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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Chapter 11: The Truth Hurts

It was 1.05am when the contractions started. Melody jumped up and out of bed in pain.

“Oo Oo Oo ARGHHH! SAM! SARAH!” Melody gasped.

Sam awoke and saw Melody in pain, it was a time like this he wished his legs still worked so he could walk over and comfort Melody, but knowing his restrictions he did the next best thing he could do.

“SARAH GET IN HERE NOW! THE BABIES ARE COMING!” Sam screeched at the top of his voice.

It wasn’t long before Sarah came running into the room and put Sam over her shoulder, she was a lot stronger than she looked, and signaled for Melody to follow her to the car.

Once everyone was in the car Sarah drove them to the hospital as fast as she could, even skipping a few red lights.

As soon as they arrived Sarah grabbed the spare wheelchair from the boot and all three made their way into the hospital.

Thankfully Sam had been able to call from the car and the hospital already knew Melody was on her way.

Dr. Jennifer welcomed them and helped Sarah get Melody to her private delivery room.

As soon as they got in the room Melody was on the bed and Sam and Sarah took their places either side of Melody to calm and help her through the birth. Dr. Jennifer took her place at the end of the bed to deliver the babies.

“ARGGHHHH! This pain is so horrible; please just get them out of me NOW! ARGHH!” Melody screamed.

“Don’t worry honey it will all be over soon” Sam tried to calm her down.

“Shut up! You got me in this situation, you bastard. Don’t even think your penis is going anywhere near me after this” Melody snapped back, high on the pain and hormones.

“Ok Melody I need you to try to push again now” Dr. Jennifer asked.

“I can’t, it hurts too much”

“It’s ok Melody I know you can do it” Sarah tried this time to comfort her.

“ARGGHHHHH!” Melody screamed, as she gave another push.

Everything was too much for her and Melody could see the room darken as she passed out from the pain.


When Melody finally woke up the room was deserted. Melody noticed a pair of her pajamas on the chair next to her bed so decided to change into the clean clothes and search for everyone.

It didn’t take long before Melody saw someone she recognized. Melody made her way over to Stephanie.

“Hey Steph”

“Melody, you started me”

“Is that them?”


“Why aren’t you in there with them?”

“I don’t know, I’m not so good with kids, I’m scared I’ll drop them”.

Melody entered the room and signaled for Stephanie to follow, who reluctantly did.

Stephanie took her place next to Sarah and Melody took her place next to Sam.

“I’m glad you two are here, there is something me and Sam wanted to ask you, will you be our children’s god parents?”

“Where else would we be silly, and yes we will be their god parents,” Sarah replied, “just one thing. You still haven’t told us their names yet”.

“Oh they’re Alice and Alexandra Barlow”. Melody exclaimed excitedly, saying their names just made the whole experience seem more excitable.


As soon as Melody was discharged, she and Sam took Alice and Alex home. They didn’t have room for another bedroom so merged the babies room with the office, this also allowed Melody and Sam to work and also keep an eye on the kids.

“Goodnight sweetheart” Melody said as she put little Alice down to sleep.


It was amazing how the year had progressed Sarah had moved in with Stephanie and was campaigning for same sex marriage in Bridgeport and Melody had slowly got back into a routine at work, and having your boss be your friend and your children’s godmother really helped as Melody was giving whatever hours she wanted to work, which meant she spent as much time as she could at home with her two beautiful children.

Melody always found it funny that Alice and Alex looked exactly the same but how Alice had blonde hair and Alex had brunette hair. She also found it funny how Alice was a daddy’s girl and Alex was a mummy’s girl, it was almost like the blondes vs. the brunettes in the house.

Of course now was not the time for joke as Melody had the serious business of teaching Alex to speak. It wasn’t long before Melody started to worry about Alex, she had always had a hard time hearing Melody but this was worse.

“I think there might be something wrong with Alex, she just doesn’t seem to react to any of the noises I’m making” Melody snapped her fingers sharply in front of Alex’s face to prove her point.

“If you’re that worried call and book an appointment at the hospital”.

Melody called a babysitter who agreed to babysit Alice while Melody, Alex and Sam went to the hospital for Alex’s appointment.

“Welcome, please take a seat” Dr Jennifer greeted, as Sam and Melody, carrying Alex, entered the room for Sam’s appointment.

“Hello Doctor”

“… and as soon as I get the results from today’s physiotherapy I can tell you what plans we can make for the future”

Dr. Jennifer had done a few tests on Sam and was filling him in on what they where for.

“Thank you doctor”

“Now what seems to be the problem? The receptionist said something about Alexandra being unable to hear anything”.

“Erm… yes,” Melody replied, “Well you see I’m worried about little Alexandra she doesn’t seem to progressing as well as her twin, Alice. Alice can already make distinctions between sounds and is starting to speak but Alexandra is having trouble in that area, when I speak to her it’s like she can’t hear my voice”

“Well if you want I can give Alexandra a check-up and see if I can find a problem” Dr. Jennifer asked.

Melody agreed and handed her Alexandra.

They all left Dr. Jennifer’s office. Melody and Sam headed back to the waiting room in reception while Dr. Jennifer and Alexander headed the other way to run some tests.

“I hope everything’s ok, I hate this, waiting to hear if there is anything wrong with out little girl” Melody complained.

“They’ve only been gone twenty minutes, we have no idea how long a test last, everything might be ok, she’s probably just a late bloomer, nothing else” Sam tried his best to comfort Melody.

“Melody and Sam Barlow, Dr. Jennifer Martinez is ready to see you now” The receptionist called.

Melody and Sam re-entered the room to see Dr. Jennifer and Alex playing with a stuffed rabbit. A smile crept across Melody’s face, everything must be all right.

“So what’s the results doctor?” Melody asked

“Not good I’m afraid” Dr. Jennifer announced.

Melody’s smiled disappeared instantly.

“I’m afraid Alexandra is suffering from a hearing impairment, she is deaf, although on the brighter side her other reflexes are very advanced for her age.”

“NO! My poor Little Alex. Why? Why Her?” Melody cried.

“This makes no sense, she’s a twin how can she be deaf and her sister can her fine?” Sam questioned.

“I’m afraid this is an uncommon thing, I do not know why one twin was born with hearing and one was born without” Dr. Jennifer explained.


As soon as they got home Melody took Alex straight to bed.

As Alex fell asleep Melody could feel tears running down her face, how could Alex look just as perfect as her sister yet be deaf.

Melody tears soon woke up Alice, “Momma cry?”

“It’s ok sweetheart go back to sleep, mummy is just being silly” Melody replied.

Melody couldn’t help but stay in the room so took a seat on the edge of the office desk to get a good view of her girls. It wasn’t long before Sam came in checking why it was taking Melody so long.

“You ok?” Sam asked as he rolled into the room.

Melody changed her seat to the office chair to speak with Sam.

“I’m just so worried, how is she supposed to fit in with society” Melody confided with Sam.

“Honey can I remind you about a little thing. I’m disabled and guess what I have no trouble fitting in with society, sure it was difficult to adjust at first, but after a while I became just like everyone, all Alex is going to be the same. It might be difficult for her at first but soon she too will fit in”

“Do you really think so?”

“I know so, now stop worrying and come here”

Melody came closer and planted a big kiss on Sam.

“Thank-you,” she whispered, “You know just how to make me feel better, now lets get to bed, it’s late”

~End of Chapter~

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Chapter 10: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Stephanie and Sarah walked up the garden path arm in arm, they had been out for their zillionth date in the past eight months ever since they both felt the spark Stephanie felt the night Sarah held her hand.

“That was an amazing date” Sarah smiled, Stephanie moved closer.

“Amazing enough to tell Melody and Sam?”

“I’m not sure”

Stephanie pushed Sarah against the wall and they started to passionately make out.

Stephanie pulled away for a moment to whisper into Sarah’s ear.

“Would you tell them if I proposed to you?”

“Are you sure you know what you’re saying?”


Sam and Melody sat on the couch, they had been watching television together until Melody fell asleep, the pregnancy was really tiring her out. Unbeknown to Sarah and Stephanie the window was open and Sam was listening to their conversation.

He nudged Melody awake as the two girls walked in.

“Melody, Sam, we have something we need to tell you”, Stephanie explained.

“It better be important to wake me up” Melody yawned.

“We’reacoupleandwearegoingtogetmarried” Sarah blurted out, nervously.

“Ha. I knew it. Sam you owe me fifty simoleons”.

“What do you mean?” Sarah inquired.

“Well after the tenth date within two months we kind of figured it out, and it makes sense as to why you left your husband”

“Wait! You’ve known for four months?”

Melody stood up and hugged her friend, “What’s important is that you’ve found happiness”.

The door bell rang and Sam offered to get it so the girls could talk weddings.

Sam was less than pleased to open the door and find Terry.

“I need to speak to Melody she isn’t answering my calls” Terry stated.

“You’ve got some never showing up here unannounced. I know you kissed my wife I was there.”

“I’ve come to apologies”

“The only thing you will be doing is buying back my shares of the club for one hundred and fifty percent of the market price”.

“What! Why would I do a thing like that?”

“Because if you don’t I’ll make sure the whole world knows what a slime-ball you really are. Now get of my property, I never want to see you again”, Melody had managed to sneak up on Sam and Terry without them knowing.

“Fine”, Terry turned and left.

Melody and Sam watched him leave.

“How did…” Sam began.

“The window was still open”.

Melody shut the door and leaned over Sam.

“I am so proud of you,” She said, as she kissed him.


The next day Melody drove them to the hospital. It was time for a scan to see if the baby was progressing properly, and to find out the sex of the baby.

When they arrived they went straight to the lift and headed to the maternity ward.

“I have an appointment with Doctor Jennifer Martinez” Melody told the receptionist.

“Ah yes she is waiting for you down the hall”

They walked down the hall and found Dr. Jennifer’s room.

“Hello again Melody” Jennifer greeted, as Sam and Melody entered the room.

Melody took a seat opposite Dr. Jennifer and Sam joined her.

“So today is the day of the 24th week check up, would you be wanting to find out the sex of the baby?” Dr. Jennifer asked.

“Oh yes very much so, we want to be prepared”.

“Right, well if you can lie down on the bed in the corner of the room”.

Melody approached the bed and as well as she could in her state she climb on the bed, Sam stayed by her side as best as he could.

“This may be cold” Dr. Jennifer informed as she put gel onto Melody’s stomach and started to scan for life.

“It’s twins” Sam announced.

“What?” Dr. Jennifer replied.

She turned around and faced the screen, you could clearly make out to figures.

“I don’t believe it, one must have been blocking the view of the other all this time. Congratulations, you are having twin girls”.

~End of Chapter~
AN: Yeah I know this is another short chapter but it just didn't seem to "fit" in with the last chapter thats why its two separate chapters.