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Chapter 12: The Twins

A lot had happened in the last fifteen years. Melody eventuality went back to her singing career, full-time, when the twins were old enough for school. With the money Sam had saved from selling the club and his new job as a teacher and the new money Melody was making they had enough to move the family to Starlight Shores, as the place was known for its famous singers, they hoped it would help boost Melody’s career.

Melody and Sam were in the kitchen getting ready for Alexandra’s return, with the extra money Melody was already making they had enough money to send Alex to a private school for the deaf, and Alex would be returning for spring break.
Sam was standing at the stove baking Alex’s favourite meal, while he was still in his wheelchair Sam enjoyed his time stuck in the house all day by baking in the kitchen and now he was able to move around without the support of the wheelchair he still enjoyed baking, so much so that he became the school’s cooker…

Generation 2: Heir Vote

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Alice Barlow may have been the first-born but feels like she plays second best to her sister in her parents’ eyes. Alice uses her frustration as fuel in her sporting activities causing Alice to be captain of the running club at her school and a keen outdoors person, meaning she has hardly anytime to be in her room, let alone clean it. Her best friend is Hope Thorndyke, the adopted daughter of Stephanie and Sarah Thorndyke. Will Alice continue to be overshined by her sister, or will she find something even her parents can’t deny she’s the best at?
Traits: Brave, Disciplined, Athletic, Perceptive

Alexandra “Alex” Barlow would have been an identical twin if it wasn’t for her brown hair and lack of hearing. However being deaf has given Alex a head start in life, and her parents now spoil her by sending her to an expensive private school. Alex uses her parents to get whatever she wants, money, respect, the latest a…

2000 Pageviews :D

OMG! 2000 Pageviews :D:D:D Thank-you thank-you. I promise i will work my magic and post the next chapter this weekend, I'm so sorry it's late been busy with finishing college and work experience, but no more, i shall post chappies and make you viewers happy :)