Chapter 3: Captured

It had been an interesting week that had lead to Alice sitting in front of the local bistro, forced to read through the job vacancies section of the local newspaper. The casino that Alice had just started work at had been raided by the police and shut down for illegal gambling and underage staff, as well as selling drugs and alcohol to underage kids. It was all pretty crazy and the police investigated all the employees. Alice managed to avoid this as she put a fake name down on her application forms; the police were still looking for a Miss Alexia Sundervil. She knew that Amanda had quit and gone back to her parents’ house before the scandal, but as far as the over entertainers and employees Alice didn’t know what had happened to them. This meant Alice had to begin job searching again. As she drove her nose deeper into the job vacancies someone grabbed the top of the newspaper and pulled it down.

Alice looked up to see her sister Alexandra, sitting across from her, well almost Alex was transparent and Alice could see right through her.

“What the hell!” Alice blurted out.

“DANGER!” Alex said, he voice still trembling when she spoke, Alex never did master her speech therapy class at school.

Alice knew her sister only spoke when she really had to and the look of fear on Alex’s face scared Alice. She quickly dropped some money on the table for the waiter and stood up.

Alice made it almost two steps before bumping into two police officers, she tried to excuse herself but the male officer stopped her.

“Excuse Miss Barlow, but we would like to have a word with you” The man said, stopping her from leaving.

Alice froze on the spot, how did they know her real name, she thought she had been careful.

“It’s about the death of Toby Mann, maybe you would like to come with us to the station for further questioning” The female officer suggested.

Alice went white with horror, ‘What’s happening? Why’s everything going wrong?’ Alice thought to herself.

She followed them round the back of the dinner and began to walk towards the police car. As they walked Alice looked and the car and became confused. The car was painted pure black, but Alice had seen police cars in Appaloosa before and the were green with a white line through them. Alice stomach began to churn and she felt as if something was wrong about this situation something wasn’t right.

“I’ve suddenly remembered I’ve left the oven on,” Alice lied, holding her hands up in defense while backing away.

“You’re going nowhere, STOP HER” The female officer screamed, while turning on the spot and pointing at Alice.

The male officer ran up to Alice and punched straight her in the face, the man had a strong punch, and caused Alice to drop to the floor unconscious.

The man picked up and supported Alice’s head while the woman handcuffed Alice.

They picked up Alice’s body and dumped her into the back of the car.

“Let’s head back to HQ the professor will be please we caught the creature” The female instructed the man. The two officers climbed into the car and drove out of Appaloosa Pains onto the main roads connecting the cities and towns.


The officers drove for about two hours before they reached the boarders of Twinbrook, which happened to be about the same time Alice began to stir from her slumber. Alice sat up and looked down to see the police cuffs she felt put on were gone, she looked out the window to take in her surroundings, she had been kidnapped, and she couldn’t believe it.

The car went in and twisted through the rundown back of the mill town, and she was surprised when the car stopped in front of a high-rise building hidden within the hills. The massive gates stopping entry to the car park opened as the car drove closer, allowing them entry.

They parked the car in a reserved space next to the entrance to the main building, and unlocked the doors. Alice thought of making a run for it but didn’t think she could take another blow to her face. She was lucky her cheek hadn’t swollen to the size of a football. They climbed out and made their way towards the building, with the officers keeping a close eye on Alice.

They headed into the building and entered the elevator at the end of the corridor. The lift journey seemed to take forever, and Alice wondered just how tall the building was. They stepped out the elevator and headed through a door.

The room on the other side of the door was far from what Alice had thought it would be like. She spotted a man sitting down and he glared at her, the sheer sight of her being there seemed to piss him off.

“I’ll take care of this scumbag. You too go ahead and get changed into your proper work uniforms” The man barked his orders.

The two police officers walked through the next set of doors and Alice was left with the other man, she suddenly wanted to be with her captors. She noticed another boy a little younger than her sitting down and he seemed just as terrified as Alice was, so she decided to sit next to him.

“Hello, my name’s Alice” Alice whispered as she sat down, “Do you know what’s going on here?”

The boy quickly glanced at the other man worried he could hear us, and when the boy felt comfortable enough he whispered back, “Hi Alice, my name’s Samuel. I’m sorry I don’t know what’s happening, that man just took me hostage and now I’m here”.

Alice took pity on the boy he seemed really shook up, much more than Alice herself.

“Don’t worry I’m sure this is just some big understanding and we’ll be let home soon” Alice lied, trying to cheer Samuel and herself up.

“I hope so, I miss my mum and dad” Samuel whimpered, in reply.

This time the other man heard them whispering, “Shut the hell up, SCUMBAGS and stand to your feet”.

Alice and Samuel stood up from the chair, the man walked over to the double doors leading to the next room and opened them.

“Well come on you freaks, walk through the dam doorway” he barked.

Alice and Samuel walked through and Alice was surprised to who she saw next, it was Stephanie. She had aged a lot since Alice had last seen her.

“Aunt Steph?” Alice asked in disbelief.

“Aunt Steph?” Stephanie replied looking confused someone would address her like that. She looked over to Alice, “Oh, you’re Alice. I remember you, I read your files”.

Alice looked at her confused, “Read my profile? What do you mean?”

“I see we are going to need a long chat” Stephanie replied, she looked over to Samuel who seemed to be curious about the short conversation between Alice and Stephanie and was trying to figure out the connections between the two women.

“I think it’s time for an introduction. My name is Professor Stephanie Thorndyke, and this is ‘The Organization’. We research and test on magical creatures. That's why you two are here, Alice is a succubus and Samuel is a werewolf”.

Alice stood shocked, ‘What the hell is going on? And why does she think I’m a succubus? And what does she mean by experiments?’ Alice thought.

“This is my head of security, Sargent Rufus Mammal …” Stephanie introduced indicating towards the blonde man, “…And this is Daniel Pearson and Rachel Darley, two of the top members of security”. Stephanie said pointing to the two other members of staff, who Alice recognized as the two ‘police officers’ that arrested her.

Before Alice knew what was happening Daniel was walking Alice towards the elevator and Rachel was walking Samuel.

“Now that you had the introductions, you will be taken to your cells” Stephanie called as they walked away.

The stepped into the elevator and the doors shut behind them, there was no floor numbers in the elevator but it moved and took them to where they had to go. The cells.

The doors opened and everyone stepped out into the corridor. The corridor was lined with cell doors and windows into the cells, Alice tried to see how many cells she could count but soon lost count. As they exited the elevator Alice noticed there was a fairy in one of the cells. It seemed aunt Stephanie’s research was worse than Alice had originally thought; these poor test subjects were really prisoners.

As Alice walked down the corridor one prisoner caught her eye. At first Alice thought nothing of it but then when she looked at the prisoner again she was shocked to see who it was. Her mum. Alice stopped in her tracks and put her hands on the window to her mother’s cell. Melody seemed just as upset to see Alice there, as Alice was to see her mum there. Their reunion was short lived as Rachel pushed Alice along to keep up the pace.

It seemed as if they had only gone five steps before they stopped walking. Rachel grabbed and pushed Samuel towards a cell, but he fought back and in return Rachel kneed Samuel in the stomach and pushed him into the cell slamming and locking the door behind him as he fell.

Daniel motioned for Alice to go through another door. Deciding she didn’t want to be hit, Alice quickly obligated and stepped into the room.

Alice stood back in horror after entering the room. Their leaning against the wall was a body, lifeless and drained of color.

“What is that still doing here? Someone was supposed to come and remove the body” Daniel questioned when he saw the man leant against the wall. Alice didn’t need it spelt out for her; she realized the man was dead.

“Whatever, It just lets the freak know what she has coming to her,” Rachel replied.

Alice sat on the bed in the corner and tried to create as much distance between herself and the body as posiible. She rubbed her temples and tried to calm herself down. ‘This isn’t happening’ Alice kept repeating to herself, but as much as she lied to herself she knew the truth.

She watched as Daniel dragged the body from the room. Daniel didn’t say anything as he dragged the body but for a split second, unnoticed to Rachel, Daniel flashed an apologetic look at Alice.

“There some clothes in the chest of drawers, all subjects are under order to only wear the clothes provided” Daniel muttered, as he shut the door locking Alice into her prison cell.

About an hour later Alice stood up from her bed. The reality of what had happened to her finally sank in, and Alice felt like crap. She wanted to craw into a corner of the room and hide away from the world.

She decided to approach the chest of drawers and change her clothes. She didn’t want to change, but also didn’t want to be hit like when Samuel tried to defy Rachel, or worse, leaving the place as a corpse.

Alice reluctantly undressed and changed into her new uniform. She almost forgot about her head piece, and reluctantly removed it, it had been a fixed feature in her hair for so long she was sad to take it out.

She looked in the mirror at her new look and sighed. Her outside now reflected how she felt on the inside, soulless and empty. Alice turned at looked out the window into the hallway. It was as if the organization wanted to taunt the prisoners. Escape was just outside the cell yet it was unobtainable. Something caught Alice’s eye and she noticed someone watching from the cell opposite her. A man stood watching her, but yet he didn’t seem quite right. Alice soon realized it was ghost and thought back to her few encounters with ghosts; all the ghosts she had met had people she had ever slept with, which made sense now knowing that she was a succubus.

It took Alice a second but she realized the ghost across the hall was one of those unlucky persons, and the last man she had slept with, Toby Mann. He had his arms crossed and seemed to be glaring at Alice. Apparently he wasn’t happy to see her again.

Overwhelmed with emotions Alice made her way back to her bed and curled up on it. She felt lost and overwhelmed. Was this all just a nightmare? Was she going to wake up in the morning, wrapped up snug and warm in her duvet? And what if this was real, would she be able to cope? Would there be any hope of escape? Could she escape?

~End of Chapter~
Chapter 2.4


In this chapter Stephanie calls Alice a succubus, for those who don't know a succubus is a creature that sucks the life from a person using sexual interation in dreams or sexual interation during reality.


  1. What?! That seems like such an aweful place and to think her aunt is behind it makes me sick. :(

    I sure hope it is a bad dream.

    1. Steph isn't really her aunt, just a family friend who Alice refers to as her aunt. You might want to re-read some of Melody's chapters to remember Stephanie's character. As for the the orginization It is a terribnle place but will help Alice learn some truths about her life, and the realization that she is a succubus.


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