Melody Barlow – Character Bio

Name: Melody Barlow.
Traits: Workaholic, Neat, Virtuoso, Hopeless Romantic, and Friendly.
Favorites: Songwriter, Hamburger, Blue.
Aspiration: Golden Tongue, Golden fingers.

When Melody was a little girl she would dream of the bright lights of the city and singing to audiences in the famous bars and clubs offered in the city’s nightlife. So when Melody was old enough she packed her bags and left for Bridgeport, with a car and a little bit of money given to her as a present from her parents.

Melody moved to Bridgeport and succeeded in her dreams after meeting and falling in love with Sam Young, he helped boost her career and Melody soon found an agent when she was invited to sing at Sam’s second job.

Melody soon fired her first agent after disagreements over her relationship with Sam but soon found a second agent. Melody’s singing career and relationship with Sam blossomed, Melody and Sam got married and Melody released an album and got a chance at her first concert.

Her singing career and relationship with Sam went downhill during her concert when Sam was involved in a car accident and was refined temporarily (for a few years) to a wheelchair.

While Sam was still in the wheelchair Melody found out she was pregnant, and went on to have two twin daughters Alice and Alexandra. Over the next fifteen years Melody went back to her singing career and moved her family to Starlight Shores to benefit her career. Melody brought up her daughters differently by always paying more attention to Alexandra than Alice.

Melody dropped of the radar from the public three years later and only her daughter Alice knows why.

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