Chapter 2: Dream Girl

Warning: This chapter contains a scene of sexual nature (What so soon? Just call me your typical dirty minded guy), I have tried my best to cover up any naughty body parts but please be warned there will be a tiny bit of nudity. I hope you still enjoy the chapter (just maybe don’t enjoy it too much these are only sims remember, and that would be weird)

As Grey stood in an empty room he was slowly surrounded by darkness. He noticed a mirror floating in mid-air and approached it. As he looked at his reflection in the mirror something was different, his skin appeared pale and lifeless, but when he looked at his hand it was it’s normal tan colour. He looked again at the mirror and noticed his eyes, they were glowing.

“Vampire” He whispered.

Suddenly he could hear a ringing sound.


“Wake up sleepy head, it’s time to tackle for your first fire” Jenna called.

“Ugh! What?” Grey yawned awaking from his strange dream.

“Don’t worry it’s just a small one and I’ve been asked to accompany you, now get up and get dressed Newbie” Jenna toyed with him, Newbie was her pet name for him.

“I’m not going to get dressed with you watching me” Grey replied blushing.

“Don’t worry Newbie I’ll see the goods one day” Jenna laughed, half joking half being serious.

When he had gotten changed he ran out the room and slid down the pole to the fire engine[DR1] . Jenna took the wheel and drove.

“Hey Newbie if you do a decent job I might let you drive the truck back” Jenna offered.

Jenna had taken Grey under her wing since his first day and had helped him improve his skills, showing him how to fix up the alarms and fire-truck. Unfortunately, the fire-truck was still a bit slow but thankfully they got there in appropriate time. When they arrived a woman was screaming in panic outside. Jenna parked the truck outside and approached the woman.

“Are you the house owner Ma’am?” Jenna asked the woman.

“Yes” The woman replied, she looked very afraid.

“Where’s the fire Ma’am?” Jenna asked.

“Top floor, in the bedroom… but I don’t know how it started” The woman replied.

“Ok, stay here and we’ll handle it” Jenna instructed.

The woman nodded her head and watched the house tearfully as Jenna signalled Grey to come over and follow her.

Grey followed her into the house and up the flights of stairs to the bedroom where the fire was. They entered the room and the fire had already grown to taking up most of, what used to be, the bedroom. Using their fire extinguishers, the two were able to fight back the flames and defeat the fire. Jenna examined the heart of the fire and found a lump of gooey wax.

“Looks like it just to be a candle, probably one of those stupid stress release candles, dam things cause more stress then they actually cure” Jenna said.

They went back downstairs and exited the house.

“Don’t worry Ma’am the fires gone. Maybe you should have a talk with your son about leaving stress release candles lit.” Jenna informed the woman as they left.

“Thank you so much” The woman said as she hugged Jenna then Grey tightly.

“Well done Newbie, you weren’t bad for your first fire, you kept you cool up there and that’s important, you can drive back” Jenna said chucking Grey the keys.

They climbed into the fire-truck and Grey drove them back to the station.

As they were driving Jenna asked, “Hey, would you like to go out for dinner with me tonight? I had fun with you today”.

Grey thought before answering, “Sure, sounds great”. With all this stress about who I am, why shouldn’t I take a break and have a little fun?

“Great, You can pick me up at eight.” Jenna instructed.


As it grew near to eight Grey headed over to Jenna’s apartment. He realised it was the apartment block that was on fire on the first day he was here, he didn’t know Jenna lived here. He used the call box to buzz Jenna and let her know he had arrived.

Jenna used the intercom, “I’m just coming down, wait there” She called.

It didn’t take long for Jenna to come outside.

“Hey Newbie. Wow, you look great” She asked.

“Isn’t this the apartment block that was on fire a couple of days ago?” Grey asked.

“Yeah,” Jenna laughed, “My roommate is a terrible cook, but I’m great. I’ve prepared a little something, so why don’t you come on up?”

“Sure” Grey said in return.

They headed up the stairs past the kitchen that Grey saw and headed up more stairs and into one of the rooms.

“This isn’t the kitchen” Grey remarked as he looked around at what he suspected was Jenna’s bedroom.

“Yeah, I lied about the meal, but here’s the dessert” Jenna said pulling Grey into a passionate kiss.

They fell onto the bed pulling at each other’s clothes trying to rip them off, after they finally managed to unclothe each other Grey started to lean over and kiss more passionately. Grey positioned himself and the two began to make love.

As they did so the room began to fade away to black and when Grey open his eyes the mysterious woman was underneath him.

“You” He breathed.

“Do you remember?” The woman asked, “I was your first”

“Who are you?” Grey asked back.

“Are you ok?” Jenna asked, snapping Grey back to reality, “You kind of zoned out there for a little bit”.

“I’m fine” Grey answered as he continued to make love to Jenna. It wasn’t long before he climaxed.

“Chloe” He called, as he collapsed on top of Jenna.

Jenna pushed him off and he rolled onto the floor.

“What did you say?” Jenna asked getting angry.

“I didn’t say anything” Grey replied, not knowing what he had just said.

“You called me Chloe, Is she your girlfriend or something? Am I just your bit on the side?” Jenna questioned getting angrier.

“I don’t have a girlfriend.” Grey answered.

“I think you should leave” Jenna instructed, She stood up and picked Grey clothes up of the floor chucking them at him. “Get out of my home” She instructed, “And don’t talk to me again”

“Jenna, I promise you I don’t know anyone called Chloe” Grey protested.

“Bullshit, now just leave me alone” Jenna shouted.


When he got home he laid out the sleeping bag on the floor and lied there for a while before finally falling asleep.

He began to dream again. He was back in the dark place but this time instead of his reflection being a vampire, he was. He was sitting on a bench with the mysterious woman.

“Chloe I know they are after me and that scares me but there is something that scares me more” Grey said.

“Something scares you more than Them? What is it?” The mysterious woman called Chloe asked.

“It’s the way I feel about you, I love you Chloe VanHorn” Grey informed her.

“I love you too” Chloe replied.

“One day we will be together forever” Grey announced.

“But tonight let’s make the most of what we have before then” Chloe completed Grey sentence.

They looked into each other’s eyes and leaned into a tender passionate kiss.


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