Chapter 9: The Darkness

Stephanie climbed the steps to Melody’s house. It had been two weeks since the funeral and Stephanie had decided to check-up on her friend.

It was Sarah who opened the door.

“Steph, right? Come on in” Sarah greeted.

They walked through into the living room, Stephanie noticed there was a sleeping bag next to the table.

“I take it from the sleeping bag your staying here for a bit” Stephanie inquired.

“Yeah, it’s not been the same since ‘that day’, Melody just blocks herself out from the rest of the world”

“What do you mean?”

Sarah took Stephanie to the glass doors and showed her.

“All Melody ever does is stay on that little deck and paints I haven’t heard her sing at all and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her pick up her guitar” Sarah revealed.

“How sad”.

Stephanie didn’t know why, maybe it was because they both shared pain for their friend, but Sarah gentle moved her hand closer and gently grabbed Stephanie’s hand. All Stephanie knew was that she felt a spark between them; she just hoped Sarah felt it too.


While Sarah and Stephanie conversed in the house Melody stayed on the deck painting, what had started as something to convey her pain quickly became something that Melody enjoyed to do. She was broken from her work when she heard a voice behind her.

“Great painting”

She turned hoping to see Sam but it was Terry, Sam’s business partner at the club.

“Can we talk?” he spoke again.

Melody motioned for him to take a seat.

They sat around the fire pit.

“So what did you want to talk about?” Melody asked.

“Us, well the possibility of us. Melody ever since we first met I knew Sam didn’t deserve you wanted you for myself. Look at what Sam has done to you, you used to be magnificent now look at you. I love you, I always have. Say you’ll be mine”.

Melody was in shock, she didn’t realize Terry had these feelings for her, but before she could respond Terry stood from his seat and came closer to Melody, as Melody was about to stand Terry leaned down and kissed her.


Sam watched from the poolside, ever since the accident and he had become dead from the waist down he knew Melody would leave him. He tried distancing himself from her waiting for the inevitable day to come, but he never thought it would hurt as much as it did to see her kiss another man.

“If only I wasn’t in this dam wheelchair” Sam cursed.

He knew now there was only one thing to do. He edged nearer to the pool and let himself drop in.

Without the use of his legs Sam began to sink straight away.

Out of nowhere Melody came running along and jumped into the pool after Sam, she had witnessed the whole thing and ran as fast as she could to save him even in the pregnant state she was in.

Melody grabbed Sam and pulled him up out of the water and towards the pool edge.

She pulled Sam out rested him on the ground. He soon spurted the water from hi mouth and look at Melody.

“What did you do this for?” He asked.

“We only buried Stephanie’s mum two weeks ago I don’t want to bury you too” Melody replied.

“Is that it?” He said, hurt.

“No stupid, I love you and I don’t want to loose you more than I already have, the accident   has changed you, you not the same person anymore and I miss you. What’s it going to take to have you back?”

“I’m sorry. I just, I just can’t be the same man anymore. How are we supposed to be a couple when I’m dead waist down”, he cried.

“If you think something like that would stop me loving you, than you’re an idiot. I have never based our relationship on sex, and there is more to our relationship than that”.


Melody leaned in and kissed him, “Of course”.

~End of Chapter~

AN: For those of you who couldn’t remember, or if I wasn’t clear on the subject. Mags was Stephanie’s mother.

and yes I know it was a short chapter so I’m already working on having the next chapter up sooner than normal.



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