Chapter 2: Look But Don’t Touch, Part 2

Monday finally arrived and Alice left for her first day of work. She felt strangely excited about her first day, even though she had no idea what her job entailed Alice felt like she could accomplish whatever task lay ahead.

When she arrived she headed inside and made her way for the elevator, Booker had called over the weekend to arrange everything. He hadn’t said much information as to what the job was and Alice was too afraid to ask so she didn’t look stupid, Booker seemed to believe Alice knew what the job was, but all Alice knew was that she had to wear a uniform.

Once on the right floor, Alice searched for the room she had to be at. She was meeting a woman called Kitty. When Alice finally found and entered the room she was socked to see she was in the changing rooms for the ‘entertainers’. Alice had a felling it was a job like this she had applied for, she sighed and stepped further into the room. As much as Alice hated to be there, nowhere else was hiring and Alice needed the money. She was soon approached by the woman she saw performing fellatio on Booker.

“Hiya! You must be the new girl, Alice. I’m Amanda, but know here as Kitty and I’m also totally excited to meet you, and you’re blonde so whoop whoop, go us blondes. L.O.L. Let me introduce you to our colleges, well there more like sisters…”

“…The ginger one is Karen, but known as Scarlett…”

“…And finally the brunette is Tina, also known as Glitter…”

Kitty showed Alice to her dresser, and all girls got ready for a day of work. Alice checked herself out in the mirror and started prodding and messing with her face. She hated to admit it but the other girls where a lot prettier than her. Finally Alice reluctantly changed into uniform and the girls headed to the elevator to work.

Once downstairs Glitter and Scarlett headed off to work, while Kitty stayed behind to talk to Alice.

“Now I know you must be nervous but you are like totally sexified. If only I was a lesbo. L.O.L. Oh I forgot to ask what your stage name was you know to hide you real name.”

“I wasn’t given one” Alice replied.

“L.O.L. Oh sweet-pea we pick our own names. I know! You can be called Sugar. Later Tiger, grrrh!”

How can she be so happy doing a job like this? Alice thought to herself.

Before she could do anything Booker approached her.

“Hey Sugar. Don’t mind Kitty she’s just an energetic person, and also the youngest here. So you like it here?”

“Look, no offence, but I just want to work. I don’t want any funny business like what I saw in your office when I first arrived here, what you and Kitty do is up to you but I don’t want to be another one of your sexual partners”. Alice replied, trying to defend the last bit of credibility she had.

“I was just being friendly. Amanda and I are actually a couple”. Booker snapped back.

Ashamed at her accusation Alice walked away to find something to do.

“This is going to be a long week,” Alice muttered to herself.


Against Alice’s beliefs the week went rather quickly, and Alice actually enjoyed herself. On the last day of the week some important guests came to the casino and the girls were asked to put on a show. Kitty, Scarlett and Glitter performed a song, while Alice who never inherited her mother’s singing skills was left to perform magic tricks.

After the show the girls headed back to the dressing room all in a buzz. The important guests were pleased and had spent a lot of money at the casino, and had tipped the girls heavily.

While Scarlett and Glitter changed, Kitty and Alice had a little chat.

“O.M.G. That was like amazbo. Did she see Booker today he looked so sexified.” Kitty squealed excitedly.

“yeah it was actually fun, and yeah I suppose Booker looked ok” Alice replied.

“Oi, hands off he’s my man,” Kitty joked, “Although I wish he would pay more attention to me he seems a bit distant recently”.

“Sorry to break up the chat girls but it’s payday and I have to give out the checks, the sooner we do this the sooner we can get on with our lives,: Karen interrupted.

The group turned towards her as she handed out the checks. Alice was surprised to receive her check so early.

“We get paid weekly instead of monthly” Karen commented, noticing Alice’s confusion.

“Oh I just love payday, money money money, it’s a rich man’s world. L.O.L. Oh and with the tips added on my check comes up to 14,000 simoleons this week, what about you?” Kitty said rubbing her hands together with glee

“About 400 simoleons” Alice replied.

“What?” Kitty remarked, snatching Alice’s check off her, “This can  be right, maybe Booker made a mistake, go and see him about it”

Alice took her check back and decided she would see Booker, how dare he not pay her properly for her services. If she was supposed to receive more money shouldn’t she have it.

Alice grabbed her coat and put it over her uniform, she was always too tired to get changed at the end of the day so would wear her uniform home.

Alice said goodbye to Kitty and stormed to Booker’s office.

She approached the guard.

“I need to see Booker right now and I don’t care if he is busy” Alice barked.

The guard lifted the rope and let Alice past, still as mute as ever.

“What is the meaning of this?” Alice yelled, waving her paycheck in Booker’s face, “Kitty tells me I should have received more than this so what the hell is going on? And another thing Kitty thinks your swaying from her either be with her or dump her stop stringing her along.”

Booker was taken back by Alice’s outburst, it took him a while but when Alice stopped shouting he managed to yell back.

“Don’t you dare tell me how to behave around my girlfriend, mine and Amanda’s relationship has nothing to do with you, and seeing as I can’t get in touch with your boyfriend, who I’ve still not heard from regarding the loan I’ve taken some of the money out of your pay check and until I get my money back I will continue taken out a portion of your wages”

Alice went bright red, not with anger but embarrassment; she had forgotten about the loan and was going to pay Booker with some of her wages any way so the whole drama was over nothing.

“Fine!” Alice yelled, trying to cover up her mistake before walking away.

Alice headed to the car park and jumped into her car and headed home. She parked the car in the garage and headed inside. She dumped the keys and her coat on the side table and headed to the living room.

She headed straight to the fireplace and started a fire, the house was expensive on the bills, and Alice had to turn off the central heating to save money, and Alice had to admit she preferred the roar and warmth of a fire better than the heating installed.

Alice quickly headed upstairs and got changed into her nighty and headed back to the fire and put on the television, Alice soon found a TV movie and relaxed on the sofa to watch it. She was halfway through the movie when some rang the doorbell. Curious as to who it could be Alice got up and answered the door.

Alice answered the door to a hysterical crying woman. It took a while for Alice to realize who it was.

“Kitty?” She asked, the woman nodded her head, “Amanda what are you doing here?”

“My *sob* parents *gasp* found out *sob* about my *sob* job” Amanda cried.

“Come on through to the living room” Alice instructed.

Alice lead Amanda through to the living room and Amanda took a seat on the sofa, still crying her heart out.

“Look Amanda is there anything I can do to help?” Alice inquired.

“Could I stay the night?” Amanda asked, tears running down her face.

“Of course you can” Alice replied, not sure what else she could have said as Amanda was a wreck.

~End of Chapter~


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