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Chapter 1: A Prologue of Sorts

Waring: there is a minor nude scene near the end so read with caution.

Hello, my daughter has asked me to write an autobiography, she plans on documenting our family so future generations of our family know who we are. So just incase any future relative is actually reading this then I must warn you my story is not for the faint-hearted. My story starts a couple of years before this chapter but I am not ready to reveal that part of my life as of yet so for now my story stars when I first came to Appaloosa Plains.

Sorry. Just realized I never introduced myself. My name is Alice Barlow. Now where was I? Ah yes, I had just entered the border of Appaloosa Plains, I had been walking for a while and my feet had become sore I was desperately looking for somewhere I could rest and have a drink.

I found Appaloosa to be a nice little town and I loved it, it seemed so peaceful and quiet, probably because it was almost 12 at night, but I continued looking for some to rest.

I soon came along a small p…

Sorry for the wait

Hey guys/gals,

sorry the chapter is taking so long I went away for a short holiday and enjoyed it so much i stayed there longer than planned :P

I'm just writing now and taking the last photos needed for the next chapter and hoping to have it posted today or tomorrow.

As I mentioned in a comment i want this generation to be darker and a little naughtier than previous stories, so please not there is nudeness in the chapter I'm working on but i have tried to cover the naughtier areas.


PS. As you wait here's a little preview while i finish the chapter :)

Just what could Alice be burring at night while in her underwear? Find out next chapter...