Chapter 2: Look But Don’t Touch, Part 1

Alice had been able to settle Toby’s ghost and convinced it to move on to the afterlife, after which she headed straight to bed.

Alice planned to leave in the morning it wouldn’t be very wise to hang around after murdering the owner. However Alice hadn’t planned on the bed being so comfy and she also never planned on sleeping till 2pm.

But Alice’s was woken up from her sleep by a loud banging noise coming from downstairs. Not really thinking and in a sleepy haze Alice got up from bed to see what was making the horrible loud noise.

When she got to the top if the stairs she saw a man standing outside knocking on the door, Alice started to turn around and duck back into the bedroom and wait till the guy left, but unfortunately he spotted her, so Alice had no choice but to answer the door and let him in.

“Erm… Hi, can I help?” She asked

“I’m looking for Toby, He used my services to borrow a lone and now it’s payday” The man replied.

“I’m sorry, Toby left town last night, a relative of his got ill so I’m house sitting”
Alice could’ve hit herself for saying that, what a stupid lie to have made, but fortunately the guy fell for it.

“Dammit, Just tell him for me that I want my money, and if I don’t get it from him,
I will find another way to get my money back,” he said, eyeing up the décor.

Alice watched him slam the door shut as he left. She sighed and headed back upstairs, as she was up she decided she might as well have a bath, and relax, her body was all sore and stiff from the night before and Alice needed to wash as well.

While she waited for the bath, Alice grabbed the newspaper and checked the job advertisements. As she was apparently house sitting she guessed she might as well stay for a while, and if she could get some money together she might be able to pay back some of the loan and stay longer. Unfortunately there was no job she could find in the paper that she was qualified for, so she decided to try her luck in town.

After Alice got washed and clean she grabbed her dress and checked the nightstand for some money. She found sixty simoleons and decided to head out. She found the car keys on a chair near the front door and decided while she could she would travel in style.

Alice left the horse and headed back into town. She saw the coffee house she had been to the night before was opened, so headed inside. Upstairs was busier during the day than it had been last night and Alice realized she was a little over dressed, the daytime seemed more casual and relaxed.

But that didn’t stop Alice from approaching the cashier and still ordering some food. The cashier looked surprised to see someone dressed up for lunch, but smiled and took Alice’s order for a slice of cheesecake.

As Alice waited for the woman to retrieve her order she could overhear two girls sitting near the counter talking.

“So has he found a replacement for Jasmine?” The brunette one said.

“No not yet” The ginger one replied.

This perked up Alice’s interest and as soon as she got her cheesecake headed in the girls direction.

She took a seat not too far so she couldn’t her their conversation but not too close as to grab their attention.

“So what’s happening about the job? Has his-high-and-mighty said anything?”

“No nothing, although I bet not a lot of girls are signing up for a job like ours at the casino”.

“Crap! Look at the time, we better go or we’ll be late for work”.

Alice watched as the girls got up from their table and left. Alice wanted to know more about this job opportunity so decided to follow them, when the two girls made it to the exit Alice started to follow leaving a distance between them so to not draw attention.

Alice followed them just past the outskirts of the town and arrived at the casino.

It was huge; whoever owned it must have a lot of money to be able to afford to run it. Alice pulled into the parking lot and got out of her car. She couldn’t see the two girls she was following anywhere but figured someone else would be able to help her.

She headed inside and soon found a bar. Hoping the bartender could help she took a seat at the bar.

“Hey I was hoping you could help me. I wanted to apply for the job opening here at the casino,” Alice inquired.

“You a cop?” The bartender asked suspiciously.

“No, of course not” Alice replied worried, just what kind of job she was going to apply for?

The bartender glared at Alice and gave her a final once over before saying, “ Alright come behind the bar, take the elevator up to the top floor and your find the manager’s office at the end f the corridor, you’ll know what door it is when you see it”.

Alice thanked the bartender than did as instructed. She took the elevator up and followed the corridor to find the managers office. She understood what the bartender said about knowing which would be the right door, as the manager’s office was guarded by a big brutal looking guard.

“I have come to see the manager about the job offer,” Alice informed the man intimidated by his stature.

The guard, without saying a word, patted Alice down and checked her for weapons. Still not saying a word he pulled back the velvet rope and opened the door allowing Alice access to the room.

Alice entered her room and to her disturbance she had walked in on the manager receiving fellatio from a women dressed like a prostitute, and what was worse was the fact that the manager was the same man who had knocked on the mansion door that day about the loan.

He looked up and spotted Alice looking as she walked towards them. He tapped the woman on the shoulder and she stood up.

“Hey Kitty, It’s time for you to go back to work and keep those customers happy”.

Back to work! Alice thought to herself, was this woman under his employment and just what was this job opening supposed to be?

Kitty began to leave and the manager spanked her on the bum as she left. While Kitty walked past Alice she growled at her and left the room.

“Well look who it is, it’s Toby’s bit-on-the-side. How are you today? Did Toby send you over here with my money, is he too much of a coward that he has to send you to drop the money over?” The manager began to babble.

“Well no, I’ve come for the job you have on offer” Alice interjected before the manager could continue.

He began to laugh and took a seat at the desk.

“You want a job? Here? What makes you think you can handle it?” He asked.

Alice hadn’t planned on being asked that, she had thought she would wait for an interview not get on right on the spot. ‘Quickly! What answer could be used in any type of job’ Alice thought to herself.

“Well I have good people skills” Alice replied.

What job doesn’t need good people skills? Alice thought to herself. The manager laughed and looked at Alice to make sure she wasn’t joking.

“Well I wasn’t expecting that as answer. It’s a bold response for a job like this”, the manager stood up and walked around Alice as if he was measuring her out, “Alright then you have the job. My girls aren’t normally as skinny as you but you have a nice bum and you’re breasts aren’t that bad”.

He held out his hand to shake Alice’s hand. She shook his hand and he slipped her some money. Alice looked at the money, and then looked at the man confused.

“I like to look after my girls, go to the spa and spruce yourself up. I want you looking your best for Monday first thing. My name’s Booker, by-the-way.”

Alice looked at Booker and at the money again, still a little confused as to why. “Thanks, my name’s Alice”.

And with that Alice left, when she exited through the door, the guard lifted the rope again to let her past, still not saying anything. Alice walked back to the elevator and left the casino, she didn’t know what to make of it all. She was glad she had the job but at the same time worried it was a mistake.

Alice headed back to the car and with the money decided to go to find some new clothes to buy instead, and if she had enough left over she would go to the spa the next day. She found a place that was still open, an employee informed Alice the shop would be closing in thirty minutes, and Alice promised to be quick.

Alice found a mirror and sized herself up to see if she could get any ideas as to what clothes to buy. Alice suddenly got an idea it was something she wanted to try for a while.

“Alright world get ready for the new me!”

~End of Chapter~

*Authors note*

Hey sorry about the wait been busy with college stuff. I have made this chapter a two parter, I had planned for it all to be one chapter but worried it got a bit long, next part should be out today.



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