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Temple Legacy, Generation 3: Eclipse - Prologue

AN: This a quick prologue to wrap up Thomas' story and set you up for his daughter, Eclipces's story.

Thomas follows the alien woman, called Luna, into a clearing as she closed in on her desired location. Thomas started to fall behind, his feet hurt, and he was tired.
“Do you mind if we stop for a breather?” Thomas asked.

They took a seat at a nearby bench, and Thomas gladly rested his feet.

“So are we almost there? At whatever location you need to get to?” Thomas inquired.

“Yes, and then finally I can go home”

Thomas smiled when he saw Luna’s face light up when speaking about her home, he also noticed the way her eyes sparkled in the moonlight.

Thomas couldn’t help himself, he had fallen in love with his captor. He shuffled closer and wrapped an arm around Luna’s shoulders.
“I’d like to show you something” Thomas said, nervously.
“What’s that?”
“How people say hello”

Thomas leaned forward and brushed his lips against Luna’s. They felt soft, and made T…