Temple Legacy, Generation 3: Eclipse - Prologue

AN: This a quick prologue to wrap up Thomas' story and set you up for his daughter, Eclipces's story.


Thomas follows the alien woman, called Luna, into a clearing as she closed in on her desired location. Thomas started to fall behind, his feet hurt, and he was tired.
“Do you mind if we stop for a breather?” Thomas asked.

They took a seat at a nearby bench, and Thomas gladly rested his feet.

“So are we almost there? At whatever location you need to get to?” Thomas inquired.

“Yes, and then finally I can go home”

Thomas smiled when he saw Luna’s face light up when speaking about her home, he also noticed the way her eyes sparkled in the moonlight.

Thomas couldn’t help himself, he had fallen in love with his captor. He shuffled closer and wrapped an arm around Luna’s shoulders.

“I’d like to show you something” Thomas said, nervously.

“What’s that?”

“How people say hello”

Thomas leaned forward and brushed his lips against Luna’s. They felt soft, and made Thomas feel at home. Luna blush a little, but kissed back.

“Hello” She whimpered as their lips parted.

Luna quickly composed herself and walked off. Thomas soon followed unsure if he had done something wrong, maybe the kiss had gone too far. Luna studies the hieroglyphics next to the door.

“We are at the right place” She announced.

“How do you know?”

“Let’s just say I’m not the first of my people to visit, and the pyramids in Al Simhara didn’t build themselves”.

The door suddenly creaked open, sending a shiver down Thomas’ spine. Luna still kept her composure and walked in followed by Thomas.

A big futuristic machine sat in the middle of the room. Luna entered the device and booted up the controls. The machine started to make loud noises and glow a multitude of colors. Luna investigated the machine and soon started to press a series of buttons on what seemed to be a keyboard.

“What is this? Is it safe?” Thomas asked.

“It’s a type of lock, it is used to access a secret part of this base. As for safe, yeah it is, as long as I can bypass the security measures, otherwise who knows what type of disaster would occur.” Luna replied.

Thomas hated to think what could happen if Luna couldn’t get past the security and decided to stay quiet so Luna could concentrate and not have to find out what disasters could happen.

Not even a minute later Luna announced that she had done it and the computer shut down and contracted in on itself. Luna drew Thomas’ attention away from the computer and told him to look while pointing at an opening that had appeared.

They entered the room and Luna examined the latest machine that had been hidden behind the wall.

“Is it a spaceship?” Thomas inquired.

“Yeah but it’s a really old model”

“Really? It looks brand new and really advanced”

“That’s because my race is advanced”

“Gee, Thanks. What are you doing anyway?”

“Fitting the spacecraft with a transporter, you didn’t think I was going to lift off in the spaceship in an enclosed room did you?” Luna replied.

When they left the building they ran towards the road where there would be the most open space. Unfortunately they weren’t the only ones to know about the alien building, and worst possible thing that could have happened, did.

Military guards ran towards them with their weapons drawn.

Luna quickly turned to Thomas and asked, “Run away with me? Leave this planet and come back with me?”

Thomas almost jumped at the chance than he remembered his family. His sister had only just gone to boarding school, and his other one was in rehab, and his only brother had run away and was lost. Now was not the time to run away and abandon them.

“I’m sorry I can’t leave. My family is here and they need me. I can’t, I’m sorry” Thomas sighed.

“I’m sorry too”

Thomas didn’t have time to question what Luna meant, as she grabbed him and kneed him in the stomach.

“Filthy human scum, I shall no longer be your captive”.

As Thomas fell to the floor Luna enabled the transporter she had added to the spaceship, and it materialized in front of them and Luna was teleported inside.

The army man stood by the pavement and opened fire on the spacecraft as Thomas laid on the ground worrying they would kill Luna.

“Filthy humans, this is not the last you have heard of me I will have my revenge” Luna screamed before flying her spacecraft away.

The nearest army man to Thomas picked him up and placed him under arrest as they marched him toward a camouflaged vehicle.

They took Thomas to the local military branch back in Riverview and made Thomas march in like a common criminal.

Thomas was led to a dark, interrogation room where an angry higher ranked man went on about treason and fraternizing with the enemy.

“This is unacceptable we have been looking for alien life for over sixty years and you just happen to find one hanging around a military owned building and capture it. Bullshit I say”.

The man’s ranting was cut short as a younger woman entered the room. She walked over to the grump and whispered something in his ear, while never moving her eyes off Thomas.

The man’s face went red with anger and he turned to Thomas.

“It seems your story has checked out and you’re free to go. Miss Goode here will escort you home”.

Thomas left the base and followed Miss Goode to a car parked round the back. Miss Goode unlocked the car and they climbed in. Before Thomas had a chance to tell Miss Goode where his house was or where to go, the car was already driving along road.

Thomas began to worry if she was even taking him home, maybe the army were how the media suggested and Miss Goode was taking him to a special location to kill him.

Thomas’ worries flew out the window when Miss Goode pulled up outside his home.

“How did you know?” Thomas inquired.

“It’s on your file. What did you think that the military didn’t know anything?” Miss Goode replied.

“No. No, I just thought that erm…” Thomas fumbled with his words not wanting to upset Miss Goode.

“Ha-ha. Did you think the military was like the movies where we take people to secret locations and kill them and cover up the crime?” Miss Goode chuckled, Thomas nodded in agreement, “Ha-ha, well don’t believe everything you see at the movies”.

Miss Goode walked Thomas to his front door. As Thomas said goodbye, Miss Goode did something unexpected, she hugged him.

“You are just so brave, going against that alien all alone”.

Thomas hugged her back, for some reason it felt good, and natural, which confused Thomas as his feelings for Luna were still strong even though she abandoned him.

“I’m sorry about that” Miss Goode said as she pulled away leaving Thomas feeling empty, and already missing her touch, which was weirder as they had only just met.

“That’s ok Miss Goode, it didn’t bother me” Thomas replied.

“I probably shouldn’t say this as we have only just met and I might get in trouble at work but please call me Clara, that's my real name, and anytime you would like to meet up with for coffee or something just let me know”.

5 Years Later

Thomas did meet up with Clara for coffee and a few times after that too. Soon they became good friends and after a year their friendship grew into something more and they also got married and had a child together, however Thomas’ true love was always Luna.

Clara would spend a lot of time with her daughter, Eclipse, who had recently turned two.

“Now Eccy point to the red toy” Clara asked her daughter.

Eclipse pointed at her toy spaceship and smiled happily when her mother praised her.

“Well done sweetie. Now Eccy I want you to point at the white toy”

Eclipse looked at her toys unsure, she was still learning her colours and was unsure about white. She ended up pointing at her toy dinosaur, but was very disappointed when Clara told her it was the wrong one.

Eclipse let out a yawn, and Clara checked the clock.

“Oh my it’s almost nine o’clock, no wonder why you are so tired. I’m sorry Mummy didn’t notice how late it was,” Clara swooped up Eclipse into her arms, “Off to bed for you, I think missy”.

Clara got Eclipse changed into her pajamas and tucked her into bed.

“Goodnight Eccy”

“Nigh Muma”

With Eclipse now asleep and the house quiet, Clara went in search of Thomas. She wasn’t surprised to find him using his telescope to stargaze. It seemed stargazing took up a lot of Thomas’ time, so Clara decided he needed a break and needed to spend time with his wife for a change.

“How about coming inside and spending some alone time with me for a change”

“Maybe once Eclipse is in bed, we can’t spend alone time together and look after a child”.

“That’s ok she is already in bed”

“Ok give me five more minutes than I’ll pack up and come in”.

“Oh for the love of… You always say this. You said the same thing yesterday and did it happen? No. You was out here for another two fricking hours on that good for nothing stupid telescope. Do you even still love me?”

“I don’t know”

“What do you mean you don’t know?”

“I mean I love you but let’s face the facts I’m not in love with you. I’ve always loved someone else”

“You piece of shit”.

“Oh so now I’m the bad guy. I only said what we both already knew, you were the one who forced Eclipse into the world to try and trap me so who’s really the bad one here.

Clara turned on her heal and ran away as the tears fell.

“Actually I didn’t know how you felt” she yelled as she made her way out of the bedroom.

“Oh come on Clara, come back here. I'm sorry” Thomas called after her.

As Clara made her way downstairs she heard a knock on the door, and saw her old boss standing there she quickly wiped the tears from her eyes knowing he would think little of her for showing weakness even though she had quit the army when she had gotten married.

“Hello Colonel…” Clara began but was interrupted.

I’m not interrupting anything? No. Good. We need to talk” The man said before walking to the living room.

He took a seat and Clara followed him.

“What can I help you with or should I say what can I help the military with?” Clara asked, she skipped the normal pleasantries knowing her former boss hated them.

“We are on the verge of an epidemic,” He replied, “The government has given us the ok to run with project Vi, and I want you to come manage it, it was of course something you had come up with and you helped develop the project so I only thought it was fair, and you’re the best person for the job, plus your replacement is the biggest waste of oxygen I have known”.

“I need time to think about it” Clara replied, taken back. It was a big responsibility and had to be though through properly.

“Of course” Her old boss replied as he stood up, “I’ll be off now that’s all I came round for”.

Clara escorted him back to the front door and watched as got into the standard military car and headed off back to base. Maybe this was what she needed; Thomas had made it clear he no longer loved her or wanted her around.

Thinking of Thomas made Clara sad again and she decided to see if he had settled down and wanted to clear the air between them. To Clara’s dismay, when she entered the bedroom Thomas was already asleep. Clara was now really upset, Thomas had rather gone to bed that sort out their problems.

Right than Clara realized the truth to his words, she would never be loved by him, and staying wouldn’t do either of them any good to live a lie. So as quietly as she could Clara emptied her draws and packed a bag.

She also changed into her old uniform which still fitted even though she now carried the extra baby fat left over from her pregnancy. Clara decided before she left to write a note, letting Thomas know she had left and why. It was the least she could do.

After Clara had written the note there was someone who she desperately need to say goodbye to. She entered Eclipse’s room and leaned over her crib.

“Goodbye sweetheart. Mummy has to go now but remember she will always love you and she will always be thinking of you”.

Clara knew that Eclipse was asleep and couldn’t hear her but she hoped it had seeped through and Eclipse wouldn’t feel abandoned.

Clara headed outside and unlocked her car. She through her bags on the back seat, and started the engine before driving down the street away from her home, away from her heartache. Not once did she look back.

The next day.

Thomas awoke to find that Clara’s side of the bed was empty. It looked as though it had not been slept in, so Thomas went to look for her. He had been feeling guilty about what had happened and what he had said. As Thomas left he noticed a note for him on the normally tidy desk. At first Thomas thought it was a quick ‘Gone shopping’ note but it seemed too long. So he decided to read it.

‘Dear Thomas,

                        After your confession of feelings for me I realize the truth, you do not love me. I have come to realize that I deep down I always knew this, and that is why I got pregnant with our daughter as a means to keep you. I did really love her and although she started out as a pawn to keep you my feelings towards her developed and I came to truly bond with and love my daughter, please let her know I loved her with all my heart, more even than I loved you. I guess that is why I let our loveless marriage last so long neither of us would admit it and I was distracted from the fact by spending all my time with Eclipse. I guess when you admitted you didn’t love me I was hurt, but I knew it to be true. This is why I probably find it easier to leave. My old boss from the military has offered me a job and I have decided to take it. Please tell Eclipse I love her and take good care of her for me, you may not have loved me but I know you loved our daughter.

Goodbye Sweetie,


Thomas filled up with tears. Clara was wrong, he did still love her now she had left and it was all his fault.

~End of Chapter~



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