Chapter 3: The Surprise

*2 Years Later*

Melody stepped out of the subway in front of her work. She had now lived in Bridgeport for two years and was still a waitress. The Chinese restaurant she had worked at before closed down due to not passing the health and safety check by the local government, so Melody found a job at Hogan’s Deep Fried Diner.

As Melody entered the diner she was greeted by Sam, another waiter.

“Hey Mel” Sam grinned. Sam’s smiles and friendly attitude was one of the reasons Melody liked working there.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, then continued, “You better come into my office, and tell me all about it”.

Sam and Melody went over to the table in the corner; it wasn’t really Sam’s office, but it was the only table with the most comfortable chairs so the waiters had all self-proclaimed that particular table as their offices.

“Well you see I received a letter this morning and it’s kind of made me feel a little bad about myself” Melody explained.

“What kind of letter? Is there anything I can do?” Sam interrupted.

“It was a letter from my friend Sarah. I think I told you about her, she was my friend at the last place I worked, and well she had saved up enough money to go traveling around the world. I’ve just received a letter containing a postcard from her this morning. She says that she’s traveled a lot already and has met a guy and is settling down and getting married. She says all her dreams are coming true and she the happiest she’s ever been and it’s made me think I’ve been in Bridgeport for two years and I’m nowhere near my dream and it’s made me realize I may never reach my dream and that I never may be truly happy” Melody explained.

“What! Is that what you think? Now you listen to me Melody Barlow, you’re amazing, and I know that if you put your heart and mind to something you’d easily overcome any obstacle. I believe in you and you should to” Sam protested, making Melody feeling bad for doubting herself.


The rest of day went as normal; customers came in, Melody served them, customers ate, paid bill, left, and as always Melody stayed late to help clear-up and was always the last to leave before her boss, but this night as Melody was cleaning the floors, her boss called her over.

“What was that argument you and Sam had when you arrived?” Hogan Lee, the owner of the Hogan Diner enterprise, asked.

“It was nothing” Melody replied.

“Melody I didn’t get to where I am today by not being true to myself or to others around me. I got her because I wasn’t afraid to ask for help, and quite frankly I’m a pretty good boss” Hogan stated.

Melody gave in and repeated the conversation to her boss.

“I must say I agree with Sam. Melody you are my favorite employee, you always stay late, do more than what is required, and you always get the job done. You are determined in your work Melody so why aren’t you determined in completing your dream?” Hogan questioned.

“Well erm…” Melody said, trying to come up with an excuse.

“Melody excuse get you nowhere. Go home, relax, and have an early night, I’ll finish up here, maybe with a clear head you’ll see me and Sam are right” Hogan interrupted.

“But…” Melody began to protest.

“I am your boss and that is an order. Goodnight Melody” Hogan interrupted again.

Melody said goodnight to her boss and left. She headed to the subway stop that was right outside and headed home.


Melody got to the apartment block and made her way up the stairs. It was another reason to make her more miserable, two years in the city and she was still living in an apartment, at least it wasn’t the same one that she lived in when she first moved to Bridgeport, thank-goodness that Danny girl was arrested but the police, it turned out Melody’s suspicions about some of the decorations being stolen was correct, Danny had turned out to be a master cat-thief.

As Melody mad her way across the balcony to her apartment she saw her neighbor waiting outside for her. He was as rude as Danny had been, it seems no matter where Melody lives someone horrible always manages to live near her.

“Good evening Mr. Baker” Melody called as she made her way over.

“Good! Good! There’s nothing good about it, I’ve been hearing barking all day Girl and I know it’s coming from your apartment, you know there’s no pets allowed Girl” Mr. Baker screamed at Melody.

“Mr. Baker I don’t know what your talking about I don’t own a pet and my names Melody not Girl” Melody replied.

“What? How dare you lie to me” Mr. Baker continued to scream

“Now please Mr. Baker calm down, a man your age shouldn’t be acting like this you might work yourself into a heart attack” Melody protested.

“A HEART ATTACK! How dare you!” Mr. Baker raged, as he started to raise his walking stick in fury.

Melody quick ducked past him and headed to her house.

“This isn’t over, not by a long shot” Mr. Baker yelled after her.

Melody put in her key, opened the door, and entered her home, and of course on the floor playing with a chew toy was Melody’s pet dog, Charlie.

Melody knelt down and gave Charlie a snack.

“Good boy Charlie, just remember you need to be quiet during the day that evil Mr. Baker from next door knows you’re here and will try and take you away from mummy” Melody informed the dog.

After a long soak in the bath Melody headed to bed, she had a feeling in the pit of her stomach that the next day would be a little different.


Melody awoke the next day to hear her phone ringing; the caller ID was Sam.

“Morning Sam” Melody said as she answered the phone.

“Morning Mel, are you coming into work today?” Sam asked.

“Yeah of course, why?” Melody replied.

“Oh I have a surprise for you and wanted to check you was defiantly coming in” Sam said.

Sam refused to talk anymore about it and with Melody agreeing to promise she’d be in they decided to continue their conversation at work.

Melody rushed and got ready for work. She said goodbye to Charlie and reminded him to be quiet while she was out before she left.


Melody got off the train and exited the subway as she rushed to diner. She saw Sam was already there by looking through the window so quickened her pace.

Melody saw Sam sitting at a table reading a book so rushed over and sat next to him.

“So where’s my surprise?” Melody asked, excitement and curiosity filling her voice.

Sam chuckled in response.

“It’s not here” He replied.

“What?” Melody asked, disappointed.

“I mean the surprise isn’t here, it’s somewhere else, but you’re not getting it to the end of the shift so it doesn’t matter” Sam explained.

Melody spent all day wondering what her surprise could be. She became even more suspicious when a men with black hair dressed in black entered and had a very long conversation with Sam. Something was going on and Melody wanted to know.


When closing time came Sam finally approached Melody.

“You ready for your surprise?” Sam asked

“Where is it then?” Melody replied.

“It’s not here, it’s someplace else. I’m afraid the only way is to come with me to get it, do you still want it?” Sam asked.

“I suppose so” Melody replied.

They left the diner and climbed into Sam’s car. He started up the engine and they drove off to get Melody’s surprise.

They pulled up outside a little shady building, there was a car park next door so Sam parked his car before they headed in.

They went inside and headed downstairs to find a little Irish styled pub.

“This is Eugi’s” Sam stated, “Wait her while I go sort out something”

Melody waited while Sam went of to sort out whatever it was he had to do, but she decided she would have a look around though while she waited.


A little while later Sam reappeared wearing all black.

“What’s all this then?” Melody asked, regarding Sam’s outfit.

“It’s my uniform. As well as working at the diner I also work here” Sam explained.

“So my surprise is that you have another job?” Melody asked, confused.

“No silly, The surprise is this,” Sam said gesturing to the stage behind him, “Once a week my boss picks an unknown up and coming singer to perform on stage, but after our conversation yesterday I managed to convince him to let you perform a song instead. Surprise”.

“Me? Sing? Here? In front of people? I’m not sure if I’m ready for that” Melody protested, “What if I get it wrong or screw-up? What if no one likes me?”

“Look Mel, when you’re old and grey and you look back on your life at this moment do you want to tell your grandchildren you at least had the guts to go through with this, that you pushed your fears aside and went running head first to your dreams or do you want to tell your grandchildren that you missed out on the opportunity because you was a coward?” Sam argued.

“Ok, I’ll do it” Melody agreed, but her heart wasn't in it, “But if anything goes wrong I’m putting your head on a stick”.

A smile whipped across Sam’s face and he headed on stage to introduce Melody to the crowd.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, It is that time of the week that we have an up and coming singer perform on this stage, and I have the pleasure of introducing you to tonight’s act, a waitress and a good friend of mine, so welcome to the stage MELODY BARLOW” Sam announced.

The crowd moved a little closer as Sam did the announcement, a few sims applauded but the rest remained silent anticipating the latest act.

Melody got on the stage, her throat ran dry and her hands began to sweat. The crowd went silent and a few people had began to loose interest, one person even began to try and hide a giggle at Melody’s sudden burst of stage fright. As Melody surveyed the crowd she saw Sam at the back, he gave her a reassuring smile and two thumbs up, Melody felt calm again and moister returned to her throat.

Melody decide to sing the song she had written the week before, so she approached the microphone.

“This song is called Milestone” She announced in a small a timid voice, and then she began to sing.

“I’m looking back upon myself, to see what I’ve been through.
With the good and bad I made my life, worth living with the truth. And I know.
For the ones that made me who I am; have given me the time.
To understand my part is not just staying in the lines.
I will always have you, to be there if I fall.
To lift me back up, to make me feel new.
And wherever I go, I want you to know
Without you, there’d be no me.
So this song’s for you.
A flower reaches to the sun, but even it will stop.
Just keep me in your heart so that the memories don’t die.”

The crowd started to enjoy Melody’s singing and as Melody got more into the song and became more dramatic on stage, the crowd began to become more dramatic too, the sway and moved to the melody and rhythm of the song even Sam had forgotten about his job and was joining in with the crowd.

When Melody finished the crowd applauded and cheered for her. Melody left the stage and went to find Sam.

“That was amazing, you really are talented Mel, you’re going to make it I just know” He applauded.

Melody pulled Sam into a hug.

“Thank-you soo much,” Melody said, “This was the best surprise I’ve ever had, even if I didn’t like it to begin with it turned out to be the best”.

“I’m glad I could help” Sam replied still in the embrace.

“I’m glad too, you’re a good friend Sam” Melody replied.

Sam was glad Melody was still hugging him when she called him a ‘friend’ because she couldn’t see the disappointment in his face, Sam had loved Melody for a while now but she just didn’t seem to notice, he had hoped Melody would have gotten the hint by now but she didn’t.


Melody decided to stay for a while and have a couple of celebratory first performance drinks. When Sam finished his shift he approached Melody and asked if she wanted a lift home.

Sam drove Melody to her apartment and dropped her off. She thanked him for a wonderful night before going inside and off to bed.


Author’s Note: Wow, so I’m back. Hope you liked the new chappie, I wasn’t happy with how I had the planned the story, I must of restarted this chapter at least 6 times before I was finally happy with it, sorry for taking so long. :)

And for those of you who were wondering about the song, it’s the English version of BoA’s song 'Milestone' sung by Yabisi, which you can find 'here'.


  1. Awww, what a cute puppy! Hopefully, she will start to have more confidence and pursue her dream. And poor Sam. Maybe he will find another way to surprise her, this time with his heart. :)

  2. Heaven, your such a romantic. lol. But Agreed he should surprise her with his heart. But poor charlie being locked away all day

  3. hmmm well not to give away too much of the story line but he defiantly surprises her, and don't worry little charlie will be out the house soon one way or another


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