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Temple Legacy, Generation 3: Eclipse – Chapter 1: Bad Seed

When I was younger I had this recurring dream from time-to-time, I’m not sure if it’s a memory or what I’ve been told or something I made up, but this is how my dream went. My dad is sad because my mother has walked out on us. Dad doesn’t know how to cope with the betrayal so packs the bare minimal of our belongings into the back of his car and we drive away from our old home in Riverview.

He keeps driving all day and we end up in the new Pleasentview which by the way has reverted to its former name Sunset Valley for some reason, apparently that’s what the town wanted. Anyways I’m getting off track, where was I, oh yeah. So we arrive in Sunset Valley and head to my Aunts’ house. The house is massive, and owned by my Aunt Daisy, who’s a doctor. As soon as we pull up to the house the iron gates open and Dad drives in.

He picks me up from my car seat and carries me towards the house. Aunt Daisy is waiting for us as we walk over.

Well anyways Dad climbs the steps to the porch and sets me on …