Chapter 6: Say a Little Pray for me

Thomas sat beside Rosie’s bed with his head in his arms thinking over what had happened that night. He was having a casual conversation when he heard screaming. Following the screams Thomas had found Rosie passed out on the bathroom floor with blood surrounding her. He had called the ambulance and sat in the back of the van while they rushed Rosie to the hospital. Rosie had been rushed to A&E and went straight into theater where the doctors did their best to fix Rosie’s broken artery and stop the bleeding. When Rosie had been brought out of surgery, a doctor told Thomas they put Rosie into a induced coma so her body could heal itself and withstand the pain it was under. Now Thomas sat in a room with her watching as she recovered in her coma like state. It was horrible seeing his little sister with wires plugged into her and see her so un-life like.

Thomas had left Aunt Lucy with Daisy and Lee at home and the next morning Aunt Lucy brought them in to see how their sister was doing and to check-up on Thomas.

“Has there been any more news from the doctors?” asked Aunt Lucy, Thomas shook his head.

“... Is she recovering properly?” Aunt Lucy asked trying to get Thomas from breaking his silence, but he just nodded.

Aunt Lucy lost her patience “Oh Thomas say something, What’s wrong with you? Staying silent isn’t going to help Rosie recover any quicker, just please tell me what’s wrong?” She begged.

“You want to know how I feel?” Thomas said turning his head to face his Aunt, who was now taking a turn to be the silent one, “I feel like crap, this is my entire fault. I was her brother and I didn’t know what she was doing. I was more busy fixing up a stupid dance club and spend time with Courtney than take any notice as to what my sister was going through”

“But no one knew” Daisy interjected.

“But I should of. Don’t you remember right after mum’s funeral I promised dad I’d put my life on hold to look after you all. I’ve broken my promise and have become a shame to this family” Thomas cried.

But a quiet voice cut him off, “I knew”.

Everyone looked at Lee in shock and Thomas jumped up from his seat and yelled.

“How long have you know?” Thomas screamed.

“Since I went to look for my father” Lee shyly answered.

“Was that more important to you than your sister health?” Thomas yelled again.

“A..A..At the time it was” Lee stuttered, knowing how stupid of an answer that was.

Thomas went red with rage hit Lee round the face before grabbing him and pushing him against the wall.

“How dare you, you stupid little brat! She could die and it’ll all be your fault.” Thomas spat at Lee’s face.

“Calm down!” Lee begged.

“Calm Down? Calm Down? How can you tell me to calm down when my sister nearly died. I knew when you was first born you wasn’t part of this family and now I’m right” Thomas pushed Lee out of the doorway and threatened “You’re not welcome here and don’t you dare come visiting again.

Thomas watched as Lee ran down the corridor away from the room while Aunt Lucy and Daisy watched him in shock.

“Thomas I think you should go home and get some rest you are obviously over tired and upset and you won’t be doing Rosie any favours if you stay in this state” Aunt Lucy lectured.

“But what if something happens to Rosie I need to...” Thomas argued, but Aunt Lucy cut him off.

“I have your phone number now go home and get some sleep” Aunt Lucy demanded.

Thomas knew there Aunt Lucy was right, what use could he be in this state? So reluctantly he left but as he did he bumped into one of the nurses that had been helping with Rosie's surgery.

"Hello, you're one of the nurses looking after my sister, Rosie Temple, I asked but no one got back to me, how is she progressing?" Thomas asked.

"Your sister is progressing nicely we think she'll be out of her coma in twenty-four to seventy-two hours, although we can't be one hundred percent sure" The nurse informed Thomas.

"I've got to go home to rest but can the hospital let me know when anything changes?" Thomas asked.

"Erm, I don't normally do this but you seem like a really nice guy" The nurse said writing a number on a piece of paper before handing it to Thomas, "This is my personal number. Call me whenever you want and I'll personally check up on your sister or even if you just need someone to talk to. My name's Jenna by the way."

Thomas took the number, he didn't know what to but the nurse just smiled at him as she walked away.

Thomas pocketed the number and left. As he exited the building he saw Chad Simmons on his way in holding a bunch of flowers. Thomas stopped when Chad noticed him and made his way over.

"Hi Thomas. New has spread around town that Rosie is in the hospital, so the team put some money in to buy her a bunch of flowers. Lucy does so much for the team we wanted to show we care" Chad said.

"Thanks Chad. That's really nice of you" replied half heartily.

Chad could sense Thomas was upset, "How about we go get a drink? You look like you need one and I can always drop these flowers off later" Chad offered.

"That sounds great" Thomas replied.

They walked over to where Chad had parked his latest car climbed in Chad placed the flowers in the back seat before pulling out of the driveway of the hospital.

"Is there even anywhere to buy a drink in Riverview?" Thomas asked curiously.

Chad laughed. "Yeah, three places. My house, The Local Groggery, or the Red Cow club. I thought we could go to The The Local Groggery as the Red Cow club is more like a dance club." Chad informed.

Chad pulled up in front of The Local Groggery and parked his car on the gravel just outside of the steps. The exited the car and climbed the steps a waitress took them to some seats and took their order.

"...and then he left" Thomas told Chad, as he finished telling Chad everything that had happened.

"I know what he did was wrong, but you're family you need to stick together now for Rosie's sake" Chad lectured.

"I don't think Lee was thinking about Rosie when he promised to tell no one Rosie was cutting herself. Seems like he only cares about himself" Thomas concluded.

"What about Rosie? Is this what Rosie would want? Her family falling apart. I think not" Chad argued.

Thomas said nothing but just sipped his drink, Chad was right Rosie wouldn't want the family to fall apart and although Thomas was no where near forgiving Lee he was prepared to for Rosie.

"I'm gonna go apologise for Rosie's sake" Thomas said as he sipped the last of his drink.

"Good luck" Chad said. "Oh, do you want a ride home?"

"No, it's ok" Thomas replied.

Thomas called for a taxi to take him home and when he got there the first thing he did was go to Lee's room to apologise but when he entered the room was bare. All the stuff Lee had brought with him from Bridgeport and a few other item that were already in the room was missing and Lee was nowhere to be seen.

Lee had no idea where Lee was he decided to check with the butler, Albert, to see if he'd seen Lee or knew where he was.

"Albert, did Lee come back from the hospital?" Thomas asked.

"Yes Master Lee did come home, he went to his room and packed a bag. He gave me a letter to give to you" Albert informed.

"Packed a bag? Do you know where he went?" Thomas asked worried.

"No Sir I'm afraid I do not" Albert replied.

"Could I please have the letter?" Thomas asked.

"Yes Master Thomas" Albert said as he removed a letter from his pocket and handed it to Thomas.

Thomas sat down in the kitchen and read the letter.

"To Thomas,
                     I'm sorry about everything that happened. You're right I'm not really apart of this family so I'm moving to Pleasentview to live with my cousin Cassandra and her husband Darren Dreamer and their family. Again I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused.

From Lee"

Thomas slammed the letter down on the counter and ran for the front door, maybe he still had time to stop Lee.

Thomas jumped in his car and drove to train station. He couldn't see Lee anywhere. I've missed him or have I? Hopefully he might still be in town Thomas thought and he drove to the local shops hoping to see Lee near a shop getting some supplies for the trip, but no sign of Lee could be seen. Thomas looked at his phone to see five missed calls from Aunt Lucy. As Thomas went through his phone-book to call back he noticed Nurse Jenna's number and called her instead. He put the phone on loud speaker as he drove.

"Hello?" came Nurse Jenna's voice from the phone as she answered.

"Hello Nurse Jenna, It's Thomas Temple, is my sister ok? Hows everything going?" Thomas asked.

"She's good in fact you should come to the hospital I know your Aunt has been trying to get in touch with you"  Nurse Jenna replied.

"Ok then, be there in five minutes" Thomas replied.

Nurse Jenna had refused to tell Thomas what had happened over the phone but she sounded excited when she spoke so Thomas knew whatever it was was good news.

Thomas drove as fast as he could to the hospital and rushed to the room Rosie was in. He entered the archway to the room and was pleasantly surprised to see Rosie looking a lot more healthy and sitting up in bed, but his smile faded when Rosie asked.

"Where's Lee?"

~End of Chapter~


  1. Uh Oh Thomas has some explaining to do! I'm glad that Rosie is Okay though and now everyone knows about it maybe she can get some help.


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