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Chapter 6: Ashes to Ashes

“Grey. I need to speak to you”

Grey spun around to see the owner of the voice, Patrick, who looked like he was feeling a mixture of annoyance and confusion.
“Sure, what’s wrong?” Grey asked.
“Someone got dropped off here for you, he is in my office now,” Patrick explained, “Well come on then” he continued as he walked from the room.

Patrick led Grey to his office and as he opened the door Grey could what sounded like a baby mumbling. As he looked at the floor he saw a toddler but it wasn’t any toddler it was…
“Adam!” Grey squealed as he picked his boy up in his arms and squeezed him tight.
“Now do you mind telling me what the hell is going on?” Patrick demanded.
“Well… you see… what happened was…” Grey stumbled over what he should tell Patrick. Patrick had taken Grey under his wing and became almost like a father figure to Grey, so he didn’t want to lie but was the truth going to be too much for him to handle?
“All I ask is you to be honest with me, you don’t have to tell me everything but at…

Chapter 5: The Climax

Grey and Chloe sat alone in the park. Grey listened to her intensely as Chloe informed him on his past life.
“It all started in 1895, You was still a vampire back then and I was a scullery maid at this little Inn in Riverblossom Hills. You came in one night with these three other vampires and spent the whole night watching me as I worked.” Chloe informed Grey, “After work you followed me home where I attacked you for stalking me. You told me you had never met a woman with more spirit and strength as me, and I fell for you then and there. You offered to turn me into a vampire that night and I accepted in the morning we met up with the other vampires and all ran away to Sim Nation.”
“But why did I decide to take a cure to change me from a vampire to a normal sim?” Grey asked, “and erm who’s ‘They’? You mentioned a ‘They’ before”.

“Well…” Chloe replied, “We were part of a coven run by this vampire called Heston Vamp, he was pure evil but we worshiped him, until he decided to put his eye on …

Chapter 4: Mysteries Unravelled

It had been a stressful few weeks since Jenna had died in the house fire, looking after a baby was more of a handful then Grey had first realised so it was nice to have Holly’s help. Grey had named the baby Adam after Holly had found the name embroidered in blanket he was wrapped up in on the night he was born. Although Adam wouldn’t know his mother Grey thought having the name she picked for him would help him still be connected to her in some way.
One day Grey got a call from his boss, Patrick, asking him to go in to work early. The only person Grey trusted enough to look after Adam while he went in early was Holly, normally Grey would take Adam to work with him as Patrick and the other fire fighters would coo over Adam and would jump at the opportunity of looking after the well-behaved baby while Grey quickly left now and then to put out a fire. However today Grey could feel in the pit of his stomach that something bad was going to happen, and Patrick calling him in early only set o…