Chapter 6: Ashes to Ashes

“Grey. I need to speak to you”

Grey spun around to see the owner of the voice, Patrick, who looked like he was feeling a mixture of annoyance and confusion.

“Sure, what’s wrong?” Grey asked.

“Someone got dropped off here for you, he is in my office now,” Patrick explained, “Well come on then” he continued as he walked from the room.

Patrick led Grey to his office and as he opened the door Grey could what sounded like a baby mumbling. As he looked at the floor he saw a toddler but it wasn’t any toddler it was…

“Adam!” Grey squealed as he picked his boy up in his arms and squeezed him tight.

“Now do you mind telling me what the hell is going on?” Patrick demanded.

“Well… you see… what happened was…” Grey stumbled over what he should tell Patrick. Patrick had taken Grey under his wing and became almost like a father figure to Grey, so he didn’t want to lie but was the truth going to be too much for him to handle?

“All I ask is you to be honest with me, you don’t have to tell me everything but at least what you tell me has to be truth” Patrick interrupted, “Just answer me these two questions. Where were you yesterday? And why did that woman in the bright blue and red clothing drop Adam off to me?”

Grey felt guilty he wasn’t ready to tell Patrick the truth, well at least not the whole truth.

“Adam was being babysat yesterday and was kidnapped by the babysitter, the police called me so that’s why I left early yesterday, and I guess Holly, the babysitter, returned Adam to you because she couldn’t find me at home as I was out searching for him”. It wasn’t the truth that Grey said but it was close enough.

“I’m sorry Grey, but I guess it explains why the woman, Holly, kept saying tell him ‘I’m sorry’ repeatedly. So, is there anything else you would like to tell me?” Patrick replied.

Before Grey could reply Chloe came bounding down the stairs and into the office, and jumped at Grey wrapping her arms around his shoulders like a little school girl.

“Who are you?” Patrick asked puzzled.

“I’m Grey’s fiancée, Chloe” Chloe replied smiling.

“Ok. I take back what I said before I want the truth and all of it. Get into my office now” Patrick ordered.

Like two naughty children being told to see the headmaster, Chloe and Grey shuffled into the office and took the two seats opposite to Patrick.

Chloe was the first to speak she was more comfortable telling the tale then Grey was, but to Grey’s surprise Patrick didn’t flinch or interrupt, he just sat listening to the very elaborate events that had happened to Grey while staying in Sunset Valley. When Chloe and Grey finished telling the tale Grey expected Patrick to not believe a word. Grey knew that if he had heard the exact same story from someone else he’d have thought it to be lies but instead Patrick surprised him.

“Well it sounds like you have been through a lot since coming here, I’m giving you day off to get things sorted” he replied.

“Thank you, Sir” He said.

“That’s ok Grey, or is it Ezra now? Anyways if you need any help all you have to do is ask” Patrick lectured, but with a smile.

“Thank you, and seeing as your offering to help, would you mind looking after Adam for me today? It’ll give me and Chloe the opportunity to rebuild our home” Grey asked.

“Of course, I will. Come on Adam, shall I show you the fire engine? You can ring the horn and make it do the loud wooing sound” Patrick said reaching out for Adam who stuck his arms out at him straight away, the opportunity to make the big red machine make funny noises was too good for the little tyke to miss.


Meanwhile in another part of Sunset Valley, Vigour was on the hunt for his next victim. Although the night before he had drained Chloe of her plasma and left her for dead he was still hungry.

“Damn vampire plasma” He cursed. Vampire plasma was different from sim plasma it wasn’t as filling and was sour to the taste. Vigour sniffed the air and could smell the sweet smell of some sim plasma making its way in his direction. The owner was soon going to die to fill this vampire’s plasma thirst. Vigour jumped out of his hiding place to pounce on his hunt and to go in for the kill, but seeing the owner of the sweet-smelling plasma made him stop in his tracks.

“You!” He growled angrily.

“You!” Holly hissed back, she looked around and checked the coast was clear before continuing to yell, “No Miranda? What did your wife have a little hissy fit and leave you? Serves you right!”

“Miranda’s dead, and it would be good for you to remember who you’re talking to and what power I hold over you”. Vigour snapped, “and where the hell is the baby?”

“You don’t scare me anymore and you can no longer control me I did what you asked so my mother is free now,” Holly scoffed, “and I’m glad Miranda’s dead, one less of you scum walking the earth. Whatever happened to catching vampires and burning them alive? We should bring it back. As for the boy, I gave him back you never said I couldn’t do that, idiot, you should be clearer when you ask others to do stuff for you”.

“YOU GAVE BACK THE BABY!” Vigour yowled, “TAKING THE BABY WAS THE WHOLE POINT OF YOU BEING THERE!” Holly had defiantly pushed him too far and Vigour had to quickly think of what to say to take control of the situation. “Silly girl, do you really think I’d have your mother released by now? We still have her so you are going to help me or else” Vigour snapped with an evil smirk slapped across his face.

“You’re lying” Holly stated taken back.

“Now I have a plan to take revenge on the one responsible for killing my love, I’m going to kill hers and you Holly are going to help me” Vigour stated, lifting his head back letting out an evil haunting laugh.


Holly sat in Vigour’s car as he pulled up in front of Grey’s lot. The plan was fresh in her mind all she had to do was find a way to get Vigour invited into the house, as vampires couldn’t enter uninvited. She felt bad and guilty for what she was doing but Vigour was holding her mother captive and she wanted her mother back so much she agreed to do this one last thing for him.

She walked up to the house part of her prayed that Grey wasn’t there as she had grown to really like him and didn’t want to see him get hurt, while the other part of her prayed he’d be there so Vigour could take revenge and she could get her mother back.

“Remember I can read your thoughts so if I find anything I don’t like in that pretty little head of yours I’ll snap that neck of yours” Vigour growled.


Mrs. Williams, Grey’s next door neighbour, was standing on the balcony outside her bedroom. Her favourite past time was spying on her neighbours so she could have some juicy gossip for her chess games with her friends.

When the bright headlights of a car passed her bedroom window Mrs. Williams rushed to her favourite snooping spot and watched as two people got out of the car one of the figures was wearing a dark outfit and the other one was wearing bright blue and red. Mrs. Williams flinched and the second figures horrible dress choice and clash of colours.

She watched as the colourful one went into the house and was then joined by the dark figure. Mrs. Williams could hear shouting but it was very muffled and she couldn’t make any of it out. Then she saw the two figures run from the house and jump back into the car before driving off. As they did the house that her neighbours had been building exploded.

Wow, now that’s going to be the best piece of gossip at Sunday’s chess match. Mrs. Williams thought but then quickly came to her senses, what am I doing? Quickly she reached into her pocket and cursed herself for being so selfish and not doing this before. She pulled out her phone and dialled for the police.

“Hello Police,” She said, “My neighbour was just murdered, his house has been blown up and I just witnessed the whole thing”.


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