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Chapter 3: The Surprise

*2 Years Later*

Melody stepped out of the subway in front of her work. She had now lived in Bridgeport for two years and was still a waitress. The Chinese restaurant she had worked at before closed down due to not passing the health and safety check by the local government, so Melody found a job at Hogan’s Deep Fried Diner.

As Melody entered the diner she was greeted by Sam, another waiter.
“Hey Mel” Sam grinned. Sam’s smiles and friendly attitude was one of the reasons Melody liked working there.
“What’s wrong?” He asked, then continued, “You better come into my office, and tell me all about it”.

Sam and Melody went over to the table in the corner; it wasn’t really Sam’s office, but it was the only table with the most comfortable chairs so the waiters had all self-proclaimed that particular table as their offices.
“Well you see I received a letter this morning and it’s kind of made me feel a little bad about myself” Melody explained.

“What kind of letter? Is there anything I can do?” Sam in…

Happy New Year

Hey everyone just wishing you all a Happy New Year :D

I have been sorting out my game so it runs better so hopefully this means that soon I can have a new chapter out. Yay. :)