Heir Vote Winner

The votes are in and the winner is ....

Alice Barlow

I have an exciting storyline planned for Alice that I have wanted to do for ages, so as soon as i get my sims3 store cc sorted out I can work on it. Cos for some reason not all the premium content works well together.


  1. Minty please write more I want to see whats happening with Alice!!!!!!!!!! :D

    1. hello simsam, it is always nice to see a new reader :-)

      I am away at the moment but I left in the middle if writing the next chapter. I haven't really figured out what type of theme to use, I know I want to do a darker storyline, but trying to figure out what type of theme, I know I want to tie it in with magic somehow but not sure if I am going to make Alice a witch or other magical creature or I might get ride of the magical influence all together. I am back home tomorrow so will finish off the chapter then.


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