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Chapter 2: Look But Don’t Touch, Part 2

Monday finally arrived and Alice left for her first day of work. She felt strangely excited about her first day, even though she had no idea what her job entailed Alice felt like she could accomplish whatever task lay ahead.
When she arrived she headed inside and made her way for the elevator, Booker had called over the weekend to arrange everything. He hadn’t said much information as to what the job was and Alice was too afraid to ask so she didn’t look stupid, Booker seemed to believe Alice knew what the job was, but all Alice knew was that she had to wear a uniform.

Once on the right floor, Alice searched for the room she had to be at. She was meeting a woman called Kitty. When Alice finally found and entered the room she was socked to see she was in the changing rooms for the ‘entertainers’. Alice had a felling it was a job like this she had applied for, she sighed and stepped further into the room. As much as Alice hated to be there, nowhere else was hiring and Alice needed the mon…

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Chapter 2: Look But Don’t Touch, Part 1

Alice had been able to settle Toby’s ghost and convinced it to move on to the afterlife, after which she headed straight to bed.
Alice planned to leave in the morning it wouldn’t be very wise to hang around after murdering the owner. However Alice hadn’t planned on the bed being so comfy and she also never planned on sleeping till 2pm.
But Alice’s was woken up from her sleep by a loud banging noise coming from downstairs. Not really thinking and in a sleepy haze Alice got up from bed to see what was making the horrible loud noise.

When she got to the top if the stairs she saw a man standing outside knocking on the door, Alice started to turn around and duck back into the bedroom and wait till the guy left, but unfortunately he spotted her, so Alice had no choice but to answer the door and let him in.
“Erm… Hi, can I help?” She asked
“I’m looking for Toby, He used my services to borrow a lone and now it’s payday” The man replied.

“I’m sorry, Toby left town last night, a relative of his got i…