Chapter 1: A Prologue of Sorts

Waring: there is a minor nude scene near the end so read with caution.

Hello, my daughter has asked me to write an autobiography, she plans on documenting our family so future generations of our family know who we are. So just incase any future relative is actually reading this then I must warn you my story is not for the faint-hearted. My story starts a couple of years before this chapter but I am not ready to reveal that part of my life as of yet so for now my story stars when I first came to Appaloosa Plains.

Sorry. Just realized I never introduced myself. My name is Alice Barlow. Now where was I? Ah yes, I had just entered the border of Appaloosa Plains, I had been walking for a while and my feet had become sore I was desperately looking for somewhere I could rest and have a drink.

I found Appaloosa to be a nice little town and I loved it, it seemed so peaceful and quiet, probably because it was almost 12 at night, but I continued looking for some to rest.

I soon came along a small place that seemed open, the sign said it was called Bubble Buzz. I headed inside and the place seemed almost deserted. I soon heard music coming from below so followed the sound to find the source.

I headed down some stairs into a darkened room, it seemed there was a nightclub under the café.

I looked over and saw a bar. My feet and throat starting singing hallelujah, I was finial going to be able to rest my feet and drown my thirst. I rushed over and took a seat near the bartender.

I ordered a drink and began to gulp it down as soon as it arrived.

“Don’t drink too much” the man sitting next to me said.

I’d like to say now that my story ends with us falling in love, getting married, him becoming the father of my children and that we lived happily ever after. Unfortunately that never happened and little did either of us know how the night was going to end.

But I’m side tracking. Back to the story, now where was I? Oh I remember.

“And why would shouldn’t I do that?” I replied.

“Well we wouldn’t want you getting too drunk and not remember my beautiful face”

I giggled at his comment and he took it as a signal to move to the seat next to me. If I had known what was going to happen next then I would have sent him away, I should have known, but I was naïve and allowed him to get closer to me.

“My name’s Toby” He informed me.


“Well Alice this is gonna sound really lame but do you wanna get out of here? I don’t really do the whole club scene and you seem like you could be great company”

HA! I knew he was lying through his teeth, he was dressed in the latest club wear, and I also knew what he meant by ‘company’, but with everything that had happened I had couldn’t help myself.

“Only if we go back to yours” I replied.

He grinned and we got up from our seats and headed out of the club.

We went outside and he unlocked his car I was impressed, the car must have been worth a lot of money. We soon set off and while he drove we made idle chit chat about the weather and he told me how lonely he was know he lived by himself.

And I understood why he was lonely as soon as we went in the driveway, his house was massive. I was blown away, I had always thought my home in starlight shores was massive what with our own private beach but his house was amazing.

we got out the car and headed inside.

“This house is amazing I feel so out of place” I told him.

“I only allow beautiful things in my home and you are the biggest beauty I’ve ever laid eyes” He replied, “ Do you want a tour? I can show you my bedroom”

I followed him upstairs and to his bedroom he opened the door and we started making out.

“I don’t normally do this” I replied between kisses.

“Don’t worry, me neither” he replied unzipping my dress.

I don’t know how but soon we were in our underwear and climbing onto his bed.

“I’m a virgin” He told me.

LIAR! He knew what he was doing, it was probably just some line he told all the girls before he slept with them.

“Me too” I replied, also lying.

We soon stared kissing again and pulling at the remainders of each other’s clothes. It felt so good to fell his body next to mine that I didn’t care how wrong it was or how bad I’d feel in the morning.

He soon entered me and we began to make love, the feeling was good but soon IT began to happen, after a few thrusts his eyes became white and his body began to shake violently.

His body dropped to one side and I sat up with my head in my hands.

“Not again please not again” I cried to myself.

I climbed off the bed and held him upright while I checked for a post. Yep he was dead.

I panicked. I didn’t know what else to do other than get rid of the evidence. I quickly pulled my underwear back on and put all my energy into picking him up.

I found a shovel and a lantern and dragged his body outside. I gave a quick look around before I began to dig, making sure no one was watching.

When I finished I drove the shovel into the ground and flopped down beside the grave, where I curled up into a ball. I had thought I was through with all this drama, but it seemed my bad luck only followed me when I walked away from Starlight Shores.

“What have you done? Who are you?”

The voice made me jump at first, I had forgotten about this part, the ghosts were always the hardest part.

But I stood up and sorted myself out.

“My name is Alice Barlow…”

“… and I just murdered you”.

~End of Chapter~


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