Updates and 1000 pageviews

Hi Everyone,

I'm going through some updates on this blog. I found some old save files for my old Temples Legacy and as I hit 1000 pageviews I thought it'd be fun to finish it off. So I'm in the process of merging my old Temples blog with this blog. So some of you might see on your dashboards some of the old blog's posts an new posts but not see them on my site don't worry about it's just a glitch i'm sorting out, and I'd like to warn you i haven't updated all the links involving the Temples Legacy yet so try not to use them yet.

I would also like to point out that this does NOT mean I will not be continuing Melody's story. I plan to work on them both at the same time and I'm thinking about alternate between each legacy per chapter.

Thank you for reading,



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