Chapter 8: Birthday Bashes

It had been a few months since I gave birth to Thomas and I surprised myself with just how quickly I had bonded and how easily I got into the role of being a mother. If you had told me when I first moved here I’ll settle down and have a child I’d of laughed you out of the town but now being a mum felt so natural to me. That night I decided to go out for a jog, it would be the first time I’d have left Mick with Thomas, I had made more than enough bottles of milk and I knew Mick would be great looking after Thomas but I couldn’t help but worry.
I decided to jog up to the small restaurant me and Mick went to for his birthday then I could get a drink and jog back. When I got there I was sweaty and exhausted. I looked around it was a cold night and everyone one was inside, I noticed a parked car, it wasn’t extravagant, but it was more expensive than Mick’s car. My fingers started to twitch and I knew what was going to happen, before I could stop myself I had opened the passenger door, the owner had forgotten to lock it, and then I slipped into the driver’s seat and hot-wired the car.
I pulled out of the parking space and drove to the consignment store. I entered and went up to the shop clerk, back in Sunset Valley there was a secret code to sell stuff on the black market, and I deeply hoped it was the same code used here as well. I crossed my arms wiggled my little finger and blinked with my right eye. The clerk nodded his head, to show he understood and I continued to give the password.
“It’s a lovely day today. I brought a cat called Black Whiskers” I said, Black Whiskers was the secret password.
“Is it a big cat?” He asked and I nodded.
He signalled to follow him to the back-room. He informed me it was fixed to block any bugs. We went in and I bargained with him to buy the car, I ended up selling it for §720.
As I left I noticed I had ten missed calls from Mick I began to panic, what if something had happened to Thomas I immediately called Mick.
“Finally! I was beginning to worry.” Mick said as he answered his phone.
“Why have I got so many missed calls? Has something happened to Thomas?” I asked desperate for an answer.
“No, He’s fine. I just called to remind you tonight I was doing my first moonlighting job and you said you’d come for moral support, where are you? I’ll pick you up on the way” Mick replied.
I began to relax and told Mick to go on without me as I wanted to get changed first. When I arrived at the bar Mick was already working.
I sat down at the bar and Mick gave me a dirty look, he obviously wasn’t ready to forgive me for forgetting about his first night of moonlighting yet, so I ordered my drink and sat down. After a while the tension faded between us and I apologised for being late, Mick accepted my apology and I gave him a few pointers. When Mick wasn’t looking I slipped the money I made from the selling the car into his tip jar. When he finished Mick took his tips and was surprised at how much he had made I acted surprised too, now Mick wouldn’t question where the money had come from. I got up and went round the bar to give him a congratulatory kiss.
Over the next few months I continued to steal stuff and sell it on the black market and Mick would moonlight at bars and I would put some money into his tip jar every time Mick became suspicious of where we got our extra money. I also brought a nice new HD wide-screen television to distract him as well. Mick was always so busy watching the games, he was a big Llamas supporter, so he wouldn’t notice me buying new stuff and putting them in the house. However today would be different there would be no thieving today as it was finally my little Thomas’ birthday. He had woken me up early so I decided to put on one of the child shows on TV, he loves watching the lights and colours on the screen, it keeps him quiet for ages.
When Mick came over he kissed my forehead and leant in and gave Thomas a kiss on the forehead too.
“What was that for?” I asked smiling.
“Just a little something for the two most important people in my life” Mick said sitting down next me while I blushed.
He still made me blush and I shifted position so I was leaning into him and put Thomas in the middle of both our laps. We sat there for ages watching the kids programme, me and Mick laughed and ending up getting more into them than Thomas probably was. We looked at the clock and Mick stood up taking Thomas.
“It’s time to blow out the candles on your cake, you want to blow out some candles, do you? Do you?” Mick asked Thomas childishly.
Naturally he didn’t get a response but a couple of mumbles and squeaks from Thomas.
We took that as Thomas talk for “Yes I am ready, thank you very much fo asking, now take me to my cake please”
Mick held Thomas next to the cake and helped him blow out the candles, while I watched I was so excited for my little mans birthday.
We all grabbed a slice of cake and I mashed up a little for Thomas he was starting to get good at feeding himself. After we had finished eating we took Thomas into the front-room and helped him unwrap his presents, then Thomas played rag-doll as me and Mick dressed him up in loads of different clothes and took pictures of him on our phones. I got out the last present, and I helped Thomas unwrap it, it was a teddy bear and Thomas loved it he pulled it close and hugged it. Me and Mick thought it was the most adorable thing we had ever seen, and soon Thomas was happily playing with his new stuffed friend, so Mick put the game on just in time to see the Llamas score.
“Oh is it on today?” Mick said trying to sound surprised, he couldn’t pull it off.
I rolled my eyes and pulled an arm around me. I rested my head on his shoulder and allowed him to watch the rest of the game.
When it came to 6pm I took Thomas to his new bedroom he wouldn’t be allowed to sleep in the cot in our room any more. He loved the bright colours I had chosen but he was a bit unsure about his new bed. I had decided he was now too big for a crib but too small for a normal bed, so I brought him a bed designed for toddlers. I changed him into his new pyjamas and tucked him into his new bed. He made a little whine but when his head hit the pillow and I turned off the light, he was fast asleep, poor little mite was obviously worn out by his special day.
I went to the kitchen to clean the dishes but Mick had beaten me to it and had even made us both a nice cup of hot chocolate, he put marshmallows in mine as well which was my favourite. We both sat and drank our drinks talking.
“Did you see his little face light up when he saw the teddy?” Mick asked,
“Yeah it was the cutest thing ever” I replied beaming.
I had actually picked up the teddy when Thomas was first born but I thought he was too small for it so I had saved it for his birthday, lucky he liked it, it was well past the due date to get a refund if he didn’t.
“Let’s see? Whose birthdays next? Hmmm” Mick said jokingly.
“It’s mine” I said sipping my hot chocolate.
“Oh that’s right and how old are you going to be again? 10? 20? 30? 5 even?” Mick said acting dumb.
“40” I said.
“What? Really? I was sure you’re turning 35” Mick said looking at me confused.
I laughed and it took him a while to realise I had out-joked him. We finished our drinks and went to bed.
The next couple of months flew by very quickly and on the day of my birthday I woke up to find I was alone in the bed. I climbed out to find Mick, he was hidden in the kitchen cooking breakfast. When he saw me he gave me a big grin.
“You ruined the surprise, I was going to bring you breakfast in bed” he said.
I was still too sleepy to talk so I gave him a thank-you hug instead. We sat down to eat his breakfast I was lucky if Mick cooked any meals he was a lot better than me, it was such a shame he finished work late. When we finished Mick took our plates and put them in the sink then he told me to close my eyes as he wanted to surprise me. I did as I was told and closed my eyes, he led me from the kitchen and I knew we went outside cos I was hit with a cold brease being only in my pajamas, Mick told me to open my eyes and I saw a brand new bike, but it was a sickly hot pink colour. Mick noticed my disapointment and asked what was wrong.
"It’s the colour, green’s my faviourite colour, but it the thought that counts, and anyway it can always be repainted. Thank-you.” I said giving him a bear hug.
We went inside and I woke Thomas up and gave him some breakfast, and we all got dressed. Mick asked what I wanted to do for the day and the only thing I could think of doing was spending the day with my family in a park. Thomas must have understood what park meant by now as he screamed, "BABBLES!”
Babbles was the word Thomas would say when he wanted his teddy; Thomas and Babbles have been inseparable since Thomas' birthday. We got ready and left, when we arrived I put Thomas in the sandpit and he happily played with Babbles, me and Mick went on the swings and chatted. It didn’t feel like long before it was starting to get late. I told Mick to take Thomas home as I wanted to go somewhere, he looked at me suspiciously, but I told him everything was ok and he left with Thomas.
I crossed the street and went to the new salon. It had been in all the newspapers lately as the first salon set up by a group of Bridgeport’s finest celebrities. I was really impressed it looked like it used to be an apartment block before they took over.
“I wonder how many families they had to buyout to get this place” I thought to myself as I went inside.
The receptionist gave me one look and turned up her nose
“And what does... erm Madam ... want done?” She said obviously straining herself to speak to me.
“Well, Mrs. Temple would like one of your top stylists as she would like to replace her whole wardrobe.” I said raising an eyebrow, readying myself for a cat-fight.
The receptionist bit her lip and gave me another look of disgrace, before calling one of the stylists over.
The stylist came over and gave me a once over.
“I know you, you're Charice Temple” she said.
I looked confused.
“Have we met?” I asked.
“Oh no, I was reading SM Magazine this morning and there was a picture of you, they were doing an article of top 50 most good looking celebrity spouses, you came like 19th” She replied.
The receptionist quickly changed her attitude towards me, "Would Mrs. Temple like to sample our new perfume? It’s top of the range” She looked at me hopefully.
After the way the receptionist had spoken to me I was glad to soon wipe the look of hope from her face.
“No I wouldn’ but I am going to suggest you try spraying some under the desk, because you keep pulling a face like you can smell something dead under there” I said.
Feeling triumphant over my little spat at the receptionist I followed the stylist. She set me up for measurements.
“Do you think I was too rude?” I asked the stylist.
“No, she deserved it. If she keeps acting the way she does she’s going to scare off all the customers, so it’s good someone’s set her straight” The stylist said.
I soon forgot about the receptionist and enjoyed getting my new look.
When the stylist finished I went back to the receptionist, who apologised for her behaviour, I accepted it and also apologised for my behaviour as well before paying. I called a taxi and went home. When I got back home Mick was shocked by my new look.
“WOW! You’ve really changed! You look so different, why’d you change? You look nice though” He said, still shocked by my change of wardrobe.
“I decided it was time for a fresh start I’m at the age when I should have everything I want or be near to it and I’m not, so I’ve decide to change my look and hopefully change my ways at work too." I replied.
Mick had made us all some dinner, so we tucked in, Thomas was a bit confused at first when he saw me but when he heard my voice he knew I was his mummy. I thanked Mick for the dinner and Mick and Thomas gathered round to watch me blow out the candles on my cake. As I blew them out I could have sworn I felt loads of wrinkles suddenly appear. We ate the cake and I picked Thomas up.
I whispered in Mick’s ear, “This dress isn't the only new thing I got. After I put Thomas to bed I’m going to show you it, so go and get the bed ready."
I took Thomas to his bedroom and got him ready for bed.
I tucked him into his bed and left the room I slipped into the bathroom and got changed into my new lingerie I had brought then I went to my bedroom, Mick was on the bed in his boxers,
“Well what do you think?” I asked.
He grinned and I jumped onto the bed.

~End of Chapter~


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