Chapter 7: The Unexpected

I woke up on the second day after our wedding day feeling very sick, my tummy swirled and I had to rush to the toilet throw up. I felt a bit queasy afterwards so decided to go doctors. I called in and booked an appointment with a female doctor. Then I got dressed and left for my appointment.
Caroline had sent Mick out to run some errands for her so I went to the hospital alone. I saw the doctor and described to her my symptoms, she asked if Mick and me had been intimate yet, I told her we had and after a few quick tests she informed me that I was pregnant. I was shocked.
"Was I ready for a child?" I thought.
I went home to prepare telling Mick the news.
When I got home I thought I could hear a noise from the bedroom. I looked in and saw Caroline and some guy making out on my bed. I grabbed her by her hair and dragged her out of the room. She was really pissed off with me but I was furious with her.
“I was getting lucky before you barged in like some sort of psycho” She barked back.
“I’ve had enough of you I want you to move out. You don’t do anything around the house, you treat me and Mick like your personal slaves, and you eat all our food, and today I try to come home to tell Mick I’m pregnant and what do I find you doing?” I barked back at her.
“You’re pregnant” Mick gasped, I hadn’t seen him walk in the front door.
He was standing in the room, the guy Caroline was with had gotten dressed and was also in the room watching us argue.
“I’m pregnant” I said ashamed of the way it had come out.
Mick just froze, I couldn’t tell if he was happy or disappointed.
“Look Mick, Caroline’s told me about your predicament there’s a job for a background extra going, I’ll expect to see you tomorrow for a job interview, and don’t worry about Caroline she’s moving in with me” Said the guy.
That’s when I realised who he was, Matthew Hamming one of the celebrities living on the hill.
Caroline got dressed and Matthew went to get the car ready. She stood at the door and apologised but I was still angry and shrugged her off and slammed the door behind her. I went and changed into some more comfortable clothes and joined Mick on the sofa.
“We’re going to be parents” he said smiling.
I cuddled up next to him and he wrapped an arm round me. We watched TV and for that moment we let the world, our money problems, and any other problems fade away.
9 months later.
The pregnancy was really tiresome, carrying a baby in you twenty-four seven isn’t as easy as most mothers make it look. I was really worried about any extra weight I had put on over the pregnancy as I was craving everything with apples - apple pie, apple tart, caramelised apples and had been eating for nearly every minute of every day. Mick’s new job at the film studios was going great and since he got the job he’s had two promotions. He decided to accompany me to the gym as he wanted to work out, and to make sure I didn’t over do things in my state.
Then it happened, I went into labour. My waters broke right there in the gym, and I started to scream in pain, nothing could of prepared me for this. Mick quickly stopped what he was doing and phoned the hospital to tell them we was on our way. Everyone else was in a panic and didn't know what to do, but Mick took my hand and helped me towards the elevator to exit the building.
We climbed into Mick's car, it was agony for me to do. Mick saw my state and drove as fast as he could to get me to the hospital quicker, he even drove through a red light. When we got to the hospital my midwife was waiting for me and she rushed me to a room to deliver the baby.
I'll save you the gruesome details and skip to the after the giving birth part.
After the ordeal the midwife gave me my baby, it was a little boy. I started to cry.
"Yes childbirth can be very emotional" the midwife said.
"No that's not it, I thought I was having a girl, I only brought stuff for a girl, and my hormones are acting up" I cried.
When I showed Mick the baby he was overjoyed and quickly had to cuddle him before we left. He quickly went to the gift shop and brought a blue blanket to wrap the baby in as we only had a pink one.
We left the hospital and went home. Mick drove slower then usual he told me he wanted to be more careful now there was a baby on board to be honest Mick already drived slow anyway so it probably wouldn't have made a difference. When we got home I gave Mick the baby and got changed I was exhausted and wanted to sleep so Mick put the baby to bed.
"What should we name him?" Mick asked.
As I was sure we'd have a baby girl we hadn't chosen a boys name.
"Why don't you choose, I suggested all the girl names" I replied.
"How about Thomas? After my father" Mick suggested.
I nodded before falling asleep.
I woke up in the middle of the night as I couldn't sleep. Thomas was still asleep so I checked on him, he was fine, probably exhausted from being forced to enter the world, I smiled. I went into the other room and sat down and got out my note pad and started scribbling away. Mick had woken up and came looking for me.
"What are you doing? It's 2am" he asked,
"I'm trying to figure out how we are going to spred out our payments to support a baby, neither of us make enough as it is. How are we going to afford to keep Thomas?" I replied.
He looked me in the eyes, grabbed my hand.
"We'll find a way. I'll try moonlighting at some clubs by doing bar work and you can buy an easel and sell some paintings I've seen you doodle you're a good artist. We'll find a way to survive" He said, comforting me.

~End of Chapter~


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