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Chapter 8: The Last Song

Melody and Sam were sitting in the car. A month from the wedding had already passed and the day of the concert had finally arrived Sam wanted to be there for her all day for moral support so agreed to drive them to the studios for practise before the big concert debut.

They heading inside and Sam grabbed melody’s hand for support.
“Are you nervous?” Sam asked
“Erm, kind-of, I’m trying not to think of it too much, with all the practising I’ve been doing I hope it all goes well” Melody replied.

They entered the studio and were met by an already waiting Stephanie and Mags.
“And what time do you call this?” Mags questioned.
“I’m only one minute late” Melody protested.
“Sorry I haven’t spoken to you much after the big day but how is Mr. and Mrs. Barlow doing?” Stephanie interjected.
“We are fine thank you” Sam replied.
Although Sam had wanted to follow tradition and have Melody take his last name, as an up and coming artist it was best if Melody kept her surname and Sam changed his, either way he …

Chapter 7: The Bells Are Ringing

Melody and Sam relaxed in the newly furnished living room, they had spent all day painting, decorating and finishing up the house and it was a very exhausting task, even Charlie needed to rest in his dog bed. Unfortunately the rest and relaxation was not to last very long a doorbell rang.

Melody got up and answered the door to see Stephanie waiting on the other side.
“Oh sorry,” Stephanie apologized when she saw Melody’s outfit, “Are you busy? I can always come back tomorrow”.
“No no it’s ok we got everything thing finished, please come in” Melody gestured for Stephanie to enter.
“I’m afraid this is for business and I’m going to need to speak to you and Sam together” Stephanie informed.

Melody got Sam and they had the meeting in the kitchen as there was more room.
“So what is this about that needs Sam here?” Melody asked.

“Well you see I’ve had some good news which is also a bit bad and it affects you and Sam. I got a call today from Antonio D’lorentis, he’s a proprietor for a park concert, …