Chapter 7: Moving On

Thomas and Daisy stood in the graveyard in Riverview mourning the latest loss in the family. Aunt Lucy had recently passed on from old age and Thomas couldn’t help but feel guilty.

“This is all my fault” Thomas confided.

“What! What do you mean?” Daisy questioned.

“Mum and Dad died, than I chased Lee away, than there was the incident with Rosie and she got taken away, and now Aunt Lucy is dead. I’m bad luck no one around me is safe” Thomas replied.

“Don’t blame yourself it’s all just been a horrible unfortunate series of events, and I’m still here and I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon,” Daisy said trying to comfort her poor brother.

“No! Didn’t you hear me, I’m bad news, I can’t have people around me now, and that’s why I’ve decided to bring your start date for Smuggsworth Prep School up early, you leave now” Thomas informed.

“You can’t do this. How can you force me to leave you like this. Mum wouldn’t want me to go” Daisy debated.

“Mum would want you to have a good education. Don’t argue with me Daisy, I’m your guardian and what I say goes, and I say you are leaving for Smuggsworth Prep School. Now!” Thomas argued.

Reluctantly Daisy followed Thomas round to the front of the graveyard and climbed into a limo to head to her new school.

As the limo took Daisy away all he could do was wave goodbye.

Thomas turned and headed home he had taken a taxi with Daisy to the graveyard and decided to walk home. As he was walking a fiery blaze shot through the sky. It was took big to be a meteorite and Thomas soon found himself running towards it to investigate.


The crash had caused quite the wreckage. Multiple fires around the crash site began to quickly burn, but the strangest thing happened, a woman soon emerged from the flames and began to make her way to road.

“MY HOUSE!” a man shouted as he ran from his car.

Spotting the woman emerging from the flames he decided she was to blame for the major damage to his house.


but he quickly took back his statement when the woman pulled out a laser gun on him.

“Look no hard feelings, don’t worry about the damage I have insurance, just please don’t kill me” the man pleaded.


When Thomas arrived the damage looked bad. As he got closer he saw two bodies on the floor but on closer inspection he realized one of them was a pile of bones.

So he ran over to the survivor and tried to help her. He checked for a pulse and after finding one, tried to wake her up.

She began to stir and Thomas slowly helped her to her feet. As she began to get on her feet she looked over to what had caused the wreck.

“My spaceship! It’s on fire. I have to see” She rambled.

She ran over and knelt next to it and started to look for something.

Thomas was confused, maybe the woman had meant to say aircraft not spaceship, this was a military craft. Wasn't it?

“Erm, shouldn’t you leave that to the professionals, like the army. And there’s all this fire and that body of bones, I don’t think we should stay here” Thomas said trying to convince the woman out of the danger.

The woman quickly finished whatever she had to do and ran over to Thomas.

“You have to take me away from here, the army can’t find me in this city” The woman pleaded.

“Are you crazy? You can’t run from the army, plus I’m heading home, I’m sorry I can’t help you” Thomas replied.

The woman pulled out a laser gun and pointed it at Thomas.

“I’m sorry, I tried to ask nicely but now you leave me no choice” The woman said, “The army can’t find me, this planet is not ready for aliens, you have to take me away from here”.

“Alien. You’re an alien, I suppose that makes sense what with the ship and the crazy clothes. Ok I’ll help you but please don’t shoot me, I don’t want to die”. Thomas pleaded

“Get me out of here than” The woman demanded.

“Follow me” Thomas called as he began to run.

The woman quickly followed.

They ran across the road to a drive and Thomas broke into the vehicle in the driveway. They climbed into the car and Thomas quickly hotwired the car and drove away.

“So where to?” Thomas asked, as he drove.

“I don’t know. There’s a spare ship nearby I was hoping to get there before my ship finally busted” The woman explained.

They drove for a short while before the woman’s bracelet began to glow.

“I don’t believe it. Stop this machine” The woman demanded.

“What’s wrong?” Thomas asked.

“My bracelet is picking up some really old technology from my planet. Is there any ruins around here?” The woman replied.

“Yeah follow me” Thomas said and her began to run down the pathway they where near.

The woman quickly got out of the car and ran after Thomas.

Thomas led her to Simhenge. The woman was amazed at the sight and quickly ran off and began inspecting the rocks.

It wasn’t long before she found a rock with strange marking.

Thomas just watched, he had plenty of opportunity to run while she inspected the rock she seemed to forget the world around her, but Thomas couldn’t bring himself to leave her it was crazy but Thomas felt as if he had to be there with her.

“Have you found what you’re looking for?” Thomas asked.

“These marking tell me exactly where the spaceship is” The woman announced.

“You need help getting there?” Thomas offered.

“Yes. Thank you earthling” The woman responded, “I just hope we get there before her”

“Before who?” Thomas queried.

“No one, it’s noting” The woman replied, but Thomas didn’t believe her.

“So where to?” Thomas asked.


~End of Chapter~

Author's Note:

Hi Everyone,
It's great to be writing for the Temple Legacy again. Sorry about not posting anything for a long while been have some RL problems to sort through, and for those wondering about Melody's fate on my other legacy don't worry I will be continuing that legacy too just not at this moment.

Minty :)


  1. I'm glad you have continued with the Temple Legacy Minty, I was wondering what was happening with Thomas.

    This mysterious alien lady, I wonder what she has in store for Thomas *thinks* :)


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