Chapter 1: The Beginning

It was almost midnight when Melody Barlow drove her blue farmers Hot Rod around a corner and towards Bridgeport.

"Finally" she breathed, when the city came into view.

It had always been Melody's dream to become a celebrity, and Bridgeport would be a great place to be recognised and make her dreams come true. So with the little money her parents had given her she took the plunge and moved to the city.

It hadn't been easy, Bridgeport was a very popular place which meant that the prices where high, even for renting, but Melody lucked out, there had been an ad for a roommate which meant the rent would be cheaper so Melody applied the role of roommate and got it.

While on her way Melody made sure to pass through the centre of the town just so she could past it, the theatre. The place was all she could dream about while growing up, and she knew it would also be her future.

"One Day. One Day Melody." She muttered to herself, as she drove by.

As Melody continued to drive she reached the other side of the city, looking around from her car she began to worry. The area wasn't the best looking and was defiantly not mentioned in brochure. Melody hopped she had taken a wrong turn and would need to turn back, but as she passed a street sign she found it matched the one on the address she had written down.

She quickly found the building and after twenty minutes talked herself into getting out of the car and to go look at the apartment.

"Why did I pay the rent in advance, how stupid am I?" Melody cursed herself as she stepped into the groggy building.

She decided to use the elevator instead of taking the stairs, the twenty-second floor was a long way up and Melody couldn't be bothered to waste her energy for something she knew she might not like. Here's hoping it's a diamond in the ruff, she thought to herself.

But as Melody walked into the apartment she knew she was in no diamond-in-the-ruff. The place was disgusting, unclean, who knew who many different lifeforms and species she would be sharing the apartment with, maybe there was a whole new species of vermin living in this apartment that even scientist wouldn't have guessed existed.

"So, you're here" came a voice.

Melody looked around, still in shock and horror, to see who the voice belonged to and hoped that some sort of new breed of beetles wasn't speaking to her, but then Melody saw a woman sitting on a worn down sofa playing video-games.

"Oh you must be my new roomy, Danielle isn't it? I'm sorry about being late, I didn't keep you up did I?" Melody replied.

"ARGH! You're making me loose my concentration. My name's not Danielle, It's Dannie and I'm not you 'roomy', this ain't no chick flick plus why would I stay up for you? Werido." Dannie remarked.

Melody decided to ignore Dannie's last comment by not responding, something much better had caught her attention anyways.

Melody made her way out onto the balcony and took in the view. The view made the horrors of the apartment seem bearable and it was so overwhelming seeing the lights of the city like this. In her car Melody had felt safe but out in the open actually being there had began to sink in.

"It's beautiful" Melody said to herself, with a tear forming across her cheek.

"Hey!" Dannie called ruining the moment.

"What?" Melody snapped, although she didn't mean to, it was just this Dannie girl was already getting on her nerves and she hadn't been in the apartment for more than a minute.

"Look, I feel bad about how I spoke to you before, I wanted to make it up to you. So I ordered us some chinese take-away but the woman won't bring it up, sorry" Dannie replied.

"Oh erm I suppose I could drive and pick it up. Where is the take-away?" Melody responded.

"Oh it's just the little one across the street, while you're gone I'll make you a nice coffee for when you get back, you look really tired". Dannie said.

Dannie handed Melody a piece of paper with the order written down, and Melody headed to the take-away. Maybe she's not as bad as I first thought, Melody thought to herself as she walked past Dannie.

When Melody exited the building she saw the little take-away across the street on the corner and headed over.

"New customer, welcome" The woman behind the desk said, greeting Melody as she entered the little take-away.

"Thank-you, I'm here to pick up an order for my roommate Dannie, she said you knew her". Melody explained.

"Oh no, you tell Miss Dannie that Nana Cookie no give food till she gives me my money". The woman replied.

"What money? and who's Nana Cookie?" Melody asked.

"The money she owes me, her tab go over, and I'm Nana Cookie, can silly girl not read sign above door. Me will have to call police and get silly girl sent to prison." the woman replied.

"What? No, please is there anything I could do so you don't have to call the police?" Melody pleaded.

"Nana want her money. Miss Dannie owes me five hundred and forty simoleons". Nana Cookie responded.

"I don't have that kind of money, shouldn't Dannie be paying?" Melody replied.

"Dannie no here, silly girl". Nana Cookie said.

"Ok fine, how about I work off the debt?" Melody offered.

Melody could see that Nana Cookie was starting to think it through.

"Oh just give her the job", came a voice from the other side of the room. Melody hadn't noticed there was anyone else there.

"I could do with the help washing up, seeing as your highness doesn't like getting her hands wet, I have a lot to do here you know. It may be your name above the door but you'd be lost without me plus if you didn't hire her I might start demand better health care and a raise." The woman continued.

"Ok ok, why you soo demanding, me owner not you, you just work here" Nana Cookie replied, but when the other woman folded her arms and raised an eyebrow at the statement Nana Cookie seemed to regret what she had just said.

Turning to Melody Nana Cookie clapped her hands together.

"Very well, you may have job", Nana Cookie said.


When Melody got home, well if she could call it that, it didn't seem like a home, she walked past Dannie and headed towards the stairs which she guessed lead to bedroom.

"Where's the food?" Dannie snickered.

"Where's my coffee?" Melody snapped back.

"Did the crazy old lady make you pay the tab?" Dannie asked continuing to snicker.

"No actually, I didn't give her any money. In fact she like me so much she offered me a job there, said I was a very smart and intelligent looking girl, unlike you" Melody lied, she just wanted to say something that would shut Dannie up, which it did.

"Now where's my room? Like you pointed out earlier I am tired" Melody demanded.

"First door on your left when you go up the stairs" Dannie replied, a bit annoyed.

Melody followed Dannie's instructions and found her room. It was a pigsty, almost as bad as downstairs.

"What's that smell?" Melody asked herself as she put a hand to her nose to try and stop the stench getting into her nostrils.

She decided to make the best of it and made her bed. There was no way she was going to sleep under the filthy covers but she could at least make herself comfortable.

When the bed was made Melody switched of the lights and climbed onto the bed. She huddled into a ball and tried to fall asleep. Nana Cookie had said she would be starting her first day tomorrow and Melody wanted to make sure she was well rested before then.


*Authors Note: Sorry it took so long to get the first chapter out, Pets was being a moron and not working properly so in the end I gave up and uninstalled it which meant redesigning my character and storyline as I was going to base it in Appaloosa Plains, and my sim was made up with most of the Pets features. So anyways I hope you liked this one instead.*


  1. I'm sorry pets didn't work for you.

    I don't think I've seen a legacy start off with a roomie, especially one as apparently unpleasant as Dannie.

  2. Thanks Scones, lol yeah I was think, realistically you wouldn't just by a plot of land when you move to a big city you'd probably have to rent a place first so thats what i've done. :)

  3. What a bi-atch! Sorry it's taken me so long to post. Somehow the blogger links got messed up and it was just telling me that the blog had been removed. Ah well, I have found it now!

  4. lol, thanks heaven :). ah i hate it when that happens, mines done that a couple of times when it deletes blogs of your list that you follow and you have to manually check the blog.

  5. Woah, I so did not even know you had a new one today. Hope your doing well hunny, and this looks promising.

    1. lol, thanks. Well its better you know about it now than never ;)

  6. I loved the first chapter an argument already with the flat mate lol


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