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Chapter 3: Captured

It had been an interesting week that had lead to Alice sitting in front of the local bistro, forced to read through the job vacancies section of the local newspaper. The casino that Alice had just started work at had been raided by the police and shut down for illegal gambling and underage staff, as well as selling drugs and alcohol to underage kids. It was all pretty crazy and the police investigated all the employees. Alice managed to avoid this as she put a fake name down on her application forms; the police were still looking for a Miss Alexia Sundervil. She knew that Amanda had quit and gone back to her parents’ house before the scandal, but as far as the over entertainers and employees Alice didn’t know what had happened to them. This meant Alice had to begin job searching again. As she drove her nose deeper into the job vacancies someone grabbed the top of the newspaper and pulled it down.

Alice looked up to see her sister Alexandra, sitting across from her, well almost Alex was…