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Hello Everysim :)

Just an update on things, and some explanations for my unplanned hiatus. I brought Seasons and it crashed my game. I could not play for more than 5 minutes at a time and after many attempts to play I decided to reinstall my games up to supernatural. This did improve my gameplay but not by much, I could now play up to 20 minutes without the game crashing. This also meant my save file for Alice Barlow, was unusable at it was saved with seasons. I went back to the Temples Legacy and struggled to do that as well as I needed to update my characters and CAS wouldn't last longer than 2 minutes. five weeks ago I gave up hope in playing the sims and refused to play, searching on the sims 3 forum, I found that nearly the who sims3 mac community had the same problem I had and that EA was refusing to believe that there was a problem a problem with the game, some people were told to wait for the next patch, since than three patches were released and none of them focused on the problem causing the mac users to be unable to play. It wasn't until two days ago when I was checking the forums, after the latest patch was released to see if there were any mac users could play the game with the latest patch. This is when I came across one user who was told by a sims3guru that they could use bootcamp on their mac to install and use windows on their mac, I checked the forums and a few other mac users had used bootcamp and installed windows and their game was working fine. Now if you remember a year ago I used to have a windows PC, that me and my friend had built before I switched to mac. This meant that i still had a windows install disc and could do bootcamp on my mac. I took my mac round my friends and he helped with the process as he is far better at all the technical stuff than I am. The installation was a success and I now have OSx and Windows on my mac. Yesterday morning I installed all of my sims 3 games, including seasons, and patched my game to the latest patch. I was hesitant when I first played but my game worked without any problems. I then went on to install mods and all my previous custom content and store items and I am pleased to say I played my game for 12 hours yesterday and their was not one problem with my game at all. It ran smoother and better than it did on before I installed windows, and I am sure the graphics have improved even though I have the same setting as before. I also went out and celebrated by buying the last copy of 70s, 80s and 90s stuff from my local GAME store, and played that as well.

What this means for my stories. This means that hopefully I can get chapters out sooner, as the game doesn't crash while I play. Also the in-game screenshot system works with windows which will make screenshots easier to do, as this option didn't work before, and i had to use multiple cheats and the mac systems own screenshot system to take photos.

What this means for my downloads. Some of you have asked for me to upload my bridgeport school, and a few other lots I had created. As they were made before pets and I had to use custom content, I wanted to play test and and update the my work before re-releasing them. I did put off updating any of my downloads due to the game not working, but as my game works perfectly now, I can update all my stuff for upload, which I plan to do this weekend.

Thanks for reading,

Minty :)


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