Chapter 9: Ghosts of Made-Up-Woman’s past

I woke up early the next day feeling sick, I ran to the bathroom and threw up. For the last month I had been feeling light headed, my boobs were sore, and my sense of smell had increased, I was pregnant again. I wanted to wait a month before doing the pregnancy test to be sure. I took the stick from my hiding place, and was readying myself when the door bell went.
“Who’d be here this early?” I thought.
I went to answer the door, I was gob-smacked to see Fay standing there.
“YOU!” I screamed getting angry. “What are you doing here? How’d you find me?”
“Calm down I’m not here to hurt you, I need your help” Fay said getting a little angry as well.
“And, why should I help you?” I asked.
“We are both thieves here, and we help our own when we have to, didn’t you create that rule” Fay said.
I sighed and let her in.
We sat down on the sofa but I sat as far away as I could.
“You have five minutes to explain to me, why I should help you” I said.
“Do you remember your old boss, Mr. Boss? Well you’re not the only one who he’s tried to have killed. I fell in love with one of his targets, Michael Bachelor. I wanted out of the game, I wanted to be with Michael but Mr. Boss wouldn’t agree with it, he said I knew too much and was a threat. I told him I had broken things off with Michael, but it was a lie and he found out on our wedding day and attacked. Luckily I was tipped off so Michael and I were able to escape.” Fay said,
“Well Fay that’s a fascinating story and all, but you didn’t answer my question from earlier, how’d you find me?” I replied
However before Fay had a chance to tell me Mick walked in, he was a bit shocked to see Fay there, but offered to make everyone a cup of coffee, he then signalled me to talk to him in the kitchen.
“Alright you can stay one night, and one night only, but you and Michael are sleeping on the couches” I whispered, turning to Fay.
I stood up and went into the kitchen.
“Who’s that? What does she want?” Mick asked anxiously.
“Don’t worry she’s an old school friend, she got married and wanted me to meet her husband so I said they could stay tonight, because it’s a long trip.” I answered.
Mick relaxed. “I thought she was up to something dodgy, she dresses a little strange, but if you say you're friends then I trust you” Mick said, before giving me a kiss on the forehead.
He left to get changed and go to work. I looked over and saw Fay on her mobile she was calling Michael to tell him to come over, when she got off the phone, I asked where Michael was.
“He’s just getting some breakfast, I didn’t know how long I’d be here for” Fay answered.
I showed Fay to the bathroom so she could have a shower. Then I heard Thomas from the next room, he sounded cranky, so I went in and picked him up and carried him to the kitchen for his breakfast. On my way to the kitchen I heard the doorbell go I answered the door and was greeted by a young, muscular, good looking guy.
“Who are you?” I asked.
“My name’s Michael, my wife said to meet her here, is she here?” The guy replied.
“Yes, she just having a shower, I’m just about to do the little ones breakfast, do you want anything to eat?” I asked.
He shook his head and followed me to the kitchen where I offered him a seat.
“So, where did you and Fay meet?” I asked.
“Who?” Michael asked.
“Your wife.” I said, getting a bit cautious and scared, just who did I let into my house.
“You mean Holly. Is Fay a nickname you have for her?” The man looked just as cautious and scared as I did.
When Fay or Holly or whatever-her-name-was walked in Michael turned to her and asked “Who’s Fay?”
“Fay’s my middle name sweetheart” Fay replied. “Why don’t you go have a shower you could do with a wash”
She showed Michael to the bathroom and came back.
“So is it Fay or Holly now?” I asked, giving Fay a dodgy look.
“Oh I’m sorry Becky Smith, oh no that’s right it’s Charice Temple now isn’t it? You’re not the only one with a change of name.” Fay said, well Holly said.
“I suppose I’m not one to pass judgement on that, but you still didn’t answer that very important question. How’d you find me?” I asked.
“Mr. Boss has a snitch in Bridgeport, under the code name Warrior Custard. She would give me information about you which I would pass on to Mr. Boss.” Holly said.
“Warrior Custard?” I asked.
Holly nodded, “What could it mean?” she said.
“CAROLINE CUSTARD! Of course, Caroline comes from the name Carolus, which comes from the name Charles, which comes from the name Karl, which means Warrior in Germany, and Caroline told me she had some German ancestry. Maybe she’s the snitch.” I said.
“It’s a long shot, but you might be right, where can we find her? If it’s her we have to put a stop to her permanently” Holly said.
I nodded; we decided to get Michael out the house so we could talk more about what to do. I called Mick and persuaded him to give Michael a tour of the studio, and Holly persuaded Michael to go on the tour of the studios.
Me and Holly talked all day and planned how to get to Caroline with no one around, fortunately Mick had let slip his boss, Caroline’s husband, Mathew Hamming would be working late, and Holly said Caroline would be sending information tonight at 11pm like she did every week, so we knew she’d be alone tonight at her house. When we finished our plans we waited for Mick and Michael to come home, as I didn’t want to take Thomas with us. As we waited Thomas started to really like Holly and kept asking her to play with him, in fact Holly was playing with Thomas when Mick and Michael came home.
“Great news, your friends can stay a couple more nights!” Mick said,
Holly and I looked at them a bit confused.
“Well only until we find a place of our own” Michael said.
“But why? What’s going on?” Holly asked.
“I got a job! Mick’s boss said I had charisma and asked me to be a background extra in their up and coming film” Michael said excitedly.
I went to the kitchen and made an excuse about being out of milk and Holly said she’d drive me to the store.
“You two can look after Thomas as we’ve looked after him all day” I said, as we walked out the door.
We got changed in Holly’s car; we had already put a change of clothes on the back seat before Mick and Michael had come home. We drove to Caroline’s house, and climbed the fence. We sneaked through the house and found Caroline in a hot tub.
“Hello Caroline, or is it Warrior Custard?” I said, angrily I was getting sick of everyone having personas.
“How did you find out?” Caroline asked, keeping her cool.
“From me, and we can’t have you snitching on me or Charice anymore” Holly growled.
Caroline splashed us with water and ran past.
“We can’t let her escape” Holly yelled.
We turned around and chased her through the house. We chased her down the stairs and out the back door. While running by the pool Caroline slipped, twisted her ankle and fell into the pool.
“Help Me!” she pleaded “I promise I’ll tell Mr. Boss that you’ve disappeared I swear, just help me”.
“Swearing is a bad habit.” I said coldly.
Holly and I stood there and watched Caroline drown. I followed Holly back inside the house and using Caroline’s laptop we sent Mr. Boss an e-mail explaining that Caroline hadn’t seen Holly and that I had moved out of town with my family. We also said that Caroline would be going on a holiday as well. Then we used Caroline’s mobile phone and texted Mathew Hamming saying that Caroline was leaving him with a secret lover, and packed one of Caroline’s bags.
We went back to the pool and pulled Caroline’s body out and put it in the boot of the car. Holly got in the driver’s seat and drove us to the cemetery.
“What are we doing here? Are we going to bury her?” I asked.
“I know some ‘people’ here who could use her and then dispose of the body” Holly said.
“Vampires!” I said shocked.
Holly nodded her head, I helped Holly carry the body to the Mausoleum, but went back to the car I hadn’t trusted vampires since I had moved here and one called William tried to use mind control on me. After a while Holly came back.
“What’s going on?” I asked.
“They’re taking the body and the bag of her clothes, I paid them off and they agreed to help. Was that your first murder?” Holly replied.
I sank into my seat and nodded my head.
When we got home Mick and Thomas were already in their beds and Michael was asleep on the sofa. I said goodnight to Holly and went to my bedroom I got changed and remembered I didn’t have time to do the pregnancy test, as I was interrupted this morning. I quickly went to the bathroom and did the test. I was pregnant again.

~End of Chapter~


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