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Chapter 11: The Truth Hurts

It was 1.05am when the contractions started. Melody jumped up and out of bed in pain.
“Oo Oo Oo ARGHHH! SAM! SARAH!” Melody gasped.

Sam awoke and saw Melody in pain, it was a time like this he wished his legs still worked so he could walk over and comfort Melody, but knowing his restrictions he did the next best thing he could do.
“SARAH GET IN HERE NOW! THE BABIES ARE COMING!” Sam screeched at the top of his voice.

It wasn’t long before Sarah came running into the room and put Sam over her shoulder, she was a lot stronger than she looked, and signaled for Melody to follow her to the car.

Once everyone was in the car Sarah drove them to the hospital as fast as she could, even skipping a few red lights.

As soon as they arrived Sarah grabbed the spare wheelchair from the boot and all three made their way into the hospital.

Thankfully Sam had been able to call from the car and the hospital already knew Melody was on her way.
Dr. Jennifer welcomed them and helped Sarah get Melody to her private d…

Chapter 10: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Stephanie and Sarah walked up the garden path arm in arm, they had been out for their zillionth date in the past eight months ever since they both felt the spark Stephanie felt the night Sarah held her hand.

“That was an amazing date” Sarah smiled, Stephanie moved closer.
“Amazing enough to tell Melody and Sam?”
“I’m not sure”

Stephanie pushed Sarah against the wall and they started to passionately make out.

Stephanie pulled away for a moment to whisper into Sarah’s ear.
“Would you tell them if I proposed to you?”
“Are you sure you know what you’re saying?”

Sam and Melody sat on the couch, they had been watching television together until Melody fell asleep, the pregnancy was really tiring her out. Unbeknown to Sarah and Stephanie the window was open and Sam was listening to their conversation.

He nudged Melody awake as the two girls walked in.
“Melody, Sam, we have something we need to tell you”, Stephanie explained.
“It better be important to wake me up” Melody …