Chapter 6: The Proposal

Melody was out celebrating with Mags and Stephanie. The song that Melody released single became a hit and was in the top five of Sim Nations top songs of the month, and fans loved the vocals Melody could produce, and there were also hints about Melody being asked to produce an album.

Of course there was at least one person who didn’t agree with Melody’s success, Grace Kit, and she made sure to let Melody know.

“I want you to know Sims might be singing your song today but tomorrow everyone would have forgotten about you and you’ll just be some washed up has been with a one-hit wonder. Mark my words Melody” Grace spat.

“Excuse me miss, but you can’t behave like that here” Sam intervened.

“She started it” Grace barked.

“Now I might just be some bartender with a dead end job but I’m telling you now you’re bard, come here again and we’ll call the police” Sam replied.

Realising that the bartender was Sam, the person Grace had tried to force Melody to break-up with, Grace decided it was best to leave instead of causing a scene and ruining her reputation.

“Are you alright?” Sam asked Melody.

“I’m fine, thank you” Melody replied.

“I have to go back to work, but call me if she tries to come back and cause trouble” Sam instructed.

As Sam headed back to work Terry Chung, Sam’s boss’s son, called for Sam to join him. Sam decided it was best to do what the son asked than maybe get in trouble.

“Are you Sam Young? My father said you’re the best bartender here,” Terry asked.

“Yes I am, and that’s very generous of your father” Sam replied.

“It was very generous,” Terry corrected, “He passed away today”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know, would you like me to close the bar for the rest of the night?” Sam apologised.

“Oh no It’s OK. You see his death brings me to give you an offer. As my father’s only child and my mother already passed away many years ago I have inherited all of my father’s assets, including this club. I have no idea how to run or manage a thing like this, in fact I’m not even that much of a drinker and as my father spoke highly of you as an employee I thought the job of owning this club, would be best done by someone like you” Terry explained.

“Wait you want me to take over ownership of this club?” Sam confirmed, making sure he had heard Terry correctly.

“You would be doing me a great favor” Terry replied.

“This is a lot to think about, could I take a couple of days to think it over,” Sam asked.

“Of course, you can have the next three days to decide otherwise I’ll just put the club on the market and it can go to the highest bidder” Terry replied.


At the end of the night Sam met Melody and they headed home. Sam had a lot to think about, what journey should his life take?

He explained the offer to Melody on the way home and they talked a bit about it, but when they finally got home both were too tired to talk anymore and headed straight to sleep.


In the morning Melody was awoken by the sound of the telephone ringing.

“Hello?” Melody asked as she picked up the receiver.

“Melody, it’s Stephanie. You have to come meet me and my mum at Hogan’s deep fried diner, we have important news” Stephanie responded.

Melody got dressed and headed over to meet Mags and Stephanie, as Charlie was being neglected a little Melody decided to take him with her.

When Melody and Charlie arrived Mags and Stephanie were already there.

Melody sat down with Mags and Stephanie and Charlie went to his favourite spot.

“What’s the important news?” Melody asked.

“Well you know there have been hints and rumours about the recording company I work for might want you to do an album? well…” Mags began to explain.

“They told mum today they defiantly want you to do one. Melody they want you make an album” Stephanie interrupted.

“An album? That amazing” Melody replied enthusiastically.

Melody decided there was something she had to do first, so she excused herself from Mags and Stephanie and made her way over to speak to Lee Hogan.

“Hello Lee, I have something I need to tell you” Melody said sheepishly.

“What’s wrong? Sam isn’t upsetting you is he?” Lee asked worried.

“No nothing like that, It’s just I have this big career opportunity coming up and I’m afraid I’m going to have to quit this job” Melody explained.

Lee chuckled and pulled Melody into a hug.

“I was wondering when this day would come. Like I haven’t already heard you on the radio already. Melody you are my favourite employee, you are determined and hard working, now Melody you go out there and you become a star, because I know you can” Lee told Melody.

Melody pulled away from the hug as her phone rang, the caller i.d. read Sam.

“Hello” Melody answered.

“Melody. I need to see you now. It’s an emergency; I’m at Overlook Point Subway Station. Hurry” Sam replied.

Melody ran out the Diner and jumped in the car, Charlie noticed something was wrong so ran after Melody.

Melody arrived at the subway as quickly as she could. She spotted Sam so ran over.

Melody pulled him into a deep hug.

“What wrong? What’s the emergency?” Melody questioned.

“Nothings wrong I just needed you here quick so I could show you something. Now follow me and I’ll show it to you, but you have to close your eyes, it’s a surprise” Sam replied.

Melody was mad at Sam for making her think he was in danger or worse, but she agreed to see the surprise so Sam drove the rest of the way while Melody closed her eyes.

Sam arrived at a run down house and climbed out of the car, ha walked around and helped Melody out, making sure her eyes were closed. He positioned Melody and told her to open her eyes.

“Surprise” Sam called.

“What is this place?” Melody asked.

“Ours. If you want it.” Sam replied.

Sam showed Melody around the house and took her through the entire house.

“…And this would be the master bedroom” Sam announced as they headed up the stairs, with Melody close behind.

“So what do you think?” Sam asked.

“Well. You defiantly thought about it, but can we afford it?” Melody asked back.

“I decided to take Terry’s offer. Although the club would be expensive and buying this place would put us out of pocket, I have checked the books at the club and with the profit the club makes we should get enough money to live on and be able to get our money back within a year” Sam explained.

“Well, I think we should buy it then” Melody agreed.

“I’m glad because there is one more thing I wanted to do here” Sam replied.

Sam got down on one knee and brought out a ring.

“Melody, in the short time I have known you I have come to love you with all my heart. I have never thought love could be as strong as ours and if you let me, I’d like to spend the rest of my life with you. Melody, will you marry me?” Sam asked.

“Melody pulled him up off the floor and embraced him.

“Of course I’ll marry you. Yes, Yes, Yes, a thousand times yes. I love you" Melody replied.


Author's Note: Hello readers,

I hope it was worth the wait for this chapter. I actually took the screenshots a while ago and forgot I had done them. So yes I’d like to also hear peoples ideas for how to manage this legacy and the temples legacy that I’m going to be continuing soon. It would be great to hear your ideas on the matter.




  1. This was such a good chapter Minty! :) I cannot wait to see what their wedding looks like. *is anxious*

    BTW ~ I have added two new chapters as well, in case you haven't read them since I can't post on the sim supply. I am wondering why it is down. *is curious*

  2. I love the new house and the proposal how romantic :)


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