Cassidy was even chasing us, but I locked the gates behind us anyhow.

Once we made it inside to the warmth of the gym / quest house Tyler immediately went to the bar. “Come on Eclipse let’s have a drink”

“We’re only seventeen, we aren’t supposed to be drinking” Hope rejected Tyler’s idea.

“Oh stop being such a stick in the mud and loosen up once in a while”

I folded my arms and rolled my eyes at their petty argument.

“See even Eclipse thinks you’re stupid”

“Hey leave me out of this” I protested.

“Fine. We won’t drink. Happy now?” Tyler sulked.

Tyler marched over to the spiral stairs leading to my apartment followed by Hope. I lingered behind to make sure they didn’t try to push each other down, before I followed them upstairs.

They both took a seat on my sofa separating themselves as far as possible. Tyler grabbed the remote and started channel flicking. I made my way over and then something caught the corner of my eye.

My dad was sitting in the dining room in the main house and I could see him from where I stood. He looked depressed. I checked the time; it was 1.20am, my dad never stayed up that late. I decided to check up on him.

“I’ll be back in a minute, try not to kill yourselves” I said, as I headed back towards the stairs.

I entered the main building and headed towards the dining room were my dad was. I stopped in the doorway and was unsure of what to do, I hadn’t been close with my dad since I was six, and this was practically new territory for me.

It was my dad who broke the silence, “You’re home early”.

I stayed in the doorway, silent.

“You are allowed to come in and take a seat, you know”.

I walked over and took a seat.

“I guess Hope and Tyler are here too, for the annual Spooky Day sleepover”.

I nodded in response, usually I’d make some wisecrack but it didn’t feel right.

“I want to apologize for earlier. I didn’t mean to yell at you, and you’re right it’s your life and I need to let you grow, make your own choices”.

“No dad, it’s me who needs to apologize, you was only trying to do what you thought was best. I was acting like a spoilt brat.”

My dad stood up and pulled me into a hug. I had loved to receive hugs from my dad as a little girl, it was always the best part of my dad, and I had forgotten how much I had missed them until then.

“From now on let’s just be honest with each other. If you don’t want to go to college you tell me and I’ll respect your decision”. My dad said as we lingered in the hug.


“Oh and Eclipse, this doesn’t mean you aren’t grounded anymore. I can’t have you turning into a spoilt brat.”

I laughed, “Ok”.

I headed back to my apartment where Tyler and Hope were already changed into their pajamas, and sitting with their sleeping bags. They were laughing and talking together.

“You two are so weird”, I announced as walked closer, “No more than five minutes ago I thought you was going to kill each other.”

“Funny, we thought that about you and Mr. Temple”, Hope replied.

I should’ve known they were going to spy on me.

“Yeah well we can’t stay up too late you both need to go home early, as I’m grounded.

“What’s this Eclipse Temple is abiding by the rules” Tyler joked.

“I truly am a mystery” I tried to say in my most mysterious voice.

I headed to my dresser and changed into my nighty, while Hope and Tyler made unrolled their sleeping bags and headed to sleep.

As I climbed into my bed I had a realization. I wasn’t as grown up as I had thought; I was still growing and developing, there was still room to develop my traits. I was strong headed but that didn’t mean I had to be angry with everyone, I need my friends and family, and I was willing to adapt.

That night was the best night’s sleep I had in ages. I slept peacefully and even when I was woken up at 5am by Hope and Tyler I felt refreshed and rejuvenated.

~End of Chapter~



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