Alice Barlow – Character Bio

Name: Alice Barlow
Traits: Unlucky, Athletic, Brave, Hopeless Romantic, Rebellious.
Favorites: Indie, Cookies, Hot Pink.
Aspiration: Master Magician.

Growing up Alice had an easy life. She had a twin sister and was head of the cheerleading and cross-country running teams at school, and she had a really good best friend. However Alice always felt her parent’s didn’t care about her as much as her twin sister, and that the loved Alexandra, more than her.

One night Alice and her family were stuck in the middle of an incident, causing Alice to run away home. She arrived in Appaloosa Pains and soon flirted with a local playboy who owned a mansion. Alice went back to his and while having intercourse the man died. Alice blamed herself for his death and hid the body. Through a mistake of being seen at the mansion by a local loan shark/business man Booker Singleton. Alice has no choice but to pretend to be the dead man’s girlfriend and claim a life in town.

Will Alice ever reveal what happened that night that lead to her arrival in Appaloosa Pains or will her past catch up to her with terrible consequences?

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