Chapter 2: The Job

It was about 8.30am when Melody was awoken by the ringing of her mobile phone. Tired, she pulled herself out of bed and made sure to stretch as her back was aching from the very uncomfortable mattress. Fully stretched Melody pulled her phone out of her pocket and clicked 'answer'.

"Hello" Melody said, as she brought the phone to her ear.

"Wake up Silly Girl, you be late for work" Came the voice of Nana Cookie, her new boss.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Cookie, I'm on my way right now" Melody apologised.

"Me Nana Cookie, Silly Girl. Be quick, be quick" Nana Cookie replied.

Melody decided to have a quick shower before rushing to work. After the long drive and the smelly bedroom, she really needed a nice hot shower, even if it was going to be a short one, but one step into the bathroom made her gag and want to be sick.

"Of course, *cough*, what was I, *cough* expecting, the rest of the house, *cough*, is disgusting too" Melody gagged.

Melody decided to skip on the shower and rush to work without one, maybe she could find somewhere in the town with a communal shower, or even dance naked in the rain, anything was better than the bathroom in her apartment.

"Sorry I'm late" Melody apologised, as she walked through the door.

"What you mean? You no late, you five minutes early" Nana Cookie replied.

"But on the phone..." Melody began.

"Oh silly girl, silly girl, I was only making you not late" Nana Cookie chuckled.

Melody just stood unsure of what to make of the matter, "But... but... but"

"No butts, you scare customers, go through back. Sarah give you Kimono" Nana Cookie demanded.

Following Nana Cookie's demand Melody walked into the back part of the little chinese take-away to find the kitchen, which was in a state just as bad as the rest of the little shop.

In the corner working a machine Melody saw the woman from the night before, who she suspected to be Sarah.

"Should you be eating that?" Melody asked as she approached the woman, which made the woman jump and look at her.

"Don't do that to me, I thought you was the crazy old bat" The woman remarked, jokingly.

"Are you Sarah?" Melody asked.

"Yes I am, and you're the woman from last night, right?" Sarah replied.

"Yes, that was me. My name's Melody. Nana Cookie told me to ask for something about a kimono" Melody responded.

"Of course, a kimono will be your uniform. While I sort you one out why don't you tell me your story. What brought you to Bridgeport?" Sarah questioned.

"Well ever since I was a little girl I loved listening to music, and then I began to love learning how to make music. In the end I was spending more time writing, singing and listening to music then anything else. I lived with my parents who owned a barn and music quickly took over my life, and I hardly did any work around the barn so my mother was always saying 'Melody you better be one famous singer when you grow up or you owe me a lot overtime'. Then a couple of days ago my parents retired and sold our barn, they gave me some money and told me to move to Bridgeport and make something of myself. So here I am, trying to make something of myself" Melody explained.

"Trying to make something for yourself? and you thought you'd start by working in a chinese take-away?" Sarah laughed.

"Well, it's not like I had much choice" Melody replied, sheepishly.

"Well I suppose so, here's your kimono" Sarah said, handing Melody her work uniform.


Melody got changed and went straight to work. Her job was to clean up after customers and to tidy the shop. Which was especially hard as the take-away was already really dirty before she had started working there, but Melody kept her head down and pushed through it. Melody soon learnt the Sarah was not only a fun person to work with but also a hard worker. She had been right the night before when she said Nana Cookie, or The Crazy Bat as she was called in the kitchen, never stepped into the room and Sarah prepared most of the food and had the important job of making the fortune cookies.

Soon it was 5.30pm and time for Melody's and Sarah's shifts to end. It hadn't felt like much time had passed throughout the day and Melody hardly noticed the time until Nana Cookie entered the kitchen.

"End of shift" She called from the door. "You do good silly girl, very good".

"Thank-you, Cra- Nana Cookie" Melody replied, she quickly blushed at the thought of nearly calling her boss Crazy Bat to her face.

Nana Cookie clapped her hand together and gave a slight bow to Melody before leaving the kitchen.

Melody and Sarah soon followed Nana Cookie out of the room and made for a quick exit, to escape the workplace after a long shift.

"Hey Mels" Sarah said, Mels was Sarah's new little nickname for Melody.

"Yes?" Melody asked.

"How about as you've only just arrived in Bridgeport I take you out on the town tonight? We can go dancing, and have a great time, we might even find a couple of romeos for the night. What do you think?" Sarah offered.

"Erm, well I don't really want to go back to my apartment, my roommates a bit of a pain, and dancing does sound like fun, but then I'm not sure about the romeo bit" Melody replied.

"Ok, I'll keep the romeos to myself and you can just be my wing-woman, you know, like a wingman" Sarah persuaded.

"Ok then, but let me head home and get changed first. I'd invite you over but I'm very ashamed with how my roommate has made a mess of the apartment" Melody said.


Melody headed straight home and got changed into some comfortable dancing clothes, she had only ever been dancing in the places around Riverview, where she had grown up so she had no idea what it would be like in Bridgeport.

When Melody made her way back to Sarah she found her outside reading a newspaper and wearing the smallest dress Melody had ever seen, in fact she doubted it was dress at all and that Sarah was just wearing a long top with a belt.

"What's with the newspaper?" Melody asked.

"It was the Bridgeport Gazette, everyday it does a section on the hottest places and lets you know any special events going on at the clubs and bars in Bridgeport. I just read that Aquarius is going to be a good place to be tonight, and they are having a swimwear party on the roof, so we'll get to see the boys in their trunks and speedos" Sarah buzzed excitedly.

Melody was unsure but followed Sarah non-the-less. The walked around the back of Melody's apartment and found Sarah's car parked there.

"How'd you afford this?" Melody asked.

"Like you my parents' gave me money but instead of spending it on an apartment like you I brought my baby here" Sarah replied.

Sarah unlocked the doors and they climbed in. Sarah soon turned on the stereo and blasted some music while screaming "PARTY TIME" as the drove off.

It didn't take long to they reached a building, which Melody guessed was Aquarius. Sarah parked her baby and got out the car with Melody. They headed into the building, and butterflies began to swarm Melody's stomach.

They headed to the lift and went straight to the roof. To Sarah's surprise and glee there was no bouncer currently standing by the door.

"Probably throwing some of the riffraff out, which serves me well. Come on Mels lets sneak in before the bouncer gets back, and I won't have to bribe our way in." Sarah excitedly instructed.

Melody sighed at Sarah's disrespect for the club's rules but soon found herself following Sarah as she sneaked past the red velvet belt for the V.I.Ps.

Melody was taken back by the place, it was like someone had picked up a beach equipment and dumped in onto the roof of the club, yet it still seemed really nice. Melody quickly saw Sarah approach the bar and made her way over to her.

"So Mels, what's your poison?" Sarah asked.

"A Barnacle Breeze" Melody replied.

"They don't sell that weak stuff here" Sarah laughed, before calling over to the barmaid, "Two Tropical Twisters when you're ready"

The barmaid made the drinks and handed them to Sarah and Melody, Sarah paid and the two girls went and stood near.

"Now we have the drinks lets find me some romeos" Sarah giggled excitedly.

"I'm not so sure if I want to go man hunting" Melody protested, "anyways I thought we were supposed to go dancing"

"Yeah but have you seen the men here, total hotties" Sarah replied, "look we can dance anytime, but right now I see a couple of men dying to dance with me, look just come with me and be my wingman".

Sarah started to down her drink before going on the prowl and Melody saw no reason why she shouldn't have any of her drink too so copied what Sarah was doing, and even if she didn't want to find herself a couple of romeos, Melody could do with more than one friend in this city.

But when Sarah went off to dance with a random guy Melody couldn't help but not follow. How did Sarah do it? Have the confidence to walk up to a total stranger and basically rub her body all over him on a dance floor.

"All those couples annoy you don't they?" A voice asked from behind Melody making her jump.

"Erm..." was all Melody could master to speak, she wasn't good at speaking to guys, especially good looking ones who approached her.

"Don't worry I know how you feel, I mean it's just annoying being alone at a club while everyone else is a couple right?" the man said.

"I came here with a friend" Melody replied.

"And where is she? standing with you or off making herself a couple with some random man? Some friend" The man remarked.

Although he had truth to his words, Melody still felt a bit uncomfortable.

"If you could just excuse me for a second I need a word with my friend" Melody apologised before running off to Sarah.

"Sarah what should I do a guy want's to talk to me but I'm really bad at talking to men. How do you do it?" Melody babbled as she interrupted Sarah's dance with a man in pink swim trunks.

"Well I don't know, normally I'd go to a place that sold some sort of alcoholic drinks to get my confidence, shame we aren't near anything like that. Oh wait! We are" Sarah replied sarcastically, "Look Mels the trick to any pulling is having a quick drink to boost your confidence and mask your pride. Now get back there and charm the pants off that man"

"Ok" Melody replied sheepishly.

Melody headed back to the bar and walked right past the man and picked up his drink, she quickly took a deep inhale of breath before downing his drink.

"You ok?" The man asked.

He never got an answer as Melody spun around and pulled him into a kiss. The reality was she wasn't feeling well, Melody was not used to drinks this strong and she quick felt the effects of alcohol spreading through her body, Melody had always been a light drinker.


The next morning Melody awoke to a splitting headache, with hardly no memory of what had happened the night before, Melody felt the bed move and when she looked over she saw the guy from last night lying next to her. Melody quickly tried hard to think of what had happened the night before but all she could remember was Sarah telling her to charm the pants of some guy. That must of been the guy lying next to her and those was defiantly his pants on the floor.


  1. Ahaha, way to take that advice literally Mels.

  2. I know right :P lets see what this mistake leads too. I'm working on the chapter so hopefully it'll be out soon :)

  3. She met a guy yeah I hope she sees him again

  4. Woah go mels
    Catching up with it!!!


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