Sam Young/Barlow – Character Bio

Name: Sam Barlow (Previously Sam Young).
Traits: Neat, Natural Cook, Animal Lover, Nurturing, Friendly.
Favorites: Pop, Hotdogs, Blue.
Aspiration: Master Mixologist

Not much of a go-getter Sam always opted for the simple life of owning a bar. He worked two jobs to help save up for his dream and lived in a crummy motel.

At one of his jobs he met Melody Barlow and soon fell in love with her and helped her start to achieve her dream of becoming a singer, which also inspired him to take further action in his life goal of owning a bar, this caused the two to fall in love and become later engaged.

Sam soon reached his goal when the owner of the bar he worked at died and he was offered a place as partner with the new owner. This meant Sam and Melody had enough money to get married.

Sam moved the wedding forward so Melody could perform her own concert and they got married early. However Sam was running late to the concert and so was speeding in the car and was caught in a car accident, causing him to need to use a wheelchair for a few years.

While in the wheelchair he fell into depression but soon came out of it near the time his wife was about to give birth to their children, Alice and Alexandra. His partner had tried flirting with Melody causing Sam to sell his partnership of the bar.

Over the next fifteen years Sam was finally able to walk again and not need the use of a chair. While being in the wheelchair and unable to work Sam grew a love of cooking and sometime after the family moved to Starlight Shores Sam became a cookery teacher at Alice’s school.

Over the next three years Sam disappeared and only his daughter Alice knows why.


  1. I love these character bios. They are very well done! :)

    1. thank-you, i need to do one for Alexandra I had forgotten about her. :P


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