Chapter 10: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Stephanie and Sarah walked up the garden path arm in arm, they had been out for their zillionth date in the past eight months ever since they both felt the spark Stephanie felt the night Sarah held her hand.

“That was an amazing date” Sarah smiled, Stephanie moved closer.

“Amazing enough to tell Melody and Sam?”

“I’m not sure”

Stephanie pushed Sarah against the wall and they started to passionately make out.

Stephanie pulled away for a moment to whisper into Sarah’s ear.

“Would you tell them if I proposed to you?”

“Are you sure you know what you’re saying?”


Sam and Melody sat on the couch, they had been watching television together until Melody fell asleep, the pregnancy was really tiring her out. Unbeknown to Sarah and Stephanie the window was open and Sam was listening to their conversation.

He nudged Melody awake as the two girls walked in.

“Melody, Sam, we have something we need to tell you”, Stephanie explained.

“It better be important to wake me up” Melody yawned.

“We’reacoupleandwearegoingtogetmarried” Sarah blurted out, nervously.

“Ha. I knew it. Sam you owe me fifty simoleons”.

“What do you mean?” Sarah inquired.

“Well after the tenth date within two months we kind of figured it out, and it makes sense as to why you left your husband”

“Wait! You’ve known for four months?”

Melody stood up and hugged her friend, “What’s important is that you’ve found happiness”.

The door bell rang and Sam offered to get it so the girls could talk weddings.

Sam was less than pleased to open the door and find Terry.

“I need to speak to Melody she isn’t answering my calls” Terry stated.

“You’ve got some never showing up here unannounced. I know you kissed my wife I was there.”

“I’ve come to apologies”

“The only thing you will be doing is buying back my shares of the club for one hundred and fifty percent of the market price”.

“What! Why would I do a thing like that?”

“Because if you don’t I’ll make sure the whole world knows what a slime-ball you really are. Now get of my property, I never want to see you again”, Melody had managed to sneak up on Sam and Terry without them knowing.

“Fine”, Terry turned and left.

Melody and Sam watched him leave.

“How did…” Sam began.

“The window was still open”.

Melody shut the door and leaned over Sam.

“I am so proud of you,” She said, as she kissed him.


The next day Melody drove them to the hospital. It was time for a scan to see if the baby was progressing properly, and to find out the sex of the baby.

When they arrived they went straight to the lift and headed to the maternity ward.

“I have an appointment with Doctor Jennifer Martinez” Melody told the receptionist.

“Ah yes she is waiting for you down the hall”

They walked down the hall and found Dr. Jennifer’s room.

“Hello again Melody” Jennifer greeted, as Sam and Melody entered the room.

Melody took a seat opposite Dr. Jennifer and Sam joined her.

“So today is the day of the 24th week check up, would you be wanting to find out the sex of the baby?” Dr. Jennifer asked.

“Oh yes very much so, we want to be prepared”.

“Right, well if you can lie down on the bed in the corner of the room”.

Melody approached the bed and as well as she could in her state she climb on the bed, Sam stayed by her side as best as he could.

“This may be cold” Dr. Jennifer informed as she put gel onto Melody’s stomach and started to scan for life.

“It’s twins” Sam announced.

“What?” Dr. Jennifer replied.

She turned around and faced the screen, you could clearly make out to figures.

“I don’t believe it, one must have been blocking the view of the other all this time. Congratulations, you are having twin girls”.

~End of Chapter~
AN: Yeah I know this is another short chapter but it just didn't seem to "fit" in with the last chapter thats why its two separate chapters.



  1. Wow they are having twin great. That slime ball Terry, I'm glad Sam told him where to go

  2. Damn you blogger, let me comment!

    Exciting with twins. I always hope for girl/boy twins. :D
    And I like Sarah and Stephanies relation, it will be interesting to follow how their wedding and life after plan out.

  3. OMG blogger never notified me that i had comments D:

    @Lckygrl: Thanks, yeah Terry is a slime ball, i did have a different storyline planned for him, but as everyone like Sam i couldn't do it, so slime ball had to exit the story earlier.

    @Lord: YAY. Thanks for reading :) I was hoping for girl/boy twins too but the game kept giving me 2 girls and you shall meet them in the next chapter, i've been keeping poor melody pregnant for too long :P


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