Chapter 5: The Climax

Grey and Chloe sat alone in the park. Grey listened to her intensely as Chloe informed him on his past life.

“It all started in 1895, You was still a vampire back then and I was a scullery maid at this little Inn in Riverblossom Hills. You came in one night with these three other vampires and spent the whole night watching me as I worked.” Chloe informed Grey, “After work you followed me home where I attacked you for stalking me. You told me you had never met a woman with more spirit and strength as me, and I fell for you then and there. You offered to turn me into a vampire that night and I accepted in the morning we met up with the other vampires and all ran away to Sim Nation.”

“But why did I decide to take a cure to change me from a vampire to a normal sim?” Grey asked, “and erm who’s ‘They’? You mentioned a ‘They’ before”.

“Well…” Chloe replied, “We were part of a coven run by this vampire called Heston Vamp, he was pure evil but we worshiped him, until he decided to put his eye on me and make me his wife. He knew although we weren’t together we had a connection so planned to have you killed but you found out before he had the chance so attacked him in front of the coven and burnt him alive. They, The Order, found out and decided to hunt you for your crime against our own race. Now vampires have like this sixth sense they can locate other vampires from great distances but only at night because the sunlight blocks most our powers during the day, so you figured out that if you took the cure The Order will be unable to track you and if you took the cure during the day it would seem as if you had died from burning in the sunlight.”

“So why did they murder Jenna?” Grey quizzed.

“Well seeing as you are now a sim they can’t track you as well as if you were a vampire, they got confused and thought you lived with Jenna, so burnt down the apartment.” Chloe replied.

“But why did they burn it down?” Grey quizzed again.

“The Order believes that if you murder a vampire in a certain way then that method should be used on the murderer, so because you burnt Heston alive, The Order has been burning down places to try and burn you alive” Chloe reviled.
“Makes sense, in its own twisted way. How do we find them? I have to put a stop to this” Grey said.

“But why would you want to find them, they’ll kill you?” Chloe asked puzzled.

“They have my son, Chloe, I have to do something, please help me” Grey pleaded.

“Ok there is one way, but we’ll need a TV.” Chloe concluded.


They headed to the firehouse to watch the television there. When they arrived at the firehouse it was empty, all the fire-fighters had gone to put out house fires, which made Grey feel guilty, as he knew he should have been there to help instead of chasing after vampires. Grey and Chloe headed straight to the television and took a seat on the sofa opposite.

“Just how will watching television help find The Order?” Grey asked, he had followed Chloe’s request but was now questioning her method.

“Well if The Order are here they aren’t going to just stay in a hostel or motel, they’ll pick a nice house and kill the owners, and if they have been here the bodies of the victims might have been found or reported in by now and their deaths might have spread to the news channels as well” Chloe replied.

So, they turned on the television and watched the news. It wasn’t long before the news reporter talked about the death of two of Sunset Valley’s residents.

“The hunt is still on for the murderers of Jared and Conner Frio. Their murders have left the Sunset Valley police department baffled, both brothers were found in their family house with two puncture wounds in their necks, also neighbours have heard strange noises coming from the Frio’s house, Ocean Vista Place, the police are asking anyone who might have seen or might know anything to step forward, more news will be given as the case develops and this news channel has been given exclusive rights to cover it.”

As Grey and Chloe sat watching the news, Grey couldn’t help but think he knew the house that was mentioned. “Do you recognise the name of the house?” Chloe asked.

“Yeah I think so” Grey replied.

“Well you should know more than that, the house is the one right next to this fire station” Chloe informed.

Grey just sat shocked, and didn’t move until he felt the weight from the sofa lift as Chloe got off.

He followed Chloe out of the fire station and to the house next to it. Chloe pushed the back gate open and looked inside.

“If the owners of this house are dead, then why are the lights on?” she asked.

“Do you think The Order are here?” Grey questioned.

“Let’s find out” Chloe replied as she sneaked towards the house.

The back door was unlocked when Chloe investigated and she entered the house followed swiftly by Grey. They got to the bottom of the stairs when they heard a noise from above.

“What was that noise? Do you think it’s them? What shall we do?” Grey whispered into Chloe’s ear.

Before she had the chance to answer someone called out to them.

“There’s no point in whispering or sneaking around we know you are here” The voice called.

They climbed the stairs to see two vampires on the other side of the room in the kitchen. Their eyes glowing blood red looking at them made Grey’s blood run cold with horror. They stood up and made their way closer to Grey and Chloe while Grey and Chloe made their way closer to the two vampires. As they approached each other Grey knew he had to take control over the situation.

So still shaking a little he raised his hand and pointed at the two vampires and in the toughest voice he could master he yelled at them. “Now I don’t know who you think you are but threatening the life of me, my son and my friends is well out of order and is going to stop right now … or else”.

The vampires observed Grey for a split second then burst out into laughter. “You really think you could defeat us?”

“You know,” The male vampire said between chuckles, “he’s right it would be rude of us not to introduce ourselves before we suck the life out of him, my name is Vigour and this is my wife Miranda.”

“Hey Ezra” Chloe whispered to Grey, “Did you ever use that training dummy I brought to the shack?”

“Yeah, why?” Grey asked not getting Chloe’s subtle hint.

“Oh, for crying out loud” Chloe snapped, as she rolled her eyes, “CHARGE!”.

Grey finally realised what Chloe had meant and as the two opposing couples lunged at each other Grey put his skills to use and successfully kicked Vigour to the ground. Chloe chose a more practical choice of fighting as she mustered up all her force into lethal blow to Miranda’s cheekbone, causing a loud cracking noise.

With both vampires on the floor Grey and Chloe ran from the scene and down the stairs. Chloe lead the way and made Grey follow her into the downstairs bathroom. “What now? What are we going to do?” Grey asked desperately.

“Don’t worry I have a plan” Chloe replied, “You saved me, so it’s my turn to save you”

“What are you talking about?” Grey asked.

“As soon as I leave lock the door behind me and don’t let anyone back in” Chloe instructed.

“B… B… But” Grey started.

“But nothing” Chloe interrupted handing him a red vial, “When the time comes you’ll know what to do with this”

Before Grey had time to protest more Chloe had already left. As soon as she left he locked the door and leaned against hoping his weight would barricade it shut encase the lock didn’t work.

As Chloe left the room she was faced with a very angry Vigour, his stare piercing through her with pure hatred.

“You killed her. You killed my Mimi.” He yelled.

“What? How?” Chloe protested.

“You snapped her neck” He hissed.

“Well I have a proposition for you, take me instead of Ezra, it can be your revenge” Chloe offered.

“What makes you so sick in the head to protect a sim” Vigour snapped, but as he thought about it, “fine I’ll take your life as collateral, I’m going to suck all the blood out until you deflate”

Vigour approached Chloe and pulled her into a tight embrace and gripped her neck with his sharp pointed teeth. He sucked and sucked until the blood almost ran dry. All Chloe could do was squirm in pain and twitch in Vigour’s arms as she had no escape.

Grey took the time to quickly look at the red vial Chloe had given him. He knew what it was, it was the cure, and it had the ability of turning any vampire into a normal sim. As he looked more closely at the vial he took in the detail the weird writing the blood like colour of the vial. He opened the lid a looked inside, although the glass was red the liquid was a strange purple colour.

Would it hurt if I had a taste? Would it kill me or worse? What if it was ok? I wonder what it tastes like? Grey’s head began to spin as more questions about the vial come to his mind. As the curiosity about it and without thinking properly Grey poured a single drop onto his index finger and put his finger into his mouth.

The liquid tasted funny, it was like a flavour Grey had ever known but it wasn’t bad and at the same time wasn’t good then at that moment it was like a spark was lit in his head and a flush load of memories came back to him.

He fell against the wall as the memories overloaded his brain. He had lived for so long and had centuries of memories to catch up with. When the spinning finally stopped and all his memories had finally come back to him. Grey listened at the bathroom door he could hear Vigour drinking. Chloe’s a strong person I’m sure she’ll be ok, he thought to himself but he still felt guilty about her being out there instead of him.

Suddenly Grey realised the house was quiet. He went back to listening at the door but could not hear a sound. Grey pulled open the door, no one was there he was all alone, as he stepped out of the bathroom he almost tripped over something on the floor. As he looked down he saw Chloe’s body stretched across the floor.

“Oh, Chloe what have I done” He gasped.

Realising Chloe was still conscious. Grey helped her get back to her feet. Although Chloe was still unstable she managed to just about balance herself.

“I’m so sorry Chloe I shouldn’t have done this, I should have never let you take my place” Grey apologised.

“Do you still have it?” Chloe whispered unable to speak normally.

Grey looked clueless at what she was talking about, until he realised she was talking about the vial.

Grey handed Chloe the vial and she put it too her lips and drank the purple liquid with the last ounce of energy she could gain. Grey watched as the colour slowly crept back to her cheeks and her skin started to show a little tan.

Chloe had used up the last of her energy and fainted but luckily as she collapsed Grey was there to catch her. He lifted her up into his arms. He leant in and whispered, “I’ll look after you”. He kissed her forehead.


He carried Chloe’s limp body back to the fire house and took her to the room where all the beds were. He placed Chloe as carefully as he could onto the bed and made sure she was comfortable.

Grey stood and watched her sleep all night making sure no one would disturb her. He didn’t take his eyes off her for one second but when morning came he was distracted when someone called his name.

“Grey. I need to speak to you”.


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