Chapter 12: The Twins

A lot had happened in the last fifteen years. Melody eventuality went back to her singing career, full-time, when the twins were old enough for school. With the money Sam had saved from selling the club and his new job as a teacher and the new money Melody was making they had enough to move the family to Starlight Shores, as the place was known for its famous singers, they hoped it would help boost Melody’s career.


Melody and Sam were in the kitchen getting ready for Alexandra’s return, with the extra money Melody was already making they had enough money to send Alex to a private school for the deaf, and Alex would be returning for spring break.

Sam was standing at the stove baking Alex’s favourite meal, while he was still in his wheelchair Sam enjoyed his time stuck in the house all day by baking in the kitchen and now he was able to move around without the support of the wheelchair he still enjoyed baking, so much so that he became the school’s cookery teacher in Starlight Shores.

While Sam cooked Melody did her best to make the kitchen look nice for Alex’s return.

“Do you think she’ll mind there’s a graduation hat on the banner? It was the only one I could find in the shop that said welcome back” Melody enquired.

“I’m sure it’ll be fine”

They were interrupted by the sound of the doorbell.

Melody left the kitchen to open the door, she could see Alex through the glass and was excited to have her back, if only for a few weeks.

Melody quickly pulled her into a hug.

“Oh baby girl, I’m so glad your back” Melody cried, forgetting Alex couldn’t hear her.

Melody led Alex back to the kitchen, where Sam had already set the table.

‘Welcome back, dinner’s ready’ Sam signed when he saw Alex.

They all sat down and enjoyed Sam’s cooking, he was an excellent chef, his mixology skills must have made it easy for him to transfer his skills so easily.

When the food was eaten Melody cleared the plates away and then sat back down to talk with her daughter.

‘How was school?’ Sam signed, he was much better at sign language than Melody, so the most of the signing and interpreted it for Melody.

“Are you settling into the new school year ok, and what are you learning” Melody asked, luckily the expensive private school was teaching Alex to lip read, so Melody didn’t have to rely too much on sign language.

‘School’s good, I’m learning a lot of things’ Alex signed backed.

After a long discussion about school, Melody suggested that Alex should get changed out her uniform and say hello to her sister.


Alice sat in her room looking at her new poster behind her bed. She could hear the others through the wall in the kitchen having a good time. She hated them. Her parents where never that interested in her like they were with Alex, she wished she was an only child like her best friend Hope, maybe a nice gay couple could adopt her like her aunts adopted Hope. Alice couldn’t help but be a little jealous of Hope though, two days ago Hope and Alice was found smoking in the bathroom. Alice’s parents have grounded her for a week but Hope fluttered her eye lids and Aunt Stephanie and Aunt Sarah never told her off once. It was unfair.

Alice was interrupted by her thoughts by Alex who entered the room. The room was a mess but Alice wasn’t in the mood to clean especially for the return of her sister. Alice hoped Alex would ignore her but Alex came closer to Alice’s bed.

Alice sighed and changed her position, ‘what did Alex want now?’ she thought.

‘Go out drinking?’ Alex signed.

Alice knew quite a bit of sign language, not because of Alex but because she and Hope would use it to have secret conversations in class, and Alice defiantly new the sign for drinking.

“Well you can’t go dressed like that and you’d need a fake ID. Anyways I’m grounded so sucks to be you” Alice replied.

But Alex wouldn’t take no for an answer.


Alex got changed and dragged Alice out of the room, to their parents.

‘I’m feeling dizzy, Alice take me out for fresh air?’ Alex signed.

Melody and Sam were unsure, Alice was grounded, but Alex shouldn’t go out by herself.

‘Please’ Alex signed

She even tilted her head a little and played with her hair to portray the innocent girl. She knew this would work, it always did whenever Alex wanted something. Alice was no help she just stood nervously biting her nail in the background.

“Of course you can go, Alice you’re off the hook for tonight, you look after your sister and make sure she is ok” Sam eventually replied.

Alice and Alex left the house and Alice climbed into the old family car. It was starting to rust  bit now but Melody refused to buy Alice a car until it stopped working. Alice called Hope from the garage to meet them at The Grind, and Alice drove them to the warehouse that had been converted into the club.

They entered through the main doors and saw Hope sitting down waiting for them. They walked over to greet her.

Hope pulled Alice to the side. “What’s little miss deaf-o here for? Can she even dance when she can’t hear the music”

Alice couldn’t help but laugh a little, Hope was right how would Alex be able to dance to music she couldn’t hear.

But while Hope ordered a round of drinks Alice was surprised to see Alex dancing quite well and to the beat of the music, Alice wondered how Alex was able to do that.

Hope eventually returned with the drinks and handed one to Alice and Alex. Alice realised Hope had brought some strong drinks, while Alice could only sip it she was surprised to see Alex almost down the drink in one go. There was definitely another side to Alex that she didn’t portray at home.

“This place is dead, Alice drive us somewhere else, let’s go to the park or something” Hope nagged.

Alice knew better than to say no to Hope, best friends or not Hope would kill anyone who’d tell her no. So the trio left The Grind and headed to Alice’s car.

She drove them to the park and they raced each other to the swings. Being captain of the schools running club Alice was first to make it and snatched the first swing.

Alex snagged the second swing, so Hope was left without one, against her normal nature Hope saluted Alex for beating her and started pushing Alice’s swing for her.

After a while Hope walked off, “I’m too tired now, who’d knew it’s hard work doing something for someone else”

“Does this mean your going to start doing stuff for yourself” Alice joked.

“Ha! Fat chance, I’ll do stuff for myself when pigs fly”.

Alice and Alex soon stopped swinging, and an awkward silence grew between them. They hadn’t spent time together like this since they where babies.

“So why’d you want to go drinking with me?” Alice asked.

‘I need to tell you a secret’ Alex signed.

“Well go on then, tell me this secret”

Alex looked at her feet, “I, I missed you” She spoke.

“You missed me!”

Alice knew it was no joke, Alex’s school had been teaching her speech therapy so she could learn to communicate but it strained and hurt Alex’s throat, and she would only speak when necessary.

Both girls overcome but how close they had gotten over the last few hours jumped up and almost hugged each other.

But both pulled away at the last minute and nervously looked away from each other.

Alice saw the time on her watch and woke Hope up from the bench.

“We have to go, the police will start patrolling in a bit and I don’t need to get in trouble again for being out past curfew, I’m on probation from my parents”

“Give me a lift home?” Hope yawned.

All three girls climbed into the car and Alice dropped Hope back home, before heading back to her own house.


They walked back in to see Melody and Sam playing on the new pool table.

“We’re back,” Alice announced.

“You’re late, curfew was five minutes ago, your grounded for an extra day”

“Mum! That’s SO not fair”

“All I’m saying is why can’t you be like your cousin, Hope, I was on the phone to your Aunt Sarah when Hope came out her room where she had been all evening and asked to watch a DVD with her parents”

“Urgh, I’m going bed” Alice growled.

‘I’m going to join her’ Alex signed.

While Alice and Alex headed to bed Sam approached his wife. “You know there is such a thing as too much grounding, you need to ease up a bit on Alice”.

“I know, I just can’t get over they way she acted when they both went to school together, she ignored her own sister just because she had a disability”.

“In Alice’s defence I hear she got bullied because she had a sister with disabilities, maybe she didn’t handle it the best she could have but Alex is happy now and that’s what’s important, besides they seem to be getting on OK together tonight, when have you ever known them to be together that long, maybe it’s time to tell them about you and….”


“NO! I’m not ready, I can’t tell them, not yet, and besides I don't want to ruin their spring break”.

~End of Chapter~


  1. I feel sorry for Alice, they are way too hard on her! :(

    1. well Alice won the heir vote and i have an exciting story (i think) that i have wanted to do for ages


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