Chapter 3: Mummy Issues

It had been eight months, two weeks, nine hours, twelve minutes, and forty-five seconds since Grey had called out someone else’s name while woohooing another sim. Jenna had been avoiding Grey and had even quit her job, but Grey was persistent he knew what he did was wrong and he was trying hard to apologize. He took out his phone and dialled Jenna’s number, however like always when he tried to call Jenna there was no answer so he left a message on her voice mail.

“Hi Jenna, It’s me… Grey, again. I just wanted to apologize… again. Call me”

“What are you still doing here? Your shift finished about half an hour ago and you haven’t even changed” Patrick asked making Grey jump.

“Sorry Boss I was just making a phone call. Do you know why Jenna quit her job?” Grey replied.

“I’ve told you before Grey I can’t hand out that information” Patrick said, “Why don’t you tell me what happened between you two?”

“It’s nothing, I’ll see you tomorrow” Grey replied getting changed before leaving the room.


When Grey arrived home he noticed an odd-looking log around the side of the cabin, he decided to investigate and approached it, as he did he realized it was some sort of training equipment, but what was it? He looked more closely and found a note was attached to it. Nervously he took it off and read it. ‘Hi Sweetie. Remember this? It’s your Sheng Hai Training Dummy. Well you better get practicing, Love C x.’

Just what could it mean? Grey understood what the note was saying to him but he didn’t know the reason behind it or why this C person wouldn’t give it to him in person.

Grey noticed some clothes left on the floor, judogi. It wouldn’t hurt to just try it out could it? Grey thought to himself. He went inside and changed into the green judogi uniform. It was weird the clothing fit him perfectly when he came outside he headed back to the training dummy. It felt so natural to hit the training dummy and didn’t take long before Grey realised he was a natural and must have been very skilled at martial arts before he was consumed by his amnesia.

As Grey was practicing he became oblivious of the world around him. He had no idea a strange woman was walking towards him as he threw punches at the dummy and showed quick mobility. Her appearance seemed to come out of nowhere and when she spoke she totally startled Grey.

“Hi there mister strong martial arts man” She spoke loudly, making him startle.

“Erm… Hi there” Grey said a little bit uneasy, “who are you?”

“My names Holly, I’m new to town” She introduced herself.

“Hi Holly, I’m Grey, So what are you doing here?” Grey asked.

“Oh just introducing myself to my new neighbours, I was a babysitter in my old town so if you need any help let me know” Holly replied smiling.

“Oh no need, I’m not a parent sorry” Grey chuckled.

“Well you never know what the future holds” Holly said slyly, “See you around mister martial arts”

As Holly walked away Grey’s phone started to ring. He reached into his pocket and pulled it out. Seeing Jenna’s name appear as the caller i.d. Grey jumped at the chance to answer.

“Jenna?” he called out as he put the receiver to his ear, “I’m so glad you decided to call me, I am so sorry for…”

“Shut Up” Jenna snapped.

Grey was shocked by her outburst so he did what she said and shut up, then Jenna made an agonising groan.

“Jenna, what’s wrong?” Grey asked.

“You! You’re what’s wrong with me, I’m in labour” Jenna snapped again.

“Labour? How can that be? I haven’t seen you in almost nine…” Grey’s voice trailed off as it all started to become clear to him. Now it was Grey’s turn to snap and snap he did. “You’re pregnant with my child and you’re only telling me now. All this time I was feeling guilty over calling out another name by accident and you hide my unborn child away from me, you’re a bitch”

“Well now I’ve told you. I wasn’t, but I have, so get your arse over here and take me to a hospital unless you want your son to be born on my bedroom floor…” Jenna screamed through another contraction.

Grey pressed the red button on his phone cutting her off. He was furious, how could Jenna of done something so selfish and hurtful? But there was truth in what she said he really didn’t want his unborn son to be born on the floor of Jenna’s bedroom in her apartment he wanted the unborn boy born in a nice clean hospital. Grey went inside and quickly changed before heading over to Jenna’s.


As Grey approached he saw the familiar orange glow of a house fire, as he was now a captain of a little group at the fire house he knew all the signs and how to spot them so they could arrive to destinations quicker to put out the flames. As he got closer he realised the glow was coming from the direction of Jenna’s apartment. His quick walking turned into a full on run. And when he saw it was Jenna’s apartment that was on fire he ran as fast as his legs could take him.

When he approached, there was no clue whether Jenna was still trapped or had made it to the hospital, he quickly checked his pockets but as he had been in a rush he had forgotten to re-pocket his phone. No fire engine had arrived and as stupid and dangerous as it seemed without proper equipment Grey found himself running again into the burning building to save another person’s life, he hoped.

Grey made his way through the burning house to Jenna’s bedroom. The fire had already started to reach the room as Grey busted through the door. Grey looked around but there was no sight of Jenna, as he started to turn away he heard someone call.

“Hello? Help! I’m by the bed”

Grey rounded the corner of Jenna’s bed to see her on the floor, the ground around her was still damp after the waters had broken but what shocked Grey more was the head of a baby starting to show. Grey was transfixed by the sight of Jenna’s face clenching as she pushed.

“What happened?” Grey asked over the roar of the flames.

“I don’t remember, someone knocked me out. I just remember a woman with glowing eyes” Jenna screamed in pain between deep breaths.

Grey was transfixed again, but not by the facial expressions Jenna pulled but by the thing that was causing them. Grey knew the myth behind childbirth being a joyous occasion, but the sight of the head being pushed out made Grey want to be sick. It was hairy and covered in blood and with goo. Grey didn’t know what was scarier the sight of childbirth or the fact that the flames were still surrounding them and moving closer.

As Jenna pushed again this time Grey saw the eyes, the beautiful brown baby eyes, and they made all the gross stuff mean nothing. Grey knew what he had to do and knelt down and supported Jenna and the baby as she pushed. It wasn’t long before the little boy was forced into the world. Jenna grabbed a blue blanket from her maternity bag and threw it to Grey who wrapped it around the baby boy.

“What are you doing? Why are you just standing there?” Jenna asked.

“I’m not leaving without you” Grey replied.

“Our son is more important to me and so is his safety. You get him out of here now and I’ll be right behind you” Jenna demanded.

Grey hesitated at first but then ran from the room holding his son in his arms. The blaze was getting stronger and Grey didn’t know if he would make it out alive but luck seemed to finally be on his side and he just about made it out of the building. He ran down the path not knowing what to do and then he saw her, Holly. He ran over to her still clutching the screaming baby.

“What happened?” Holly asked

“It’s too much to explain,” Grey replied, He held out the baby, “Hold him for me I need to go help his mother.

Holly took the baby and watched as Grey went to run back into the burning building.

Grey hadn’t even taken two steps when the worst thing imaginable happened, it appeared just as quick as it had arrived Grey’s luck had run out. There was a giant explosion the force of it making him and Holly step back, and where was the centre of the explosion? It was Jenna’s bedroom.

Grey couldn’t help but stay glued to the spot frozen in a mixture of regret and shock. The words that Jenna said before etched themselves into his brain, I just remember a woman with glowing eyes. Grey knew the woman must have been after him, he had seen the woman with the glowing eyes almost everywhere he went, watching him but as soon as he showed any knowledge that he knew she was there she’d disappear. Grey knew this was all his fault and he wanted to scream and show his anger but all he could do was stand and look on in horror.


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